CES 2011: Yup, Microsoft is Bringing Windows to ARM Chips

By  |  Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Steve Ballmer’s CES keynote isn’t until 6:30pm PT tonight–I’ll be liveblogging it–but Microsoft already made news today at an afternoon press event by confirming the Wall Street Journal’s report that it’s working on a version of Windows that will run on the ARM chips widely used in phones, tablets, set-top boxes and other computing devices that aren’t PCs, as well as competitive x86 system-on-a-chip designs from Intel and AMD. Windows honcho Steven Sinofksy did some demos of Windows (and Office, and IE) running on test boards powered by these processors, and said that the system requirements of phones and the system requirements of PCs are starting to converge, and that his demos were of “the next generation of Windows,” which he refused to call Windows 8. He also showed a new version of Microsoft’s Surface table build by Samsung and based on all-new technology.

And that’s about all he did–he cheerfully announced that he wasn’t talking about the user interface of the new Windows or when it might ship. More thoughts later…


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  1. Stilgar Says:

    I hope this turns out better than Windows NT for PowerPC.

  2. Microsoft CRM Says:

    Yup Great news. Microsoft has to make the new changes and Microsoft has to add the new applications and many things so that any other OS can not take place them 😉