Report: iPhone 5 “Production Roadmap”‘ Nowhere to Be Found

By  |  Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 12:53 pm

DigiTimes says that touch-panel manufacturers have yet to receive a roadmap for production of the next-generation iPhone, giving more credence to increasing reports that the device will not be released this summer as usual.

There’s been a variety of different reasons mentioned as to why Apple is deciding to “delay” the launch of the iPhone 5: whether it be to line up with the holiday shopping season, the (late) launch of the Verizon model, or as DigiTimes claims component shortages and continued high sales of the iPhone 4.

Component suppliers would typically see some type of plan as to when to ramp down manufacturing from Apple itself, the paper’s sources said. Orders for parts for the current model have not yet decreased as is normally seen towards the end of a product’s life however, meaning the iPhone 4 still is selling well –I’d venture to guess due especially  to the Verizon model.

While DigiTimes’ record for accuracy is far from spotless, its reporting does bring up some interesting points. The iPhone 4 could still get a minor refresh during the typical June-July timeframe, it says. But Apple could also just choose to wait altogether and go for the apparent big splash with the iPhone 5.

If the company decides to wait with the fifth generation device, it would almost be foolish for it not to support LTE. Perhaps this is why Apple is waiting — LTE networks are nowhere near mature, as Apple has said, and are perhaps a year away (or even more) from being so.

The original iPhone was “crippled” (if you want to say that) with EDGE due to the same problem. By waiting a little bit Apple could get ahead of the curve. While this is a pain to people like me — who have an iPhone 3GS and were looking forward to finally upgrading — as long as this is the reason I’m perfectly fine with it.



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  1. Dave Says:

    I agree with the previous poster regarding LTE. Also, I bet Apple wants people to keep buying iPhone 4s so sales do not drop for the next few months before the iPhone 5. I wouldn't be suprised if Apple was behind the rumors just for that reason.

  2. Ed Oswald Says:

    Good point John — but network plays a consideration as well, and those chipsets are an overall part of it (albeit a big one)