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Tempest. Tapper. Rampage. Popeye. Dig Dug. Those are my five favorite classic arcade games, and I’m really not sure what order I’d rank them in. Tempest would probably come out on top–but Tapper would have a shot, too.

Tapper debuted in 1983 and existed in two versions. In one, you played the part of a bartender who served Budweiser beer, in an early example of product placement in games. The other edition was Root Beer Tapper–shown above–in which you were a soda jerk serving non-alcoholic refreshments. The gameplay was identical: You ran around tapping beverages and flinging them down counters at hordes of impatient customers in various settings. It was twitchy good fun, the graphics and sound were excellent for their day, and I know that the game has held up well–I played it, repeatedly, just a few months ago at the amazing California Extreme arcade mega-event.

And now there’s Tapper World Tour, a new version for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad from Warner Bros. and Square One. You may not be surprised to learn that the graphics are more ambitious this time around, and you serve drinks in a lot more settings. But the basic drink-flinging gameplay looks like it’s come into the modern era intact, as it should:

Lovers of 1980s gaming have another reason to be interested in this revival: Its graphics were designed by Don Bluth, whose animation studio produced the animation for Dragon’s Lair (1983) and Space Ace (1984), two games which used laserdiscs to provide astoundingly rich animation and audio for their era.

Interested in playing the new Tapper? It’s scheduled to show up on the iOS App Store in early spring. And courtesy of Warner Bros. and Square One, you have a chance at a free copy–and an 8GB iPod Touch to play it on. We’ll be giving an iPod Touch with Tapper World Tour preinstalled to one lucky winner.

You can enter the drawing in three ways:

1) Leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite classic video game is, and why. I’ll leave it up to you to define “classic”–for me, it would anything dating from before 1985 or thereabouts. For you, it might be anything before 1995, or 2005. (Please use a working e-mail address so we can alert you if you win–it won’t be public, and we won’t use it for any other purpose.)

2) Tweet me (I’m @harrymccracken) and say as much about your favorite classic game as you can in 140 characters or less. If you have space, use the hashtag #tapper. (Make sure you’re following me so we can Direct Message you if you win.)

3) Post a message on the wall at Technlologizer’s Facebook page–again, with some thoughts on your favorite game.

(You can comment on more than one game, or in more than one venue, but multiple entries won’t increase your chances of winning.)

No matter which method you use, please enter by 12pm noon PT on Wednesday, March 2nd. We’ll perform a random drawing from all entrants and announce a winner by Friday, March 4th. The winner will receive the prize once the game is live in the App Store.

Now all we need are great authorized iOS versions of Tempest, Popeye, and Rampage–Dig Dug is already with us–and life will be as perfect as it’s likely to get. Let’s end with a trailer…


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  1. Pat H Says:

    Favorite classic game – Asteroids! Played on my Atari 2600 hooked up to a 19" color Zenith with rabbit ears in parents basement when i was a kid. I loved taking out the little UFO's that would come up at random moments. In my opinion, the game still holds up to this day!

  2. Ryan Satterfield Says:

    I think I'll go with an Intellivision pick… since the Intellivision II was the first system I recall having at our home. There are quite a few I could choose from, but I think I'll go with Beauty and the Beast. Was it a Donkey Kong knock-off? Yes. But, as a kid, I loved it. I put a lot of time into scaling the buildings and rescuing the damsel in distress. πŸ™‚

  3. @dwpollock Says:

    You Know it has to be Pac Man – no – Ms Pac Man. Its a classic and its still around , having been recognized by none other than Google. Remember the Pac man game on the Google G1? not to mention the game as a Google header for the game's 30th anniversary on May 22, 2010.

  4. John Whitaker Says:

    My favorite classic game was Combat for the Atari 2600. It was my first experience with video games, and I would spend hours in the tank combat section.

  5. Chase Mather Turner Says:

    I'm going to have to go with Super Mario Bros. 3 because the gameplay rules and the replay value is basically infinite. That, and it was introduced in The Wizard and that ruled.

  6. Mel Says:

    Tempest, Galaga, Joust and Battle Zone were my favorites, but I agree that Tempest would be my #1.

  7. Dan Vincent Says:

    My favorite classic game is Bionic Commando for the NES. Bionic Commando was unique as a platforming experience – for unlike the rest of the platformers at the time, you could not jump. Instead, your means of vertical conveyance was a bionic grappling arm that you used to swing around stages like Tarzan. This completely changed the gameplay compared to games like Mario, where it made you rethink how to travel.

    There's also the more interesting elements of the game, like the partially censored World War 2 references, a snippet of graphic violence on the NES (which almost no game had), and more. Truly a product of its time, and one that holds up as one of the most replayable NES games of all time.

    You can play the game on modern systems as the excellent Bionic Commando: Rearmed, but the original has to be experienced on the NES to really grasp how different it was at the time.

  8. Pierre-Luc Belzile Says:

    Being born in 1987, I didn't live through much of the arcade era (I'm just starting to appreciate their value, innovation and boldness at the time. So my oldest and fondest memories come from the NES era, especially from the Super Mario Bros. – Duck Hunt pack-in. Why?

    Imagine the excitement of seeing a small mustachioed man on-screen moving at the press of a button, the sense of discovery seen by watching the following background scroll, or the joy of shooting at a duck (with a fake plastic gun, no less); and everything worked! At this age, it was like magic operating right before my eyes.

    This sense of joy isn't present with newer games, of course, and it could have come from any game with which my first contact was; but the gameplay refinement and design breakthrough of Super Mario Bros. puts it at the top of my list of "classics".

  9. Dave Mccall Says:

    My favorite old game is Sam and Max Hit the Road, an old lucas arts graphic adventure puzzle game. I loved the wry humor brought to the game by the creator of the characters, Steve Purcell. So funny. And the puzzles were so absurd. I’m glad telltale games has resurrected not only this franchise, but also the entire genre in this age of Call of Duty.

  10. Tabathia B Says:

    Galaga and Pacman are two of my old school favs.

  11. Dave Says:

    I'd have to go with two classic games, actually. first would be good old Burger Time, which was hilarious fun when I was young. The other was a little more recent, Timber! Loved the log rolling mini-game between frantic levels of chopping down trees and avoiding getting stung. If I had to choose between them, don't know which I'd pick: both are beloved by me, and neither have been seen recently on any system's retro games.

  12. arianah watts Says:

    My favorite classic game was Mario Bros. I was born in '83…so it's a classic to me πŸ™‚ I love it because it is the first video game I learned to play. I have the old console and we pull it out and have tourneys !! So much fun !

  13. Matt P Says:

    Star Raiders ( on Atari 5200 ). Action and strategy made it so much more than other games of that time IMHO. Too bad the controllers for the 5200 were so bad, and we never got a 7800.

  14. Natalie Says:

    For me it's really hard to choose. I was born in '81, but I grew up surrounded with Atari games as well as Nintendo. But if I had to choose a classic game, I'd say Frogger! I cant' think of anyone, even people born after me, who don't know Frogger and/or have tried it. It's just one of those games, like Pacman, that never go out of style.

  15. Shenna Says:

    My favorite classic video game would have to be Gauntlet (1985). Anything fantasy themed captured my attention back then, and it is still the same today. It was a game in which the player(s) would take on the role as 1 of 4 characters and battle their way through various levels. I almost always picked Questor the Elf because he was so fast. Also, I found it quite amusing when you did something at the distaste of the narrator for the game; like shoot the food, and other player. It was a great game that had my occupied for hours on end.

  16. William Hunter Says:

    I'd have to say Elevator Action, the original arcade version from 1983. Decent graphics for the time, but the level design and cleverness with the animations really make it a standout. Plus it adheres to the mantra that all great classic games do, easy to learn, difficult to master.

  17. Ayantu Says:

    my favorite classic video game would be The Legend of Zelda the original released in 1987. I know it's not exactly the best game ever but it's really addicting. I don't play as much as I used to but it's the only game released before 1995 that I'm actually willing to play more than once.

  18. Marc Says:

    Wow, there are so many to pick from. As a child of the 80s, I would have to say Mr. Do. It was a Dig Dug clone somewhat, but I always found myself playing with the goal of simply beating my own high score and that was reason enough to keep going. I would love to be able to play that on my iPhone again, but somehow on that tiny screen I don't think it would be the same. An iPad however…

    Can't wait for Tapper World Tour!!!

  19. Patricia H Says:

    Pac man was always my favorite game on the old fashioned gameroom machine.

  20. Debbie Terry Says:

    PacMan was THE game in the day. We played it for hours and hours and hours.

  21. Helen S Says:

    When I was a kid, my sisters and I could play Frogger for hours… we loved to play against each other and would bet the loser to do something ridiculous. My parents didn't mind it back then because it kept us out of their hair to read the paper! LOL!

  22. @kansasbard Says:

    I've been playing video games since the day Asteroids showed up in my local pizza parlor. And though I spent thousands of tokens at the arcades, nothing moved me like Joust. I don't know if it was the repetitive flapping motion or the screech of the pterodactyls as they attacked. I just know it was one of the few games that still elicits a visceral response from my joystick hand.

  23. Becky Jahnke Says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! My all time favorite video game is the original Mario! I played for hours, sometimes not sleeping! I also always loved Space Invaders!!

  24. Carolina Dhabolt Says:

    My favorite game is The legend of Zelda for the classic nintendo nes! I've loved it since I was little, and until this day I'd rather play that than any other new game, my old nintendo got ruined 2yrs ago when our house flooded, so last year my husband was awsome enough to buy me The legend of Zelda for the wii but no, I did't like it, it is nothing like the old Zelda I remember, I had to say thank you of course lol but I would rather have my old one, I love it in supernintendo too, but that's as far I go πŸ™‚

  25. Andres Fonseca Says:

    My favorite game is Galaga. I can play that game for hours.

  26. reva skie Says:

    My husband and I were just talking about classic video games today. He was stuck with Pong when the Atari's were all the rage. I had an Atari and would have died a thousand deaths for the Acitvision that my friend Anna had. I love, love, loved Pitfall. It is still my favorite game ever.

  27. Tayra D. Says:

    I love the Duck Hunt game. I think that was the game that paved the way to the technological advaces of modern video games. & I loved that the dog would laugh if you missed.

  28. cindy champion Says:

    Tetris! I still can't get enough of that game!

  29. Chris Hurley Says:

    Galaxians (galaga) was my favourite arcade game of all time. Suddenly the space invaders were flying, what a classic game

  30. Holly Robinson Says:

    Pacman all the way! That's my fav <3

  31. Diana Smith Hill Says:

    It started wtih pinball many years ago, then it started with games on nintendo (the old one with my nephew I was raising) since then many more.. We did mario super mario and all the others.. Like Zelda.. but the one where you shoot the aliens was my favorite… so many years ago I forgot the name of it though.

  32. jennifer Says:

    mine is still pac-man

  33. angela b Says:

    mike tysons punch out for NES! cause it takes mad skill to beat!

  34. Peter Chandler Says:

    I have very fond memories of playing Defender in the 80's. I worked at Montgomery Ward and looked forward to my break so I could run thru the Mall to the restaurant that had the game. I can't remember how many quarters I put into that machine. Good times good times.

  35. Mark Casson Says:

    pacman & beer at my favorite pub. Those were the days

  36. Donna Says:

    I worked in an arcade so I got to play all the good ones as much as I wanted. I was addicted to them all but i especially loved pac man, ms pac man, and q-bert.

  37. Bost Productions Says:

    Pong, especially since we built one ourselves with TTL logic chips.

  38. Gabby Says:

    Please enter me in your giveaway!

    My favorite classic video game is definately Pack-man. It's such a simple concept, yet so addictive! And it gives you a little adrenalin rush when you successfully avoid Blinky by the skin of your teeth.

  39. Warren Hiramatsu Says:

    I'd have to say Galaxian would be my favorite. I'd play it at the arcade then much later, as a pc game. In addition, I liked an old atari 400 game called Star Raiders. I use to play for hours hooked up to my TV. It was the first time I went into hyperdrive.

  40. Tad Says:

    Favorite classic game? Got to be Frogger. why? because I have a thing for frogs, the get me right in the ticker. Besides, it was always fun to watch the green dot go splat!

  41. Shannon Schulte Says:

    My favorite classic video game is Crazy Taxi. I can still play it for hours on our PS2, but it's much more fun in an arcade.

  42. karen medlin Says:

    I got introduced to Zelda games when the kids were younger…now i play video games with our teen grandkids

  43. Reynaldo Rivera Says:

    My favorite pre-1985 game is Centipede. That's an addictive little game.

  44. @cappytweet Says:

    Legend of Zelda!! What a classic game! There's just so much to this game – upgrading weapons, completing quests, killing monsters… I can play for hours, especially just collecting rupees (LOL!).

  45. Sara Says:

    A classic Game to be… That would be anything from the NES. Mario bros, duck hunt, legend of Zelda… Tetris, there was also some atari in there.. But I don't remember what the games were called. πŸ™‚

  46. Kerri Blackwelder Says:

    Tetris or Dr Mario on nintendo….I could sit there for hours trying to beat those games….was really disappointed when they did away with tetris.

  47. Jason Says:

    For me, it's Ultima Online. Although I'd been playing video games for many years when UO came out, that game represented the pinnacle for me of what I think the experience of "classic gaming" is about. The world was incredibly huge, and I had never played a game before (and haven't since) that gave me such a feeling of being able to do absolutely anything that I wanted.

  48. victor Says:

    it's shameful in some circles, but i stopped playing video games after asteroid.

  49. @Von411 Says:

    donkey kong and ms pacman were my favorites.

  50. @SickPigeon Says:

    Ok, I’m a Gamer with many favorites. Since I have room for more the 140 letters I’ll list a few of my favorites.
    Arcade – Sinistar, some reason I was real good at this game. I want to look for a version now that I have thought about it. I also like Centipede & Tempest quite a bit but wasn’t very
    Console – Atari 2600 Indy 500, my 1st gaming system. Me & my lil sis would play for hours & actually get along. I loved the ice tracks, felt so cool, like drifting games now.
    I also loved Jet Moto for PS1 – again I like the feel. Those fast hover bikes were a blast.

    I played Rootbeer Tapper on Xbox Live Arcade. That’s actually the 1st place I ever played it, I don’t even recall hearing about it before that. My small local arcades growing up as a kid were missing out. I like the game, and think it’s a early time management game like the popular Diner Dash now.

  51. Max Says:

    Day of the Tentacle.

    A brilliant point and click game from Lucasarts in their prime.
    It has a deep storyline involving time travel and the effect of past actions on the present and future.

    The story writing, dialogue, voice acting (in the talkie version) and puzzles were all top notch. IMO the best of the SCUMM games.

    Thanks to SCUMMVM it can still be played on all sorts of platforms.

  52. Stilgar Says:

    Dragon's Lair. I remember being fascinated by this game from the first time I saw the Showbiz Pizza television ad (yes, that's right — there was a Dragon's Lair commercial). It was the first time I had seen a LaserDisc game, and the graphics were way beyond anything else out at the time. It had a cool plot and funny animations. I also remember being so excited the first time there was a reasonable home port — I got it for my Sega CD as soon as it was available.

  53. LeeAnn P. Says:

    My fave game was asteroids. I am seriously dating myself with that one! I liked it because I was actually pretty good at it!

  54. Reynaldo Rivera Says:

    Not necessarily. I'm 22 and I like Centipede.

  55. Jenny Says:

    i love zelda. its my favorite.

  56. Kathleen Marler Says:

    Mario Super Bros. – It is a game that has spanned generations! Everyone loves Mario!

  57. Shawna OBrien Says:

    I loved Pac man & still do. We played it over at the Fun Factory for hours and spent all our money on it.

  58. CYN Says:

    The best classic game for me is Space Invaders. I would beat the alien invasion with a tank but they would keep coming in faster and faster!

  59. sweetone624 Says:

    I love Pacman and Tetris. They are still so fun to play.

  60. tracy p. Says:

    mario sonic and mortal kombat are among are favorite games

  61. Shelley Shelby Says:

    Asteroids, centipede, pacman, dragons liar, mario brothers. I could play all of these for hours. Never moved into the newer ones but have been considering doing so and this would be the way to do it. Thinking of retireing and this would be a fabulous way to pass the time in the mornings!

  62. Andy Webster Says:

    My favorite was the arcade game '1942'. It was a WWII shoot em up.

  63. Katy Says:

    My favorite is Mario!

  64. Scott Says:

    Being from the latter half of the 1980's, my personal favorite "classic" game is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I still have a copy and my Super Nintendo still works. Every now and again I'll pop it in, immediately flashing back to summer nights many moons ago which were spent battling through many dungeons and two worlds.

  65. Brian Says:

    I used to love the old Microprose games. All of them were great, but Airborne Ranger was my favorite. A group of my friends and I would take turns running missions and enjoying the mishaps of the person playing the game.

  66. Big Al Says:

    Loved. loved, loved Lethal Enforcers!

    Gave myself a blister on my trigger finger playing it in an arcade. I wish had my Sega Genesis with my copy of Lethal Enforcers and the "Justifier" light gun. Wasted many an hour playing that game….

  67. Alex K Says:

    My favorite classic game from my era (we didn't get a computer until I was a freshman in high school) was rise of the triad – a FPS somewhere between wolf3d and doom.

  68. Pete Borini Says:

    LOVED "Track and Field" by Konami (I think). The faster you mashed the start button, the faster your guy would go in the 100-yard dash and the hurdles. I could never get past the hammer throw, though. Lost a lot of quarters in that one.

  69. Steph Jones Says:

    My favorite classic video game is Pacman because it was the only game that I knew how to play:)

  70. Aaron A Says:

    I was only 6 in 1985 and although my father was a manager at an arcade, the only game I remember playing was Skeeball. Since that is not a video game, I'll pick The Legend of Zelda in honor of its birthday.

  71. Kyle Says:

    While certainly not my favorite, I remember getting so frustrated with the awful ATARI ET and Superman games–even typing this I can hear the 8-bit ET theme in my head and the 8-bit sound of superman flying.

  72. Brian Pearce Says:

    One of my favorite classic games was Mr. Do's Castle (sequel to the original game, Mr. Do) — though that may well be because I so rarely came across it, and I never got tired ot playing it!

  73. Jacob LaFountaine Says:

    Legend of Zelda on the NES. I've replayed that game over the years and it still captivates

  74. Mike Shaffer Says:

    Old school favorite: gotta be Omega Race, old school arcade. Had one in my dorm in college and we played it endlessly.

    More recent favs are NFL Blitz on N64, California Games and Tony Hawk Pro Skater

  75. Dr. Tran Says:

    My favorite game depended on the console. My first console was the Atari 2600, so my favorite game for that would be River Raid. Second console we had was a Colecovision and my favorite game for that was Tarzan (we didn't buy many games for that console). Next, the awesomeness of the NES. A tough one. The original Mario? Possibly, especially when one learns how to turtle-tap to get a butt load of lives which you don't need but feel invincible when you have them…..But then you have Zelda and Metroid, which have taken extreme time out of my outside playground life. The list goes on and on with each console, computer or standup arcade system. To narrow it down to one game is hard. People are fickle and will change from game to game on the fly for varieties's sake. But if I was asked by Satan what one game I would play for eternity over and over in hell it would probably be one of the Mario games. Sorry for the lengthy comment. Brought back memories…..

  76. Robert Says:

    I spent many hours playing Super Mario Brothers and who can forget the music!

  77. Jeremiah Williamson Says:

    My classic game was Mario Bros. I love it because it is the first video game I learned to play. I used to have a lot of fun playing it !

  78. @MattNeithercott Says:

    I would have to say Contra. The memories of the Code & being able to play as a team. Awesome.

  79. John E. Says:

    Pitfall on Atari 2600. How can you beat swinging on vines and jumping on allligator heads?

  80. mike hubrich Says:

    I’d have to say my favorite clasaic arcade game is Out Run. Had cool music, neat graphics and i could never beat it.

  81. Renchub Says:

    I’m going with Pole Position. It ignited my love of driving games that continue onto today.

  82. Mike Says:

    Bubble Bobble on NES. It was the first co-op game I ever played and is still fun to this day.

  83. Quisicosa Says:

    I was mesmerized while simultaneously frustrated and confused at the control for Asteroids when my friend took me to an arcade for the first time as a kid. I blew my whole allowance standing at that machine. (I miss those kinds of arcades.) It's amazing to me to see just how much more sophisticated gaming has become.

  84. Claudia M @cdmtx65 Says:

    my old school fav. was Load Runner on the old C 64 ! We left the Computer on for Days so we wouldnt loose the high score πŸ™‚

  85. @jsg1818 Says:

    I was 9 years old when Atari 5200 came out, and it was the most awe-inspiring, addicting game system of it's time! Dig Dug was my #1 favorite game, and there was nothing more thrilling than digging your own tunnels, creating your own paths, dropping rocks on your enemies heads, and inflating your enemies Pooka (red monster) or Fygar (green dragon monster). I also really loved Pitfall, Defender, and Q-bert. What was so great about being a kid in the late '70's and the early '80's, was that all these games were NEW, and there was nothing equal to them! Nowadays kids don't understand the pure joy of watching an episode of Dukes Of Hazard with your family, and then running to hook-up your Atari system and play a good game of Defender. Nowadays with the miriade of gaming systems on the market, the sheer delight of something never experienced, available, or even seen before, just doesn't exist. Nothing beats being a kid in 1982.

  86. fulltext Says:

    Pacman for me. I guess it show my age, but sitting in a bar drinking fresh drafts and plating this console was great. Would love to try Tapper and a beer.

  87. Eli Gadd Says:

    I'm a bit on the younger side, so I'll have to go with Super Mario Bros for the GameBoy pocket. That game got me through so many long car trips.

  88. pierre Says:

    Intruder Alert!

    Intruder Alert!

    I have to go with Bezerk as my favorite, closely followed by Asteroids.

  89. Steve Morgenstern Says:

    In the Atari age, I'd go for Joust – not only a great game, but a real test of your thumb endurance. Set the Wayback machine a bit later, though, and I'm jonesing for Magic Carpet, a nasty-hard early Peter Molyneux flying carpet battle game.

  90. Memo Garza Says:

    My favorite classic game is Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Didn't have video games myself, so I only played it at a friend's house, but still I developed a deep fondness for that game.

  91. Ann Says:

    Miss PacMan for me. I loved the sounds it made. Reminds me of going out to dinner and not minding the wait for a table. Aahh..the good old days.

  92. Dick Grayson Says:

    My all time classic would be pong, anyone can play it, there no hyper combos or level ups you need to beat a boss it's just a good old fashion game of skill

  93. Richard A Scott Says:

    Galaga because it was a game I could actually win at.

  94. Bouke Timbermont Says:

    Though My favourite 'old' game has to be Diablo 2, it's not really classic just yet. So I'll have to go with Prince of Persia πŸ˜€ I used to play it on the school computers: somebody installed it on a few PCs, and whenever the teacher couldn't see our screens, we were all playing it (instead of doing our Logo-exercises :D).

    The classic blocky graphics, extremely simple controls and level-driven rather than story-driven design make it a prototype of a classic game imo πŸ™‚

  95. secretmanofagent Says:

    For me, it was Donkey Kong Jr. I played both the NES version and the arcade version, and it was an insanely frustrating game for me. Predicting the bounce pattern, jumping between the vines, and trying to figure out what the alligators were going to do meant I never once beat the game.

  96. KJ (name too short) Says:

    Donkey Kong. The arcade version with four levels, not the NES version missing the pie level. Donkey Kong was the first game I ever played in an arcade, so it wins nostalgia points for that. I got a sense of accomplishment from rescuing Pauline over and over that I couldn't find in old-fashioned "fetch quests" like Pac-Man and Galaga. Not that I didn't also enjoy those, but the games with varying levels always caught my attention first.

  97. Javier Says:

    My favorite game when I was young was Pac Man. I remember spending many days at the arcade playing that game.

  98. ediedi Says:

    Volfied, Arkanoid,

    X-COM 1

  99. Debra P Says:

    My favorite classic game is Pac-Man. We used to play it at the arcade for hours and hours. Love the chomping! #Tapper looks awesome! Words can't describe how much I'd love to play it on an Ipod Touch! @MissingLynxx on twitter

  100. Marit Waage Says:

    This is a game we played a lot on our Commodore 64. We still have the computer, but it haven't been used for years. I still remember the sound πŸ˜‰ This was one of the games we played the most but I don't remember my record. I would love to play it again πŸ˜‰

  101. Ivanna Winsome Says:

    Frogger was always our favorite!

  102. Eric Says:

    My favorite classic game is the original Archon. Such a unique concept and a great mix of strategy and action. It's been updated a few times since, but hasn't quite captured the fun of the very first one.

  103. Renee Rousseau Says:

    I played Asteroids at every pit stop on a drive across country, by the time I reached Seattle I was a very proficient player.

  104. SuperMarkert Says:

    My favorite classic video game has always been King's Quest. Being as it was one of the first "video" games ever, it had me hooked. Plus, I've never been able to get that background music out of my head.

  105. David Says:

    sonic the hedgehog on sega genesis. πŸ™‚

  106. Theresa C Says:

    I am an old school player, remember when you played for a quarter and arcades gave T-shirts for high scores. How much $$ I wasted anyway…. My fav classic game was Bubbles circa 1982, the game took place in a sink and the bubble would clean up the sink while having to avoid razor blades and roaches and the like.

  107. Roseanne Says:

    Pac Man is my favorite.

  108. Char Says:

    My favorite video game is anything Mario! I love that Italian plumber. I think the first, second and third are always fun. I didn't like the '3D' but loved it when they went to the Gamecube.

  109. AOK Says:

    California Games on the C64 was a big hit for me.

  110. victoria lester Says:

    My favorite Classic Video game is the Atari Pac Man. I'd sit and play that to get to the 100th round. It was my favorite and I still like it. I'm victoria lester on facebook, left you a msg. and @victoria99999 on twitter.

  111. Paul Arca Says:

    I love Frogger and Pac man for sure!!

  112. @tjwebdude Says:

    My fav Megamania (1982) or anything programmed by Steve Cartwright on the Atari 2600. See… A true fan, I sent in for all the special patches you got if you achieved certain scores (you had to take a Polaroid of the final score screen). I wish I still had those patches.. I wonder what happened to them.

  113. Melinda Singer Says:

    Favorite all time game is Pac Man!
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    Would love to try a new game and on an Ipod Touch all would be good πŸ™‚

  114. Mike Says:

    Arcade fave: Robotron mainly for the wild fire shooting until your joystick arm fell off.

  115. Brad Says:

    Pitfall on my Atari. My Brother and I spent many days in the 80's in front of this one. Great memories.

  116. Dave H Says:

    My favorites were Defender and Stargate but i was never very good at them.

  117. addrienne mertens Says:

    i enjoyed playing Frogger when i was a kid! SPLAT!
    zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

  118. @jhoffmann Says:

    My favorite is SpyHunter on the Commodore 64. I spent hours playing it.

  119. GFan Says:

    My favorite classic game was Galaga. I pumped lots of quarters and time into that game and yet I never conquered the boss battle.

  120. Brett Nolan Says:

    My favorite classic arcade game has to be the console version of Super Off Road with the four physical steering wheels. I played that so much as a kid and the feel is just not the same without the actual steering wheel.

  121. Brett Says:

    Oops I meant Arcade! (it's early…need coffee)

  122. Kathi Kwiatkowski Says:

    I loved playing Tapper as a kid – and when a MAME machine came up at an auction that had multiple versions installed, well, needless to say, we were all in.

  123. amweeks Says:

    I loved Qbert, just making him hop all over the blocks…altho I was never very good at it!

  124. Rob Says:

    My favorite video game was my own version of Atari's Breakout written in BASIC for the Commodore Vic 20 when I was in high school! It wasn't blazingly fast and didn't have multiple levels, but I was proud of myself!

  125. Beerhouse Says:

    MicroLeague Baseball on the Atari 800. I would pit the 1927 Yankees against the 1984 Cubs. No match…poor Rick Sutcliffe.

  126. foweR33L Says:

    Pac Man is my favorite game. He's a monster eater and so am I.

  127. andrew_lee Says:

    I'm picking Tetris as my favorite classic video game, because it was the first one that I spent a lot of time playing.

  128. Corey Says:

    My first game was Pokemon Red, I used to play that thing for hours (or until all four batteries in my clear cased gameboy died). I would also play it on my tv with the help of my SuperGameboy and SNES.

  129. anita Says:

    My favorite of all times was space invaders and pacman. Why I like it is because it is a classic and not violent like alot of these video ames today.

  130. Mike Says:

    Super Spike V'ball on NES

  131. Dave Says:

    My favorite is Space Invaders. I used to play it for hours on end on my state of the art Atari 2600. Awesome!

  132. Matthew Guay Says:

    Limings and Pacman were definitely my favorite classic games…

  133. @EbethO Says:

    So many classic games to love, most of which I became familiar with retroactively, but I have a special fondness for Paperboy (Atari Games, 1984) because it was one of the first games at which I was any good. That and I was delighted upon my first visit to California (mid-peninsula), to see the actually suburban streets on which those in the game were designed. A close second for me would be Bomberman (Hudson Soft, 1983).

  134. Vinnie Bartilucci Says:

    Gottlieb's Reactor. A truly unique gaming experience, awesome theme music that will still stick in my head like a thistle burr, and that big honkin' trackball.

    BAPdapBAPdapBAPdap, bopadoodie BAPdapBAPdapBAPdap, bopdiddieoodledeedledoodle bowwwwww-wah.

  135. Bonnie Says:

    Favorite classic game dig dug — and pac man played both for hours.. my husbands favorite was the arcade game robotron… even to this day his eyes get glassy thinking about it

  136. Andrew Rothery Says:

    Ms. Pac-Man.

  137. Joseph Woosley Says:

    Combat for Atari. I loved that game and tried to con everyone into playing it with me. A close second would be Spider Fighter.

  138. Kirsten Kimball Says:

    Galaga was my favorite. Why? Because I was good at it. Today it is my daughter and husband who play the games but I have my memories… πŸ™‚