Playstation Network Still Down as Sony Rebuilds

By  |  Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 8:28 pm

The Playstation Network outage that began last Wednesday has continued through the weekend, as Sony rebuilds the network in the wake of a security breach.

Sony is no longer estimating when PSN will be back online. On Thursday, the company only expected the outage to last a day or two.

Sony confirmed on Friday that the network was hacked, or in spokesman Patrick Seybold’s words, affected by an “external intrusion.” This caused Sony to shut down PSN entirely, along with the Qriocity service. Now, Seybold says the company is working around the clock to restore access.

“Our efforts to resolve this matter involve re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure,” Seybold wrote on the official Playstation Blog. “Though this task is time-consuming, we decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security.”

Hacking group Anonymous claims that it wasn’t involved in the attack, but didn’t rule out the possibility that individual members acted alone. The group, which has a vendetta against Sony for suing PS3 hacker George Hotz, has previously attacked Sony websites.

The big unanswered question now, aside from when PSN will be back up, is whether any user information or credit card numbers were exposed during the breach.  Answering that question, I’d argue, should be the top priority.

[UPDATE: An unnamed Sony source told Playstation Universe that PSN’s Japanese servers may be restored on Monday, and that U.S. and Europe servers would follow on Tuesday. So far, this information is unconfirmed.]

[UPDATE 2: Sony told PC World that it doesn’t yet know whether credit card numbers were stolen.]

[UPDATE 3: Sony now says all users’ personal information was compromised, and credit cards may have been compromised as well. More details here.]


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  1. Jojdksnvhjksd Says:

    holy hell, WTF is wrong with them!

  2. Thacrow187 Says:

    They were never str8 with us about the nuclear plant and that was life and death, did you really thnk theyd talk about something that isnt life and death and cant be influinced by governments to reply to, beside they see it as another Japanese didnt attack them so they will take as long as they want because its almost like an assault on the Japanese people to them, Im sure there hackers will go after other countries now.

  3. Tom Says:

    Do you really think it makes sense to bother their customer service, as if that's really going to change how long it takes their dev team to get it back online? You're kidding yourself. Let them do their jobs.

  4. Merhawi Gidey Says:

    my life is ruined 🙁

  5. Gaara of the Sand Says:

    No, you'll be fine. Just be patient with them.

  6. Alex Says:

    You must have had a really sad life.

  7. ninjasherrie Says:

    What is the 1 800 #? I was able to use Netflix with a workaround until a few hours ago when Sony changed the error msg. Now I can't even access that. WTH am I paying for?

  8. Justsomeguy Says:

    Why not use your computer to watch netflix?

  9. ninjasherrie Says:

    two reasons: my computer is a netbook and doesn't stream very well bc its graphics card is limited, and I use Netflix in lieu of cable tv and I am a 37 year old mother of two kids who are upset that our Easter Sunday movie marathon has been cancelled. trying to gather 3 people around a 11 in screen isnt going to work.

  10. Sean Patrick Says:

    stupid question but do you have an xbox or a wii? couse it works on all three.

  11. ninjasherrie Says:

    Used to have a Wii, got rid of it because no one used it. Refuse to own the RRoD revenue generator for Microsoft.

  12. kevin Says:

    could this be true

  13. khh4775 Says:

    Well, really PSN is free. You paid for the PS3 console. PSN doesn't cost anything to play online =) Playstation Plus is a different story and really not worth the money.

  14. XBL4eva Says:

    Xbox Live Rules!!!!

  15. Sean Patrick Says:

    i have more problems with xbox in a month then the whole time i'v had a ps3.

  16. Sean Patrick Says:

    i agree

  17. Dan Says:

    Have fun with your red ring of death!!

  18. Ultra Says:

    Dude… i HAD an XBOX… the best thing i did was upgrade to ps3… good luck getting that thing to read discs.. oh yeah, and don't forget to renew your gold membership at the end of the month.

  19. Oblivion55 Says:

    Who in the right mind would hack Sony?

  20. schmegma Says:

    The question should be, who is capable of hacking Sony? Which is no small feat by any means. And anyone smart enough to pull it off is definitely smart enough to cover they're tracks and not get caught, so the other question to ask is, why not do it?

  21. Jerry Says:

    you guys are immature besides you tom

  22. Joshua Rodgers Says:

    hey to everyone i can still use my netflix just try signing in and when it dont let u just cancel i get on netflix fine

  23. ninjasherrie Says:

    I was able to do that until a couple of hours ago.. now when i try that it gives me a Netflix error screen saying that Netflix can't connect, try again later. Others are having the problem too. When was the last time you actually got a movie to load and play? It looks like it will play and starts retrieving, then error messages you.

  24. faa kuu Says:

    yeah but its not a house with a door…

  25. ray rickley Says:

    Stuff happens lay off of SONY …I've had a Ps3 since the Beginning !This is the only trouble I had.It is something that they are dealing with this…through the earthquakes and tsunami!!Japanese have family too!!Hackers had their right and they expressed it!Now is a time for healing and forgiveness!I don't care how long it takes a day to a month…set up security and let's all move on together!!In one year I promise this will be forgotten!Unless it happens again.. PEACE!!!!!!!!!Don't forget kids TRUTH always wins!!!

  26. Unhappy Customer Says:

    Perhaps. But my credit card information is also stored on SONY's servers. If hackers can get access to those, a lot of people's life can get seriously messed up.
    I would expect from a company like SONY to have secure servers. That's what we pay them for.
    This crap has been going on since wednesday.

  27. mikethesloan Says:

    PSN is free. Who cares if you can't play your precious 2k11 or your call of duty, fact is if you pay monthly for xbox live you are paying close to a hundred….and if you buy a year it's 60 somthin'. With PSn it's all free. Except if you got psn plus. The ps3 is obviously the better system, with an internet browser, blu ray, and 3d capibility, you have plenty to do while psn is down. Just sit tight and be patient while they fix it. I owned an xbox 360 from the time it came out till 2009. And honestly, xbox has had way more outage time combined than ps3 ever has! And PS3 IS FREEEEEE!!!!!!

  28. crashgordon83 Says:

    I've had A 360 since 2008 and the network has never been down whenever I used it. Of course I'm also currently on xbox number 5 due to RRoDs and disc tray errors.

  29. Sean Patrick Says:

    trust me dude, its been down a few times since 2008. xbox live has had way more problems then psn for me but then again iv had an xbox longer.

  30. mikethesloan Says:

    Dude don't even remind me of the RRoD….it makes me sick just thinking about it.

  31. Daltons626 Says:

    HA XBOX is an epic fail! RROD! you are on your 5th xbox! that just shows how bad xbox's are. I would rather have a week or so of PSN downtime than the hassle of having to go through 5 Xbox's!

    PSN rules and it has been the last (major) games console to be hacked.

  32. willhays Says:

    I've had xbox since '08 never has the network gone down once, unless it was an outside program like maybe zune has messed up here and there, xbox has 3D capability, I have a laptop 20x faster then any psn browser next to me almost all the time when I'm gaming, blue ray is the only plus but I owned a ps2 and the dvd lens stopped working after half a year or so… HD is good enough… psn has been down for like 3-4 days now, and didn't games for it just come out… that's fun… GG, GTFO

  33. jose Says:

    alleluya mike i hears you loud and clear this will pass in no time

  34. Psn- Really Says:

    rumor has it that it will be at 12:00am pacific time April 25 not confirmed but thats what i was told

  35. iPoopTurds Says:


  36. Psn-Really Says:

    mean psn will be back up

  37. david snnake3333 Says:

    Yeah i am pissed the weekend is the only chance that i get to play call of duty online, now i have to wait again, please get it done asap $ony or else ill buy an xbox!!

  38. Just my 2 cents Says:

    Patient…really… going on 5 days and you mean to try and tell me a mutli billion dollar corp. can't fix this issue any faster…

  39. Sean Patrick Says:

    imagen how pissed xbox users where when live was down for 11 day. and its not free. you could have all the money in the world and it doesn't mean you work faster. so ya, just be patient.

  40. Psn-Really Says:

    If you look at European website on top right corner there is a Psn status i have heard if u r really curious check that it should be accurate but wouldnt know i live in America and havnt been to site

  41. zachcomefindme Says:

    yo lemme find george, i'll stomp that fool out. i'm not supposed to go this long without black ops

  42. Psn-Really Says:

    same almost 14th prestige just give a damn gold gun lol

  43. Snowball Says:

    I think a little time off wouldn't hurt you in that case. It will be back up soon.

  44. Dwele Says:

    WOW….some of you guys really don't have anything better to do than get shot in the face on call of duty LOL. Can't believe this is a big fuss.

  45. ayaycaptain Says:

    shh dont fuel the fire and get them blazin 🙁

  46. zachcomefindme Says:

    the point is when you buy something, you expect it to work

  47. Jonathan Says:

    i completely agree, and what others said. i bought the ps3 to play any kind of game single player and multiplayer. if you cant bother yourself to play black ops on veteran for awhile then why play online? for that id rather go airsoft or paintball and go to competitions. heh loose wieght while im at it.

  48. Jake M Says:

    u guys act like this doesn't happen on xbox because it does and its a lot worse so you shouldn't be complaining

  49. ayaycaptain Says:

    ur comment was deleted earlier for a reason

  50. sfbayarea Says:

    the hacker(s) need to be brought to justice. it was a criminal act. many businesses – not just sony – were hurt. how many downloadable games weren't purchased, how many movies weren't digitally rented, etc. etc. millions of dollars were probably lost, if not more, to everyone in the PS3 ecosystem.

  51. A. Mason Says:

    Bet it was some nerdy Xbox fan hacking psn -.-. PS3 is still the dominant system in my book. (used to have a xbox 360, but then RroD came up, so I said screw it and moved on to PS3, and now here I am :D)

  52. Barrack Obama Says:

    psn getter done


    You heard THE PRESIDENT. GET'R DONE!!!!!

  54. darryl Says:

    I just traded my xbox360 in for ps3 and the system down if not up by Monday night going back to x box360…dmo from Dallas,tx

  55. Benjamin Bower Says:

    Just like with MMO's that go down for maintenance, even if you are paying for an online service doesn't mean you are guaranteed constant access. Sony is down for this long because they are trying to improve their service and prevent this from continuing to happen. Stop feeling so entitled… if you look at any online service and never expect it to have extended maintenance, well… welcome to reality. 360 is paid and was down for 11 days not even that long ago… extended maintenance is a part of online services, look up the ToS before you purchase a product next time.

  56. ray rickley Says:

    Chill stuff happens….Playstation will be back up. Security when it's up will be better than ever!!I'v had playstation since the very beginning!!!This is the first real cramp!!!And it took Anonymous they are not claiming that they did this as a group…but a member did this.It's better to be knocked out by a pro than an amature.SONY PEACE!!!!!

  57. mikethesloan Says:

    Skylor….Sony telling us what exactly is going on, is not going to change how fast it happens, fact is some person will have to take time out of their day to make a statement, taking time away from the repairs.

  58. FCK SONY Says:

    i have nothing to do except tv shows,movies,wii,ps2,some ps3. xbox 360, and wii

  59. iPoopTurds Says:

    how about you go outside in the beautiful sunlight and play basketball or go cruisin or walk ur dog or talk to other humans face to face

  60. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    The sun… IT BURNSSS!

  61. ben Says:

    I had surgery Monday and couldnt work all week and planed on getting in some good playin time but have been stuck at the house raining every day with nothing on tv…. played a couple games w/o bening online and it sucked. shows just how spoiled we really are or atleast me

  62. ayaycaptain Says:

    hear ya on the damn rain. leaves ya with little to do outside. definitely miss the PSN 🙁 didnt think it was that big of a deal until its gone

  63. Sean Patrick Says:

    sony has been giving quit a bit of updates about whats going on. it happened Wednesday and they have made about 3 MSG about it. how much do you need to know about whats going on.

  64. sam Says:

    Yes idiots, Ps3 is free. but as someone who plays games more than one or two hours a week, I would happily pay the 60 bucks a month like xbox users do to avoid this BS.. Sony having 70 million users down the last few days isnt new, COUNTLESS times this year i have already experienced times when I couldnt get online, my favorite is when ihave an hour for my lunch break and cant get on some COD b/c of an unexplained error code. Sony's network is pathetic, and if U devote more than ten minutes to some gaming u would pay for the network that doesnt go down for a week unexplained

  65. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    Lol, $60 a month… there are not even Porn sites that require that much. I'd pay $60 a year but sooner or later Xbox live is going to have the same thing happen to them. The funny thing is about people who say they are going to switch to xbox is that the people at PSN don't care if you do, WHY? well you already bought their product and like the rest of us are no longer paying for anything. 1 less person on their server means easier times for them.

  66. Unhappy Customer Says:

    I second that. This isn't the first time the network is down. It always happens when I have a few hours of time to play, without my children or wife wanting to see tv.
    This unexplained error code you talk about has happened to me a lot the past months.

  67. Thatoneguy Says:

    Really? I cant complain. If you were working for Sony then you imagine when you say were good to go your putting your name on the line. So if they are going to fix it then have the patience to allow them to fix it the right way. Trust me my SOCOM withdraws are intense but so is rebooting and rebuilding system that contains millions of peoples info. You know…mine, yours, grandpa's, the sponge stealing your wireless internet next door so he does not have to pay for his own. Imagine how desperate that poor guy is. He probably wants to strangle the first person he sees with a Ps3. Lock your doors. Get real people…%$#@ Happens.

  68. Guest Says:

    Your logic for your argument isn't relevant. This service may not be available but it came as no charge and you, like many others purchased Ps3 system's without knowing the full capabilities and limitations of said online service. Games and Hardware are always being updated and we must endure downtime like mature adults. You also assume that Sony as a company owes you explanations, which they do not. You are entitled to your opinion just as much as they are to their privacy. Would you complain more if they removed PSN or decided to put a subscription in place? You also do not have all the relevant information concerning the breach, the fix and thus have no room to point fingers.

  69. Epidemic Says:

    and they dont have the right to take our IP addresses from Hotz's web host (the IP's of those who viewed his jailbreak video). he decided to give back what was rightfully ours to begin with, what sony originally gave us with each PS3 system. thus they prosecute him (and failed) and gained rights to those IP's… im glad someone put them in there place… and as much as they fix there security… anon will still attack when the PSN is back up (as they have stated)… we, the consumers, as a whole should NOT have to put up with large corp.'s who think they can push us around like this (metaphorically speaking)

  70. Confused Says:

    Are you people dumb? Large corporations are a part of our vast economy. Yeah I don't like them that much either, but it's better then being a third world country. As for the IP addresses, what would you have to worry about unless you were interested in jailbreaking your PS3. Hackers are parasites to our society. I would never go on a website like that, and therefor have no need to worry about my IP address being taken. I'm not a huge gamer, but I can understand when a company is doing all they can for their customers. If you whiney people can't get over that then get off your consoles and walk into the real world a bit.

  71. Terry Says:

    I like how a lot of people here are so eager to go to the mat for a billion dollar multi-national corporation.

  72. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    Having these last 5 nights to myself without PSN has made me realize how boring most of the single player game modes actually are. Call of Duty: Black Ops seems to be the hot topic while we deal with the outage so let's deal with that.

    I've recently beat the game in an afternoon. The game is pretty easy regardless of the difficulty settings. There are no puzzles or many challenges other than to not get shot. Now, let's go back about 11 years to a game we all know, 007 Golden Eye, for the N64. Both games have very similar concepts but the story line and character development was more in depth with the 007 Golden Eye game. Yes, 007 is a fictional based story and black ops is based off of facts but it seems like Triarch just slapped together a 1st person shooter without putting a lot of thought behind it. Black Ops is very realistic and thrilling, that's not what I'm referring to, the story line is just so dry and I didn't think afterward, "hey, this would make a great movie". There are some great new games out there but it seems as time goes on and more and more people rely on online gaming to have fun, the less complex the games actually will need to be to entertain the average gamer. Take any Zelda game, they had nothing to do with online gaming, just an awesome story line, great game play.

    I, a fellow gamer, just request that in the future when coming together to make a great game, that you don't forget these long 5 days without online gaming and make some GOOD quality games that take longer than an afternoon to demolish.

  73. Matt Reed Says:

    I think the problem is more, the choice of gaming you play. If all you buy is shooters don't expect to get a good quality single player game that last more then 10 hours or so. I have played rpgs most of my life, and the single player ones always have great story lines and they still make them to date. Sure not all of them have the as great of stories as the old school ones, but nonetheless they do have great gameplay still and keep me interested for more then a single day. Also the dynasty warriors is yet another great series of games to play when online is not possible.

  74. Mom2Three Says:

    I am upset that the network is down but at the same time relieved that Sony is taking their time fixing this and hopefully it won't happen again, I was getting so hooked on Socom and this outage gave me the time to get my kids easter baskets done =) I have had many hours of free online game play so I'm not complaining.. they just need time to fix this.. be patient everyone this is temporary.

  75. adude Says:

    im so close to buying a xbox right now.

  76. PoopLips Says:

    Well, let's just hope that when it finally does come back up that the network and the company are better prepared to deal with an attack like this for the future. Yeah, I could sit and complain about it being down but it isn't going to do a damn thing. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that they fix it right and keep us protected from future issues like this.

  77. OnePissedOffTurtle Says:

    For all of you that are complaining. I would like to see you create a popular, very successful gaming platform and get it back up and running within one or two days after a serious external intrusion. If could get it up and running within that time you may have to recover from another intrusion because you didn't take the time to upgrade your security causing you to lose even more customers/fans. If you can do better than Sony do it!!!!!! If not SHUT THE HACK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Jake Says:

    finally the voice of reason

  79. Mix Says:

    Honestly. I hate when people say that you can't get online with the PS3 just because the Playstation Network is down. It make it sound like you don't have ANYTHING at ALL to do with you life other than play ONLY online games. Granted that online games are a large part of Sony's PSN customer base now since you can play with almost anyone in the world. But stating that you can't go online at all is a lie and a half. The web browser for the PS3 always works for the net.

    I honestly feel as though people are getting too worked up over nothing. I would be willing to bet that a good portion of people are getting on the web through the PS3's browser to post some of these comments in different places on different forums asking why they can't get on the PSN.

    Now I've had a really fun time with the PSN being up and all, but I am quite capable of playing games offline as well as online. I even have games on my laptop that I play when I just don't feel like playing on my PS3.

    I do believe that the developers working on the servers are doing their damned best to get them up and running as smoothly as they damn well can until another incident like this might occur (not entirely impossible because people are spiteful when it comes down to it nowadays). But until this happens, give these people the benefit of the doubt.

    They are just that. People. Just like you and me. Unless any of you have trained a parrot to talk over your microphone and a dog (or cat…entirely your preference) to play with the controller (which is what some people online seem to like doing). The animal playing is HIGHLY unlikely, though. So give these people room to breath. And threatening to buy an Xbox360 doesn't really make them work faster. It's one less customer complaint they have to deal with in my opinion.

    Now good day. I won't respond to any comments against this.

  80. PoopLips Says:

    Dude, you people that are complaining about THIS taking a long time and about how "slow" Sony is….go try playing World of Warcraft and see how awesome Blizzard's customer service is. I'm sure someone here knows what I'm talkin bout.

  81. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    Blizzard for world of warcraft services to 7-10 million customers, its hard to even compare the two. At least blizzard post up every hour what they are doing regardless if it actually tells me anything i want to know. At least I know there is one lonely sap sitting there having to work on his day off so the rest of the company can go vacation while he sits and post whatever he/she feels likes every hour.

  82. themyththelegend Says:

    PSN RULESSS!!!!!! ill wait PeAcE!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Welcome Back Says:

    IT'S UP AGAIN!!!! WOOO!!!

  84. PSN4LIFE Says:

    PSN is back on! Good job Sony! Patience is key.

  85. Trumpo Says:

    "On his blog, he’s already vowed to boycott Sony products and promises “much more to come on this blog.” Whatever that means, it won’t include PS3 hacking."

    Oh I think it did muahaha muahahhhahhahaaaaa

  86. Trompo Says:

    everybody come back to the PS2 online!!!!! SOCOM II! SOCOM: CA! Killzone 1!!!!!

  87. Chrisvilla74 Says:

    The problem isnt with them being hacked or even the fact that its taking so long to get the system back up. The problem is their customer service and the fact that theyre treating their customers like mushrooms (keeping us in the dark and feeding us crap) They give no eta for when the system will be up and running again or even when it wont be. Those of us who bought the system just to play online and just spent 200 dollars on online games this tuesday and are itching to play have nto check back hourly because they wont even say if it definitely wont be up tonight or tomorrow when you know they know exactly when it will or wont be up. They could at least say tonight… no. Maybe tomorrow. Then we could go about our business and check tomorrow. Yeah i have a life. Yeah i have other things to do but i wanna play. I shouldnt have to deal with other gamers telling me to get a life. I wanna play. I bought 3 new games this week to play so i didnt have money to go out this weekend. I wanted to play the games i paid for. Knobs.

  88. Ps3BaLLA Says:

    Dude, how can anyone give an accurate ETA on a matter this huge? You obviously dont know diddley about networking servers and their complexity. On a side note thats just sad that you spent all your money on games!!! LMMAO sounds like you need a better paying job so you can afford to buy games AND go out and have a life!

  89. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    Seriously, he's just venting. If you had half of a brain or a conscious or even a little bit of maturity, you would be agreeing with his frustrations. What's sad about spending your money on something you want? I understand though, your probably just nerd raging about this whole thing and are trying to take it out on everything. Last but not least, the very fact that you are on this blog replying and even making fun of this guy who is just sharing his opinion means that you also should take your own advice and "get a life" because apparently playing video games, watching t.v., blogging or doing anything that involves electronics is a waste of time… because dealing with people like you in real life would be so much better.

  90. RonDon Says:

    Bad news… but props to Sony for admitting they were hacked. Good luck getting it back up!

  91. n punk Says:

    i pay playing dc universe online

  92. chrisvilla74 Says:

    See? Now why would this guy post that its up again? Thats just an idiot. Dont you realize that by doing that youre showing everyone that you have a miserable lonely existence and get off on annoying people because youre so miserable and alone in your own life. Misery loves company. It makes you feel good that you made people log in and check their network connection to see if it was true and then were bummed to see it wasnt. You have really small junk and hate yourself dont you? I feel bad for you. I really do.

  93. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    You checked, didn't you…? I don't blame you, I did the same. I'm sitting on my bed with my cat blogging, sitting in front of a non functional psn waiting for it to say "you've signed in" YAY.

  94. Iluv143 Says:

    People really need a life on this psn stuff, its not like its the end of the world or something. There is a real world out there. Clean up ya house or something, race a lotus elise on the freeway at two in the mourning, hang with ya girlfriend, and her girlfriend. This Psn stuff should be 0.01 of ya life. This Sony company, I do not trust anyways, I mean in the 40’s this company was helping its country try to take over this country. Now this company has millions of fat, nerdy, over 30 something losers living at home and playing games all day. Yall need to get up, and get yo self off that couch and get out and do something.

  95. Guest Says:

    Yeah, all the bashing comments will cease when network goes back online….will be too busy playing 😉 Excellent point BTW…I would rather have it fixed correctly for however long it takes than to have it happen again in a month…and maybe the month after that. Wow, online gaming is it right now. I bought my PS3 with free network as a major purchasing point, and have had minimal errors/issues with my 110+ hrs of multi KZ3. Hard to complain with just this one case thus far… It's not fun when u can't shoot virtual peeps especially when ur frustrated, but hold on guys, can't be much longer…

  96. Ian Ramey Says:

    Quit you whining. oh no I actually have to find a game that requires more then point and shoot at whatever moves oh no. I can understand people who paid for PSN+ not getting there moneys worth that I get and sympathize. Oh and for the XBOX fan boys enjoy your 70 dollar 1 year online access I have an XBOX and a PS3 if it were not for the price difference (PS3 = free (50 for PSN+ vs. xbox = 70 a year for no more then what PSN gets) I would still play and support Xbox. Oh and yeah grab the torch and pitchforks were gonna find this guy and drag him in the streets.

  97. chrisvilla74 Says:

    Oh it can be a lot longer. Trust me. Theres no reason why it cant be off for a month. They could put the store back up and sell stuff but leave the onlione gaming off until they finish rebuilding their servers and that could take weeks. Theyre a business. Theyre gonna work to get the revenue making end of it up first and say that it shows progress and continue to sell things while we all wait for the network to come back on line for gaming and since it is free… They wont owe any of us anything. Like i said in my previous post. No… This isnt their fault and the problem isnt being offline (though very annoying and frustrating if you wanna play) the problem is their customer service and not giving us any information. They should be updating daily saying "not tonight… maybe tomorrow" and then we could check once a day and that would be that. This "around the clock" hour by hour bullcrap is the frustrating part. I wanna play NOW so im checking constantly. I WANT MY SOCOM!!!!

  98. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    Everybody has the right to complain about this inconvenience. Those who say, go outside and throw a ball around, sorry, this is 2011, I want my video games. I don't know what or how they are fixing this issue, otherwise I would be on the team but I'm sure it's very complicated to write new codes for this program to avoid this type of incident from happening again in the future. Thankfully this is a free service so we aren't losing out on that BUT those, like myself, who pay for games such as DC Universe Online, are being taken away from our game play. Regardless of the amount of time taken, its still money we have paid and do not get to use it. Thankfully Nextflix can still be used by the ps3 if you have a brain at all to figure it out. This is night 5, if this were Blizzard, with a mass amounts of customers it has, they would be announcing every hour with updates even if it just stated, "we are still working hard on this matter, please be patient as we know this is a big inconvenience. We will keep you posted". That alone would get me to calm down, not an update once a day. Obviously if your not a big gamer then you don't understand the frustrations it causes for gamers, hence poking at people who have the right to share their opinion about the matter and to complain. Yes, the psn is down, it sucks, most of what I do is on the PSN. If you have ever played any type of MMO you will know what it means to be off of your game for a week, but I have been watching about 45 episodes of Cheers, it's been fun. only 230 left. I wonder if I'll finish all of cheers before psn is back up and running.

    Rumor says that on Tuesday, psn will be back up. That would be nice.

  99. Psn-Really Says:

    i got mlb 2011 the show until its back up

  100. truthhurts Says:

    I am tired of people complaining about this. I am a programmer and you have no idea the hours and focus it takes to not only build a system like the psn but how boring it can be at times. So I understand how big of a task they have ahead of them. As far as those who keep saying, I should buy a xbox or I am so close to buying an xbox….stop talking and do it. Your one person out of millions of people. You may put $60 in Microsofts hands every year but Sony already got you to buy the ps3 so guess what, they win. I am not trying to be rude but I get tired of looking for information about the situation and finding false threats to Sony and bulls*it stories about your life being over because you can't get on the psn. I understand it is frustrating as I am a serious gamer myself but not to the point I can't step away from the ps3 and enjoy my life beyond that. Just my thoughts on the whole thing.

  101. Mix Says:

    GAWD, I can't agree more with this. XD

  102. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    *applaud* I like free, so I shall wait for free. I just hope that the time they are taking to build a better system that it is just that, a better system. That they are actually taking this time to fix all the bugs that customers have run in to in the past and starting out with a clean slate. PSN good job, I hope you guys continue to give us great free gameplay.

  103. Ps3BaLLA Says:

    It will crash if that many people are allowed on at once

  104. Mike Says:

    I recently got internet last thursday, and i can't play black ops on psn. Sony needs to invest more in security, with the price of the ps3 isnt that enough.

  105. kandykorn Says:

    Oh… the price? The PS3 is only 300$. If you are going to complain about how much you paid for it, why did you buy it in the first place?

  106. Ian Ramey Says:

    Okay real quick some of you font know how a network works and if you do good your educated and are cool now. A network is a mass communication between devices, now if one part of that network goes down than it all goes to hell. Now with 70 million people, company's that affiliate with playstation, and lets not forget all the servers that hold all that information on a single network, you may understand the full magnitude of why it takes so long to fix a network.

    Now think of the time it takes to set up your own network, it doesn't take that long, 30 minutes tops provided nothing went wrong. Now this hacker(s) decided to purposely attack the PSN and takes down as much as they can before playstation finds out. If I were a hacker and wanted to make someone hurt I would make it very hard or impossible to salvage what was left of that part of the system. Now they have to rebuild the network and reinforce it, change codes, improve firewalls, and get this done right. thats whats taking so long.

    Do yourselves a favor and find another way to entertain yourselves play an old game that you love like Demon's Souls or maybe single player Red Dead Redemption, read a book, play out side some of us probably need it I'll be honest I need it more then I do, and all it does is stop you from playing online functions and downloading stuff from the PSN store. Some of you sound like that 8 year old kid in walmart throwing a fit because mom wont let them get the new Nerf gun or Barbie doll.

    And I myself thank all those that are willing to forgive Sony for this since it was not there fault. Show some compassion, For me this is the first experience with PSN down and I will continue to support Sony and any other company that makes products I like. We are humans you know the master race, the only ones capable of sentient thought in the known universe I think we can do better then this.

  107. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    You know, if PSN would just post part of your message and explain the process of what it takes to fix the issue and add some more fancy words to make it look nice, more and more people would come to their scenes and realize that even though we are playing a game that is suppose to be fun and childish, there is a business behind the fun making who thinks that money is fun. They are protecting themselves and in the long run providing a better "fun time" for all of us.

  108. gabe Says:

    but remember, paying 50 bucks a year to a moderated online service like XBL is bs… RIGHT, guys?

  109. playstation owner Says:

    heck all I like to do is drift cars and show off online on grand turismo 5, A spec drift offline giving me good practice. good luck sony on getting it back up. playstation nation… It will be back just have patience

  110. mike Says:

    man i got 2 ps3 and all my friends come over and play black ops and now i got 7 holes in my wall cuse the network is down man my friends get piss when they cant play online come on network i don't want know more holes in my wall

  111. Iluv143 Says:

    No life, no luv found.

  112. Daryl Skinner Says:

    KeyWord: XBOX LIVE lol…..

  113. Mix Says:

    ^ Missing part to this: "fails more frequently."

  114. G*the*MAN Says:

    I really hope is back Tuesday so I like enjoy my black ops but as long as Sony does a great job rebuilding the network for all of us gamers to be able to enjoy our games

  115. playstation owner Says:

    if Xbox is so good why are you on this blog? heck I'd be playing if my playstation was working not writing blogs like the xbox owners do. must be a crappy system

  116. Mix Says:

    They're on this blog because they secretly own a PS3 and refuse to let anyone know they prefer it over the Xbox 360 and its Xbox LIVE.

    Can't argue with free PSN access as opposed to 50 per month/year. (I have no clue how much it is for Xbox live. I'm not an Xbox owner.)

  117. playstation owner Says:

    I'm on this blog cause I'm a playstation owner like to see if it's hooked up or if any one got any info on when? xbox is lame every body I know has had thier xbox quit on them 3 or 4 years my ps3 still kickin mad dust inside and all, lmao

  118. playstation owner Says:

    oh and I never shut it off

  119. Mix Says:

    You should take a can of compressed air to it. lol

  120. Mix Says:

    You should take a can of compressed air to at least the cover and vents (even a slightly damp cloth would work lol). Wouldn't hurt any.

  121. xPyschomantis Says:

    The point i think he was trying to get across was many of the playstation customers choose ps3 because of its free online capabilities, and with this downtime and sony not giving us any real updates about when it will be back up they are leaving the customers in the dark, and i know with my past game console being PC i went to ps3 after being wrongfully banned its situation like these that loose customers

  122. jose Says:

    its on i got….. i got on call of duty here i come psn back on line here i go

  123. jose Says:

    yes sir call of duty its on psn is back

  124. Ricky Says:

    In case you didn't know, some of us have to live in areas outside of the US and have nothing better to do but to entertain ourselves playing video games (PS3 online). What really bothered me is that I am serving in the US military and away from my family, i use the PS3 to play with them and try to still interact with them as if I was playing with them at home. This is fustrating becuase thats all they have to look foward to and becuase of "hacker" I lost that opportunity this whole weekend.

    Thanks my kids appreciate it…..

  125. jonzo Says:

    All those people defending sony are right, its not like its sony's fault. And they are working hard to get it fixed. But on the other hand, the angry people have a right to be angry. Its extremely annoying for this kinda thing to happen just on easter when people are taking a break and need something to do in their free time. And those who are worried about their credit card details and things like that being vulnerable, i don't blame them either. Psn will be back up soon guys. Just wait it out. Be patient.

  126. MAD DUDE Says:

    The hackers didnt hurt sony they hurt all of us game players. The hackers are inmature and ignorant they hurt ONLY the GAME players. The hacker getting sued is a good thing. he should have never tryed to break into sonys server thats like breaking into to someones home or business.

  127. ucpanda Says:

    Outages and mistakes will and can happen. I don't think it would be unreasonable for PS Network users, and espeiclaly the Plus users, to get some kind of compensation for the loss of service this past week. Sony would probably make their loyal customers happy too by trying to smooth things over. Giving everyone a $20 credit to their network wallet would be a nice gesture.

  128. realist Says:

    Get a life play some other card games board games etc. With your family. And mr. Army man have you heard of a satelite phone or a computer skype for example. That’s what’s wrong with america today, relying on one thing. There is way more things you can do and ways to contact your family besisdes the game. Only thing I do worry about is cerdit card info beeing seen

  129. PSN-Firestorm97 Says:

    I like how sony lied me and told me it would be up today. Im seriously considering a used xbox right now.

  130. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    Go to xbox then, stop considering and actually do it. I'm sure they will care because there are probably 25% of people saying they will and only 1% out of the 25% that actually will. You bought their product, your not paying for online so they pretty much don't need you and people like you should get a xbox because you deserve the red ring of death and to pay $70 for it+ the price of your xbox.

  131. mayo211 Says:

    must suck to have a hacker group on you. Sony made a bad decision to sue one. These guys will just keep trying to hack up their products till its all out war.

  132. niki Says:

    i j ust want to know how a network that huge with resources like that, can be down for so long. Glad i have XBOX

  133. Jay Says:

    You realize that in 2008 XBOX live went down for 2 weeks?

  134. lori1998 Says:

    well i hope for everybodys sake that sony will be up online for the rest of us here… ive been keeping my self busy on the computer and watchiing movies but im getting bored of doing that now sony needs to conferm that they will bbe up tommrow!!!! its a brad new day

  135. bigred Says:

    in some ways, im more pissed because moven back to cottage country where there is no serivce what so ever for anything…less sony decides to build a tower out here in that spot(thats restoule, ontario)i swear, just as soon as you guys get that set up, do it, but on the other hand, guess i can get used to not haven my network since sony has bigger fish to dont know how, but would have been awsome to kill some more ppl online than sitten here studieing for exams.lmao.

  136. Chris Says:

    My Netflix works fine I've been using it everyday. When it says network is down, I just back out of that screen (hitting "O" a few times) and it opens Netflix. I'm watching it right now in fact. Sad part is it don't work for Hulu Plus. It requires ps network.

  137. NoobPooner1398 Says:

    So its official… this event provided to us by either a routine maintenance update gone bad or a group of people that are too smart for their own good who hacked the network of Sony, has gone an entire week with no promises of greener pastures in sight. There really is no more time for patients, in fact, the only thing that should fit between now and the next memo given by Sony is an answer provided by Sony to ensure its customers that they have our best interest in mind as well as our money. I'm not going to continue and say "I'm going to buy an xbox" or "Sony sux" or some other insult that will do nothing but I and probably many people at this point will no longer buy games for the Ps3 that require Online connection and a monthly subscription to play or base their biggest attraction on the online multi player modes. I do not want free "stuff" to compensate for my lost game time or a refund from my 3rd party subscriptions, especially since Dc Universe will not refund lost time, I really only want a faster, less error and still free online access for gaming and the reassurance that my personal info is not stolen or compromised and if so to be fully refunded. For the record, this is not a "nerd raging" vent session, because I am not angered by this inconvenience that has gone for a weeks time now, but a gamer that has ran out of patients and good things to say after writing everything at this point. Please Sony, keep working hard on this matter and fulfill everyt task that you stated you would and more. I would hope that Sony did not need more than a week to fix this but as it is, they have. Please, don't take your time… I have more epics to get and I grow bored of throwing a ball around outside. Netflix no longer works on my ps3 which was the only entertainment that held me together. >.<

  138. MAD DUDE Says:

    Very Well Said SONY will make it faster,better for all of us, keep in mind that they are making SURE our information is safe. GREAT JOB SONY

  139. myst Says: is April 29 2011 and still no ps3…WTH..will it ever be back up..F*&% Hackers!!!

  140. MAD DUDE Says:

    yes it will and it will be 100% better than the old one

  141. WOFFFF Says:

    Xbox and monthly charges here I come…….Sony is down for 6 months now…..WTF

  142. justin Says:

    hey life aint fair i hate the fact that hackers did this as much as any one i was completle prosteaged on COD. but somw of you need to get a life. go play a game of fooy ball with ur friendsw instead of no lifing it on COD. hey at least there not shutting down the holl system

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