CES 2011: More Internet Video to Flow to TVs, PCs and Smartphones

By  |  Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 3:34 pm

Wednesday is Press Day here at CES, a day when major consumer electronics players like LG, Netgear and Intel traditionally make big announcements in advance of the full show that starts tomorrow. If there’s an underlying message here in Las Vegas so far, it’s that companies are getting the word that consumers want to view more content–whether Hollywood- or user-generated–from and over the Internet, on devices ranging from TVs to PCs and smartphones.

In delivering a roadmap of LG’s TV plans for 2011 today, Tim Alessi, LG’s director of new product development for home electronics, listed “more content to watch”  – together with connectivity to home networks and easier-to-use 3D TV – as the three key linchpins for the year ahead.

Beyond announcing 31 new TVs from LG, Alessi cited an expansion of LG’s existing partnership with Netflix and impending pacts with Web services like Vudu, YouTube and Amazon Watch Instantly for Web-based content that will flow to TVs.

At another press conference just minutes later, Netgear announced four new home routers capable of delivering streaming video through Wi-Fi wireless networks or Powerline-enabled electrical wiring to tablets and other gadgets throughout a house.

An hour or two later, Netgear and Verizon unveiled a “4G Mobile Broadband” router for bridging video-enabled home networks and smartphones connected to Verizon’s new 4G LTE mobile network.

Intel, for its part, rolled out dozens of new devices from PC partners–including all-in-one PCs, netbooks and tablets–to be built around its highly graphics- and video-capable new Sandy Bridge chip architecture.

Consumers will use the Sandy Bridge devices to both view and create multimedia content, predicted Mooly Eden, head of Intel’s PC Client Group, at another CES Press Day event.

It’s a myth that consumers don’t want to create, according to Eden. “People like to be innovators” he said.

“It’s in our blood. It’s what we like to do.” On New Year’s Day alone, PC users uploaded 750 million of theit own photos just to FaceBook, Eden noted.

The Sandy Bridge-enabled devices will also come with “Intel Insider” a new capability for secure (ie, copy-protected) delivery of just released HD and 3D movies to PCs.

Warner Brothers, Fox and Best Buy’s CinemaNow Web-based content delivery system have already signed on, with many more “Intel Insider” partners–including movie production house Dreamworks–said to be following later this year.

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