The Chances are 14 Percent That You're Reading This on a Portable Device

By  |  Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 10:40 am

Yesterday, TechCrunch’s MG Siegler reported on the operating systems  used by visitors to that site. It currently breaks down like this:

Windows: 53.84%

Mac: 27.64%

iPhone: 6.72%

iPad: 3.47%

Linux: 3.28%

Android: 3.06%

iPod: .62%

MG also included historical data, and his main point is that if the trend continues, the majority of TechCrunch visitors will visit the site using an Apple device–Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad–within a couple of years.

As usual when I read numbers of these sorts, I rushed off and looked at equivalent stats for Technologizer. Here’s February 2011…

Windows: 61.08%

Mac: 20.88%

iPhone: 5.90%

iPad: 3.78%

Android: 3.15%

Linux: 3.00%

iPod: 1.03%

(Hey, let’s keep on going!)

Unix: .29%

Wii: .04%

FreeBSD: .02%

PlayStation 3: .03%

SunOS: .01%

Google TV: .01%

OS/2: Seven unique visits–and I think I’ll end this here, fun though it’s been.

No single month tells the whole story–especially at Technologizer, where are traffic is healthy but small enough that it can fluctuate from month to month. When we review OS X Lion, we’ll probably have more Mac visitors than usual; when we review Windows 8, the Windows crowd will show up in higher-than-average numbers. And I’m not sure how precise the numbers are–or how to account for BlackBerries and other devices not represented here. (These are Google Analytics numbers, incidentally.)

For February, though, Technologizer visitors are more likely to use Windows and less likely to use Macs than TechCrunch readers. (Then again, they’re also less likely to use Windows and more likely to use Macs than the Web population at large.) But the numbers for iPhones, Android handsets, iPads, and iPods are very, very close between the two sites–and in both cases, they add up to just under 14 percent of visitors using these popular mobile devices.

I wonder where that’ll be in a year? Or two? When will the majority of Web use–or at least the majority of reading of tech blogs–be done on new-wave portable gizmos rather than desktops and laptops?


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7 Comments For This Post

  1. Vulpine Says:

    Very interesting considering the anti-Apple zealots still insist Apple's devices are only used by Apple fanbois. While I don't expect Apple to dominate the PC/computing world the way Windows did, I do expect to see much more parity between the two as time goes on.

  2. The_Heraclitus Says:

    Yep. This jibes with the bulk of the articles here being Apple related.

    Internet as a whole:

    1Windows 82.94%
    2Mac OS X8.59%
    3iPhone OSX2.02%
    4Linux 1.38%
    5Android 0.47%
    7JAVA 0.19%

  3. lothinator Says:

    Having MG Siegler on staff has caused many non-Apple readers to jump ship on TechCrunch. He is the Glen Beck of the Tech world.

  4. vulpine Says:

    Interesting. There are those who think that would be a compliment to him.

    Still, since TechCrunch isn't the only site seeing this kind of shift, there may be some accuracy in the analysis.

  5. nick dafo Says:

    i am wondering about that last thing too….

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