Playstation Network Down Indefinitely, Again

By  |  Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Sony has once again missed its own timeframe to get the Playstation Network back online, as the company tries to secure its network after a devastating security breach.

Sony said last Sunday that it expected to bring PSN back up by the end of the week, but those plans were ruined by a separate attack on Sony Online Entertainment, the company’s massive multiplayer gaming service.

“We were unaware of the extent of the attack on Sony Online Entertainment servers, and we are taking this opportunity to conduct further testing of the incredibly complex system,” Sony spokesman Patrick Seybold wrote on the official Playstation Blog. He offered no estimate of when service will be restored.

The Playstation Network went down on April 19, and couple days later Sony said it would restore service in “a full day or two.” But the problems turned out to be worse than expected. Hackers had broken into PSN and made off with names, passwords, e-mails, addresses and birthdays. There’s no evidence that credit card numbers were stolen, but Sony hasn’t ruled out the possibility. Over the last couple of weeks, Sony’s been rebuilding the Playstation Network, and is now testing security internally.

The last week brought some high drama, as a separate attack on Sony Online Entertainment resulted in the theft of personal information for 24.6 million users and 20,000 credit card or bank account numbers. Sony told Congress that it found a file named “Anonymous” in its Sony Online Entertainment servers, with the text “We Are Legion” inside. This refers to the hacking group Anonymous, which says it wasn’t involved in either attack. Anonymous had previously attacked Sony’s website, and Sony said this attack was either an intentional or inadvertent diversion.

Also this week, Sony Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer wrote a lengthy explanation and apology, reflecting Sony’s overall change in tone from cold and distant to apologetic.

This whole thing has been a huge mess from the beginning, but I think most users would be happy if they could just enjoy Playstation games online again. Still, Sony can’t risk another attack, which according to CNet was being planned for this weekend. A longer outage is better than a second outage, so security needs to be airtight before PSN can come back online.


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  1. Hackerssuk Says:

    I like to say I'm surprised, however I'm not.

  2. John Says:

    AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait, i can just watch tv


    L.a.noire don't need multiplayer.I'm all good.I can wait.

  4. Muay Thai Says:

    Was to be expected… Muay Thai Combinations | Muay Thai Kick | Martial Arts for Children


    just get psn back online, anyone who wants my details can have them, just ask

  6. Dustin Says:

    What’s your gametag

  7. Jay Weezyy Stacksz Says:

    F**k.! the xbox you have you pay online each month and im not switching of course because i am a psn fan. and i just want the online to be back up. so i can play black ops online and shoot some zombies in the head.

  8. Hey Says:

    Ok i'll be selling my Ps3 for an XBox

  9. Axl Says:

    hahahahaha go ahead and do so. i bought 6 Xbox 360 Elites BRAND NEW at walmart ina year and they all over heated or gave the Red Ring. sooo go waste your money haha nobodys stopping ya.

  10. YOUR BUUDY Says:

    your a liar. I had 3 that broke in different ways, they ARE garbage… but 6? I bet you had 2 break on you.

  11. Hey Says:

    Your're right nobodies stopping me from doing it.. especially Sony. Xbox here i come! 🙂

  12. MadPS3Customer Says:

    Go the f*ck ahead and do it! You will regret it. I would try going to walmart and get the 4 mb $200 xbox, try it for 14 days, if you dont like it, you can take it back within 15 days of purchase and get your money back. Thats what I did, guess what? I think PS3 is far better and it would be dumb to switch. Yes! I am pissed off about the continuous outage issues with PSN, but I'm sure it will be up within 2 weeks at worst. Get an Xbox so u can not miss out on two weeks, sell it back in time for psn to be on, Xbox live is free first month neways. Regardless, stick with PS3 and think about buyin Socom 4, I think the multiplayer is worth the wait. Hope this post changes your mind and many who may make a thick headed decision.

  13. Hey Says:

    6Xboxes? Well let me tell you something.. I payed £350 for my ps3 and have been giving sony money for years. the 2nd year i had my ps3 it broke down (the life span is a lot longer and Sony knew about the very 1st ps3 model being faulty world wide) Yet when i asked Sony to replace this they told me it's my fault not the manufacturers fault and they will not replace it unless i pay £130 (Greedy much?) i was not happy with that so i took it to a third party to get fixed around 5 different times.. it took the third party to pay Sony because my ps3 was so messed up. I refused to let Sony take more money out of my pocket for handling a loyal customer wrong now i refuse to wait around with no updates on the psn server going back up! it's pretty smart decision on my behalf mate.

  14. Sony really?! Says:

    That's Sony fan boys for you. You dumb*sses derserve it. You Idiot Fan boys never learn. Hacked 3 times and the only thing your worried about is when you are going to be able to play online. Who cares about the info of you that the hackers have.

  15. Guest Says:

    Ur just mad ur paying 60 a year to play online on an inferior system with no exclusives worth buying hahah, the rest of us can be patient and not freak out like complete nerds

  16. Miiiisssteerr, X360 Says:

    You're not worried because you dont have to pay. PSN is free why you think it gets hacked so frequently and badly. Xbox 360 is not free but look at all the incentives we get. High security, dlc's come first to us, betas are more stable than ps3. U guys have ps exclusives BUT most of them were trash and the ones that are good look to fake. Take battlefield bc2, the trees look cg'd. but look at trees in 360's battlefield bc2 and it looks realistc. Point blank 360 for the win. On my second 360 in the span of 6 years

  17. david Says:

    ps3 will return when they get the server's back up and running

  18. blah Says:

    who's gonna buy your ps3

  19. Hey Says:

    Oh some guy i know his names Peter but you probably don't know him.. have a nice day 🙂

  20. Dingus Says:

    I'm not going that far just yet, but I am getting there day by day. I love PlayStation, but this is getting so irritating.

  21. Shut up Says:

    really i hoped u had a cc and they got it cuz ur so sorry u need to get a life if u cant wait omg

  22. david Says:

    don't buy an xbox,keep the ps3 for a little longer.

  23. chris Says:

    no point in buyin an xbox same thing happened to xbox back in 08 so same thing can happen to a system that cost more money just get ps3 back to normal

  24. Nicetry Says:

    Uh no, it had limited features and no personal information was stolen.

  25. Chris Says:

    You sir, are extremely incorrect in your assumption that anything like this has ever happened on the Xbox Live network. Xbox was down for 14 days in '08. However, it was a planned outage that the users were told point blank that the systems would be down for 2 weeks while they upgraded the servers. It has absolutely nothing to do with being hacked.

  26. X_PS3_user Says:

    when it happen to xbox they just launched there system. plus they told us what the problem was Sony lied and lied and made false promises i already sold my ps3 and psp im through with sony

  27. tiredoftheb.s. Says:

    not to mention u gotta pay for online gaming thru xbox…..

  28. Jeremy Says:

    I don't know why people like you keep saying that. Xbox makes you pay so that problems like THIS won't happen more easily. Xbox makes you pay so you'll have a safer, smoother, overall better, online experience. I'm not one of those guys that says, F Xbox, PS3 rules! But I do understand why Xbox requires money. If anything, they possibly care more about their gamers. I have a Ps3, and I am so mad that I can't MW2 or Mortal Kombat. But I wouldn't waste my time saying those kind of things, this isn't about Xbox.

  29. MultiplayerSucks Says:

    Lies. Microsoft just wants as much money as they can possibly get. Look what they did to Halo. They couldn't just let it die. I don't have the same problem as you because I have both and like both equally. I also think multiplayer sucks, so I don't even need PSN.

  30. Lethalsaints Says:

    I am a long time user and I have been backing ps for weeks. Now they didn't meet there deadline assures me they fed the original date to people so they would hang on in hope. I can't believe I'm saying this I also am trading for Xbox…….

  31. Jesse Says:

    So you're a long time user, but you've only had it for weeks?

  32. Hackerssuk Says:

    I have heard that select Play N Trade stores in the Houston Tx area are giving 60% trade-in value for customers looking to bail on Sony, plus half off of a game of your choice. Sounds good considering most stores like gamestop try and rob you. I allready own both consols so maybe this could help those looking yo jump ship in the Houston area.__

  33. rosie Says:

    please can it done we want to play on line with friends and family all over the world thank you

  34. Rosiesux Says:

    please can it learn english thank you

  35. kevin Says:

    yea… true

  36. kris Says:

    you guys are so mean

  37. Anonymous Says:

    We are the legion.

  38. Kiran Sher Macleod Says:

    mate you're a twat, grow up, use a real name ffs ¬_¬

  39. none Says:

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  40. redforman Says:

    dumb ass

  41. marin4life Says:

    faggot u sound 2 stupid 2 be anonymous, hey im not saying their smart either, there are polite hakers and their are stupid hakers, the hakers that took down psn i call them – proffesional ass wipes with no sense of reasoning.

  42. Anon Says:

    uhm… marin4life… thats their motto you dumbass… so how does this make them seem stupid?

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  44. meh Says:

    TRANSLATION: "We are whiners. We are punks. We are bored." This guy isn't Anonymous. If he was, he would've taken this whole site down so no one could dog his sorry self out. They're all too scared to be confronted and issue "death threats" to any one who won't let them mess with them. That's just what it seems like to me.

  45. josh Says:

    your a bright one you need mental help

  46. paisley25 Says:

    the actual text was "we are legion" not "we are THE legion". you, good sir, are a dumbass.

  47. Enrique Magana Says:

    shut the !@#$ up

  48. turtle_herder Says:

    you are worthless get a life of your own

  49. mike Says:

    more like a bunch of low lifes

  50. yofo Says:

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  51. Yofoisafag Says:

    So was your mom….thank God for artificial insimination or your lesbian mom would've never had you.

  52. Anonymous is gay Says:

    Anonymous, you should try
    getting laid and stop masturbating and hacking" me, having sex with a chick, or a dude in your case, is awesome!

  53. anon Says:

    we do not forget, we do not forgive, expect us

  54. Drake Says:

    Ohhh dang, its Anon himself.

  55. Anon Says:

    We Are Legion

  56. poppy Says:

    and then?

  57. christopher Says:

    360 Here i come

  58. meh Says:

    can we say spoiled? how bout quitter? now watch–the second you set your xbox up, buy a membership of your choice, set up your account, and finally sit down to enjoy yourself, Sony will send back the PSN stronger than ever. And then, the next target on the PSN hackers' agenda will be YOUR precious new network big brother. Oh, irony.

  59. meh Says:

    oh. and it was all free in the first place. so don't gripe.

  60. meh Says:

    a thumbs down!?!?!? oh no. you only further my statement. XD

  61. tortugapro Says:

    just because it's free it doesn't mean that it's ok for sony to lie to it's consumers. You can compare the free psn to anything that involves our personal information like facebook or amazon, just because accounts with those websites is free it doesn't mean that people can say well it's down and our info was stolen so just be patient. As for people switching to the xbox I don't blame them I can't believe most of you are defending sony even though they keep giving us pointless updates. I've never owned an xbox but sony is really pushing its consumers over to the xbox because it seems they don't tell us what is really happening, such as taking a week to tell us that our information was taken, then a few days later that our credit card information could have been taken.

  62. kolman Says:

    i bet you anything your credit card wasnt stolen and they dont care about your info so until your bank account gets drained dont cry about it who gives ppl they dont know there credit card numbers and bank account numbers anyway good god your part at fault yourself

  63. kingk3nnth Says:

    Pongan psn otravez ya me aburre escuchar lo mismo,att king3nnth de san juan PR

  64. Jay Says:

    I been backing up the ps3 for a while now and they definately not keeping they're word with the release dates so i might as well get an xbox. honestly im starting not to care to pay for xbox live because yea it got hacked back in 0 but 3 years later they still doing fine. No problems wit they're secure network.

  65. Jaysanidiot Says:

    You losers need to start posting accurate statements. Xbox Live network has never officially been hacked (that was actually announced and made any news). Xbox's only long outage was back in '08 and was due to a server upgrade that was announced months before they did it. It had nothing to do with being hacked. You morons need to check your facts and get a damn clue.

  66. xbox = win Says:

    but other than the the false fact of xbox being hacked the silly sony fans have no other reason not to abandon the psn.

  67. PS3Owner Says:

    This sucks (especially the fact i had the sudden urge to online game right after i heard about this). I am definitely NOT switching to xbox nor will I ever. Paying to play Black Ops or Battlefield with other ppl is ridiculous! Can't wait till psn is back (and i really wish I could toss some knives at the hackers responsible 4 this!!!!)

  68. marin4life Says:

    dude, i no psn hasnt been keeping their promises but hey we all arent perfect, im kinda pissed off but screw all there fake psn supporters i say – GO PLAY STATION , its still the best and no ones knocking it down.

  69. Quentin Serling Says:

    I'm all for them getting the security back up, but the fact that there is a new game launching this week is going to kill some more of there supporters. I'm still willing to back it, because as for mentioned it happened to 360 a few years back, but Sony is at least admitting there is an issue and doing something to apologize for it.

  70. kevin Says:

    60 bucks a year… u pay more for ur netflix subscription. buy an xbox 360… it doesn't have an Internet browser, but i bet you brag about your ps3 having it and never even use the feature.

  71. Alex Says:

    dude, whatever so some people just dont want to pay for 360. i own both and each one has its perks so maybe he likes the PS3 perks better.

  72. double k Says:

    i just got this game called MAG at the beginning of april and it is entirely online so now i cant even play it. i hope psn is up soon

  73. Tiggy Says:

    Does this mean if an attack don’t come this weekend it’ll be up sooner??

  74. Seibzehn Says:

    some of you people are really spoiled…if i can't play online i dont want the system come on before online play though consoles you were perfectly fine. get over it. and yeah i want PSN back up protected from stupid hackers im a PS Fan until the end no matter what online or not.

  75. none Says:

    you said it all man.

  76. CAPTNCOD Says:

    Wrong, many people only play online like myself and never bought the console for single player. I’ve been playing online since Call of Duty 3 but if Sony doesn’t have the PSN back up by May 11 (my deadline) I’m firing them and buying an Xbox.

  77. CAPTNCOD Says:

    Wrong, I've been playing since Call of Duty 3 and never "were perfectly fine" with playing offline. There are many others just like me, ask around. Does that mean I'm "spoiled" because the sole reason invest with Sony's products is to be online? If you don't care so much why are you on this blog that pertains to PSN being down? I don't know what I'm more sick of; the Sony corporation leading me on or the gamers complaining about gamers complaining, just sayin. What should happen is Sony should be given a deadline since they can't come up with one on their own. I'm giving them until May 11 (and hope the more serious gamers would do the same) to get it back online or they are FIRED! I will take my money to Xbox the following day.

  78. meh Says:

    Awww puddin'. u poor wittle baby.

  79. yoyo Says:

    right on man, id rather wait and know that my info is secure than have them rush to get the system back up and leave it wide open for another attack bc some detail was overlooked, i can find something else to occupy my time theres a whole world out there.

  80. Cari Says:

    Yep. You're right, Seibzehn! I enjoyed my PS2 just fine & I never had it online. Then again, most of the PS2 games I was playing didn't come with bonus codes for add-ons & such. Loved my PS2, that's why I'd been wanting a PS3 since 2008, & when it was finally in the budget, I got one. Actually, I JUST got it as a Christmas gift from hubby this past Christmas. The only reason I'm a bit anxious for it to come back online sooner rather than later are the promotional codes for bonus DLC on a game I purchased that are expiring at the end of this month. I'd at least like to get those entered & get the DLC I'm entitled to. There are several & missing out on them because of how long this is taking would stink. I'm most certainly not going to be jumping ship to another console because of it, though. Jeesh!

  81. George Hotz Says:

    Haha! That's what you get for suing me, faggots!

  82. Kiran Sher Macleod Says:

    riiight becuase a skilled hacker would deffo advertise his name like that, or you're an xbox fan boy..(i'll go for the fanboy)

  83. psn Says:

    he is stupid ,but not that stupid to post on here .that must be one of is gay hack buddies.

  84. Stan Shunpike Says:

    I do beleive people get sued for breaking laws… so… way to go for being an upstanding member of society.

  85. kolman Says:

    u deserved to get sued you broke the law and continue too so dont get pissed when you get sued again

  86. playr Says:

    You didn't get sued, idiot!! next time look up information about it.

  87. HackerKiller Says:

    Hackers think they are so smart and they are, it's intelligence that they lack.
    Any monkey can put colors together and shapes together but lack the common sense to care about others and only worry about themselves.
    All hackers are inconsiderate worthless pieces of meat that need to be put down, not imprisoned but killed off and with your name out there George Hotz(remember that name all), your life has been shortened considerably.
    You need to be tortured until you beg to die and I hope somebody does that to you.
    You would not be missed because inbreds should not exist.
    You tell all your hacker friends that they will all suffer you POS.

  88. awesome-x Says:

    wow guy… even though youre obviously joking, you either need to go take your damn meds or seek psychological help immediately.

    and jesus, get your parents to give you a hug or something.

  89. Black_Hat_Hacker Says:

    Interesting….do you even know what hacking means? People far too often throw this word around not really knowing the true meaning of it. Hacking simply put means to alter something from its original format or intended use. Meaning if you add 20 inch rims t your car guess what, your a hacker. If you add cheese to a hamburger guess what, your a hacker. ANYTHING no matter how small or minute once altered has been hacked. Now most hackers "hack" (for lack of a better term) do it simply to learn how stuff works. You can learn how an engine works unless you take it apart. Most of modern civilization has been ushered into the era you have come to know and love derived from "hacking" hell even the precious internet you utilize to make your bashing comment came is a result in the fashion it is in today from "hacking" now I am offended at the mere fact that you would even attempt to part your lips and utter such nonsense. I implore you to first think about what you are going to say next time you want to express your views and just as you are about to say/type it…rethink it some more…or a group like 4chan might find you……. >:)

  90. HackerKiller Says:

    Defending a group that takes enjoyment out of screwing others over?
    Your about as worthless as those you defend and as for the group you mentioned above, I don't really care if they want to find me because in the real world I would tear them a new one.
    If they can only attack people over the net they are cowards.
    And my stand on computer hackers won't change one bit by what you have said here.

  91. g2g Says:

    yeah right what a wanna b like u da real geo hotz

  92. kolman Says:

    have you seen the picture of george hotz he looks like a faggot

  93. babihrse Says:

    this is obviously not the george hotz but its just speaking the mind of anyone who thinks sony acted inappropriately towards george hotz! if someone wants to jailbreak their system that they paid for!> and tell like minded individuals how to do it, they shouldn't be sued for it!
    if i buy a car off volkswagen and volkswagen put a restrictor on it so id drive carefully and i chose to remove the restrictor and post a video up on how to remove it. I doubt very much id be sued by volkswagen!
    I own the car, i can do what i like with it! sony need to get off their high horse telling people what to do with their systems im glad it was hacked by anon rather than a bunch of cyber thieves coz i had my credit details up on it! ive since cancelled my credit account.
    point is people should be able to create/modify things they do it to cars all the time somebody makes a car somebody makes a turbo the car goes faster the makers of the car say if you use that we arn't taking responsibility for it or your welfare driving it (thats ok i did what i want the consequences of my actions are mine alone not yours)
    imagine if sony launched a device next year to be plugged into the ps3 that would allow installing otherOS priced at 200 euros, id be very annoyed indeed.

  94. david Says:

    screw you

  95. BTC Says:

    Anonymous-we are the legion…b.s. you are a bunch of p*ssies

  96. h-train Says:

    playstations are more fun without internet then xbox is with internet. I would never get an xbox with all those crappy games

  97. Chris Milson Says:

    come on get it together sony….

  98. Mike Says:

    I've gone 3 weeks without playing, so bfd that I can't play online now. Treyarch didn't seem to care that Black Ops connection was crap anyway.

    I'll be damned if I will sending any money to Microsoft.

  99. 2systemsRbettaThan1 Says:

    I find that ironic since chances are you own a pc lol. No offense I still want psn back up to play some MK. Can only polish those combos for so long

  100. David Says:

    Are you using a mac?
    if not…….you have been sending money to microsoft. congrats
    i am too lazy to log in

  101. xBOX Says:


  102. meh Says:

    ??? Oh, you're illiterate. I understand now.

  103. Tgunz Says:

    Ok to all the traitors who say their going to buy xbox 360 I have more fate in the xbox fanboys than pd3 fans cuz when xbox was down for 2 weeks In 08 I never hear one xbox fans cry and whine the way I hear u guys wine they where always loyal even when I was making fun of them they never think of buying no ps3 I can’t believe what I’m hear u rather sony be greedy and turn it on without doing it right or do it the right way

  104. Doug Says:

    They find a file named Anonymous – pointing out that this was the work of the infamous hackers… TOO EASY! Not many are discussing the simple theory that this was an inside job…. SOE gave pink slips to 205 employees on March 31, and were shutting down 3 different studios…. Look what happens roughly 2 weeks after those employees got their two-week notice! It is highly likely that a number of these employees had physical access to PSN servers.

  105. psn-fo-life Says:

    Oh good lord – I wondered how long it would take for someone to turn this into a conspiracy theory. I'm sure you think the moon landing was fixed as well. lol

  106. Doug Says:

    Lol, it does sound like a conspiracy theory, doesen't it? I would think though someone would have at least asked the question and could have investigated these employees.

  107. Rick Says:

    yes, actually. It was. So was the demolition of the world trade centers a cooperative effort conducted largely in part by our own government.

  108. chad Says:

    sounds plausible to me, from sony's early response they made it sound like it was physically planted in their servers and into the actual code.

    my guess is whoever did it is prolly just wanting a payoff, they had plenty of time to charge my card and nothing happened, and credit still clear. but who knows, and if we ever will..

  109. Nathan Says:

    You conspirators are so obnoxious, you think that everything that happens is the work of someone who you would least expect. Honestly those employees even know that if they hackede the network, they would do a blow to more then just their company, so right there is your point proven wrong.

    This isnt a M Night Shyamalan movie, there is no twist A**hole…

  110. Rob Will Says:

    Seems like its a good idea to have both xbox and ps3 so if 1 goes down you can use the other. guess i will be buying me a xbox next week.

  111. Guest Says:

    If I knew PSN would have been down this long on April 19 when it originally went down, I would have imediately went and bought an xbox. I hate giving Microsoft any money, especially for an inferior device, but I like to play online games in my free time. Right now Sony can't offer that. I'm sure Microsoft appreciates the hackers (they were likely paid by Microsoft) because I gurantee their sales since April 19 for xbox has at least doubled.

  112. jewel keystone Says:

    i doubt that

  113. ONSET Says:

    microsoft wouldn't pay for that. that would lose them all their money. IT IS ILLEGAL

  114. estalone Says:

    ps online is paRT OF MY LIFE i missed it like i missed my family back in mexico i cant wait to kill zombies again hate to play alone

  115. Daniel Says:

    Wow i get my PS3 out of pawn and Playstation networks down and im like WTF!!! now i get it though…some low life hackers decided to be d*cks and F'd everything up.

  116. urn8onpeta Says:

    I'm trading both of my PS3's for 2 Xbox's, this is BS. Say what you want, but the lack of communication is tipping the scale for me

  117. h-train Says:


  118. shakejunt Says:


  119. Sadness Says:

    Don't do it, the xbox is so worse. It is hacked individually into other people's profiles and microsoft doesn't do anything. The hackers were most likely employed or something to do that. Remeber, Bill Gates is responsible for software, not hardware altogether.

  120. Dakota Stover Says:

    i hate u hackers go suck ape nuts

  121. Logan Says:

    Don't switch to xbox! Bill Gates payed Anonymous to PSN to get you guys to switch!

  122. marin4life Says:

    dude, i no u love psn but that comment was really gay how f**k a rick ass motherf**ker is gonna pay lowlives to take down sony, comeon man think.

  123. fakeflyinninja Says:

    you're a dumbass

  124. psn-fo-life Says:


  125. AmadCostumer Says:

    Even if this claim was true, it's sony's fault for not strengthening a system that they knew was week. They thought they would save money by cutting back in an area that they shouldn't have. And they got the hacker community angry. That's like teasing the sharks and then getting inside the water to swim.

  126. micah Says:

    they were working on the system, if you read better, this was an internal attack, while they were moving the servers!

  127. Mark Says:

    Well , it's obviously working.

  128. FyouLogan Says:

    The only thing bill gates does at microsoft anymore is be the face of it. The company isnt his anymore and hasnt been for a few years. It wouldnt matter to him either way.

  129. anon-e-mouse Says:

    He's not even the face anymore, he doesn't work for microsoft at all! Atleast you're somewhat knowledgeable.

    To the rest of you. IGNORANCE ABOUNDS. By an xbox, live only costs a couple bucks a month (when you buy a year plan). That's hardly worth whining about. It'll cost you less for one month than you spend on a meal.

  130. Jerry Valenzuela Says:

    its true its about 5 bucks a month but why buy when i can it for free. PLAYSTATION!

  131. xbox = win Says:

    Well I'll be captain obvious and say because ps3 gets hacked.

  132. david Says:

    did you know that you have to pay xbox for multiplayer

  133. RosutoK Says:

    The PlayStation Network is NOT down indefinitely to be down indefinitely would mean that Sony has stated they will not and do not have any plans on restoring PlayStation network services you guys seriously need to work on your wording and actually know what words mean .

  134. ValiumCakes Says:

    Allow me to correct you. The PlayStation Network IS down indefinitely, which by definition is an unspecified period of time. Thus, with regard to this article, the word indefinitely implies that the PlayStation Network will remain down for a currently unknown period of time. You seem to believe that indefinitely means "forever," however it does not.

  135. JaredNewman Says:

    What Valium said.

  136. CallofDoodie Says:

    Everyone here posting is between jerk off sessions.

  137. Poppamike Says:

    I dont know if i should be impressed with what the hacker or hackers did or to hate him or them…but i do want to play black ops online soon i was about to prestige up again…man serious withdrawls…i do feel sorry for sony though hope they can get things back together again!

  138. Unhappy Person Says:

    Sony better offer more than a free month of PS+. Maybe a free game of choice or 2 out of the whole PSN store. Overall, I am EXTREMELY UNHAPPY with how Sony has dealt with this and how they broke their sincere promise from last Sunday. As for the hackers wanting revenge, I don't blame them since Sony harassed GeoHot to no end in court when he was excersizing something called CONSUMER RIGHTS. What he was doing was legal because the TOS only apply to online and even if he did make an online account, the hacks were for offline use and it was made so piracy couldn't be done. Sony = Good products with Dumbasses running online and support.

  139. BIGRED15 Says:

    You're no better than those douche nozzle hackers. Defending hacks like you are one is bs bro. Ur sense of entitlement for a free service is appauling, and geohot got what was coming to him. Hacker motives are selfish in all aspects. Either their trying to bypass paying for sh** like everyone else or they are trying to enact some type of vigilantism on whomever attempts to get in their way. They are the ones who pissed you off in the first place, not Sony. If you want to sell your Ps3, no one is stopping you. But going to Xbox is absurd considering PS3 has better services better games… Yea have fun with gears. All the intellegent and patient gamers will be more than happy with playing offline, and satisfied when all of the great exclusives come out in Q4. (you would really pass up playing uncharted 3, twisted metal, infamous 2, resistance 3 for a 360…. now that would be ignorant)

  140. Unhappy Person Says:

    @BIGRED15 I never said that I wanted a 360. I was never pissed off by hackers in the first place because I play MAG, not COD. And I would love to back up MY GAMES THAT I PAID FOR to my harddrive so it loads faster and I don't have to worry about the CD. There is hacking with good intentions, but you are too much of a dumbass to see that. All you see is the people who abuse hacking. If I'm chucking out $400+ (and my fat ps3 was $600) out to sony, then I expect some damn good service and the ability to freely do whatever I want with it. But hey, getting a 360 soon so I can play with friends and whatnot. I'll play the ps3 too.

  141. Santos Says:

    Yeah, we'll probably throw your ass in prison faggot. As for you pussies, we didn't have online back in the day, this "switching to Microsoft" is absurd. Why don't you go outside, practice your social life, come with a girl and play together. Problem Solved.

  142. Some Guy Says:

    Damn you Bill Gates I know your behind all this crap!

  143. Dakota Stover Says:

    just wait till u get put in prison or die i hate yall hackers yall just go to the devil yall suck for wat yall did yall ruined online gaming for every11111111111111111

  144. Tbone Says:

    no they ruined online gaming 4 idiots who bought a piece of crap such as the ps3

  145. Sigh Says:

    When will people realize that there is no such thing as a secure network. Secure networks simply don’t exist, we just tell ourselves that to make life easier. If the right person or people want to hack a particular company, it will be done. Face it…. your digital “life” is not yours. We need to stop pretending that we can base a persons value and honor on 0s and 1s. It’s better that this ends now rather than later.

    “I want a loan.”
    Lender says, “Sorry, these 0s and 1s say you don’t deserve it.”
    “But those were tampered with! Look at my pay checks, my bills and my ethical hard work.”
    Employer says “Sorry. Can’t hire you based on these 0s and 1s.”

    This system will fail, and the sooner the better.

  146. Grant Says:

    It seems like this will only get worse for PSN users, because it's clear that Sony isn't finished pissing off customers, such as their customers that also call themselves "Anonymous". Sony is going to offer a reward for help in apprehending any of the suspects involved in the hackings — this means that they have no clue who did the hacking… and that's bad for PSN users. basically whenever the Sony/PSN servers are not perfect in their protection, we can count on further disappointing days of "maintenance". Thanks Sony for half-arsing the protection of over 100 million customers… oh and thanks for ruining the alternate OS on what was once an amazing piece of equipment (the PS3).

  147. MONEY BAGGOTS Says:

    whats the reward going to be… !!! 2 months free plus membership !!!! oh dagg!

  148. Dakota Stover Says:

    wait till sony does to yall yall are going to get and i want to be there wen yall get caught

  149. George's Daddy Says:

    Hey george, why don't you and the rest of the homo crew go suck a D*CK. You guys are a bunch of punks that couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag. I seen your picture, you look like some little geek that got wet willy's and wedgie's his whole life. Go get a real job and stop wasting your life hacking people trying to be cool because you in fact are not. You look like a dip sh*t. I can't wait till you end up in prison and bubba gets ahold of that a$$!

  150. cat Says:

    The FBI is involved now. Its going to take around 1 month before sony sorts all of this out (yes including the weeks that have passed) This is serious business, and as much as I love sony, I know that they have a MAJOR crisis on their hands. And im sure the FBI is telling them when/what they can/cant restore at this point. Its all up to the Feds

  151. kungfu_joe100 Says:

    Attention gamers and ps3 players! all we have to do is ignore SONY and stop making comments on cites making threats and psn would'nt be affraid of comming back!

    Or maybe they are liars who want us to believe that there was an attack so ps3 players can suffer longer for mentioning " im selling my ps3 for xbox"

    JARED NEWMAN: I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS , Sony better hurry up before ps3 user's get real mad and start physically tearing up their stuff in retail stores!

  152. JaredNewman Says:

    I'm reading, but not really sure what you're trying to say. This isn't something that should be ignored.

  153. Shanaynay Says:

    Hope those hackers get a taste of their own medicine some time.

  154. Hot Says:

    Sony turned it off and could turn it back on when they want but wont.

  155. shawn Says:

    xbox can lick my balls and the people who make it, play it and represent it can get the balls too… and all you no life hackers that think you hurt people by doing this just remember you only really affected a very small portion of the sane ps3 users out there. Soon this will all be over and you will never hack ps3 again.

  156. Shawns Dad Says:

    Go die in a pit with all your fanboys

  157. RAUL Says:

    I want psn back online im tired of playing offline. Please hurry psn i want to murder people on MEDAL OF HONOR. it only the best game in the world

  158. warriordude Says:

    yeaaahhhhh right. MoH definitely isnt the best game in the world. MW1 is still the best game in the world. MoH is ass. SORRY but thats just my opinion.

  159. rupaul Says:

    sony really needs to get their act together seriously after this mess is over they should at least give us a free game or two

  160. H8R Says:

    H o M o get lynched with sixty six inches of extension cord

  161. PDADDY Says:

    I have gotten so good at solo zombies over the last few weeks and have spent soo much money on new games that have good single player.

    This is pissing me up, fix it already, i wanna play zombies with annoying kids with mics again

  162. TheConvert Says:

    Later Sony, I’m not waiting until June for your crappy free junk games and batman mask. lol Xbox Here i come even though i don’t like you!

  163. dont matter Says:

    yeh realizing thats psn/ps3 is down im gettin its aight, but ay tho yall must hav somethin to do besides playing daily… despite your money being waisted for not being able to use the ps3.. i mean forreal do something til it comes back on nd stop complaining, if it takes what a week longer, cant u wait instead of purchasing an xbox

  164. Tgunz Says:

    Like I said I have more fate in xbox fanboys than ps3 anyway of the week
    Even if Microsoft push live to 200 dollars
    They would pay instead of cry but ps3 fanboys yeah right I understand that Sony maid a error by not doing a better job of securing the network but that’s life they need this to happen called it a kick in their ass to get things right stop the bawling children and stop talk about xbox I Habsburg systems and evenwith this outage I still don’t play on xbox times are hard I’m not supporting paying for games buying downloadable content and still paying 60 buck so I can play what I already pay for online can you guys stop being a sheeple for a brief moment and look with youre eyes only god can tell me something more isn’t behind this attack and I leave it at that

  165. Fah-Q Says:

    Reading this I can hear the stupid N1GG3R in you.

  166. stefan Says:

    seriously i was hoping to play online today but sony keeps f*ckig and changing the dam date. i will always be a PS fan but these things just aren’t something to wait for, i mean seriously they stole our info.

  167. Mark Says:

    Jesus messed up Sony online services it did go down around Easter.. He struck out at an anti christ organization

  168. thatoneguy Says:

    people who work 4 sony glitch online

  169. new xbox player Says:

    guess i'll have turn on my xbox

  170. warriordude Says:

    go ahead impatient person, go right ahead

  171. WarriorF@G Says:

    you like d1CK

  172. Anti sony Says:

    why dont u turn on ur ps3 whe it gets hacked again next month well all be laughing haha

  173. kungfu_joe100 Says:

    Attention gamers and ps3 players! all we have to do is ignore SONY and stop making comments on cites making threats and psn would'nt be affraid of comming back!

    Or maybe they are liars who want us to believe that there was an attack so ps3 players can suffer longer for mentioning " im selling my ps3 for xbox"

    JARED NEWMAN: I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS , Sony better hurry up before ps3 user's get real mad and start physically tearing up their stuff in retail stores!

  174. jbg Says:

    im just so glad i didnt purchased MLB thru PSN wouldnt be able to watch my baseball team for almost a month hell we can fix a problem with the space shuttle quicker than sony can give us a real time frame of when their gonna get their S**t str8

  175. kungfu_joe100 Says:

    Same old stuff just a different day!

  176. apna Says:

    it was al qaeda

  177. william pritchard Says:

    hey guys not being a nob like but xbox360 went down in 08 and well ps3 has gone down now so tbf ps3 has lasted many more years than xbox i was with xbox before ps3 and well ps3 is alot better than xbox xbox might be more but xbox got hacked and wass down for over a month and ps3 is alot better for servers because all xbox is now is hacked serves etc not 1 ps3 server iv

  178. Ryan Says:

    PS3 went out last year 2 so its been out twice 4 way longer i have both, and XBOX is a more powerful machine, has a much stronger processor

  179. willams dad Says:

    ur an idiot xbox didnt get hacked it was a system update that was announced months prior and even if it was a hacking it still only took 2 weeks and now its impervious so STFU

  180. Sarao Says:

    hopefully PSN comes back soon and people will shut the (*&^ up about whos better which in this case ps3 and xbox are almost alike just different stuff to do and use so lets just hope son knows what they are doing and make a full return so we can play 🙂

  181. william pritchard Says:

    been in has been hacked yet and well every1 who is saying there going to xbox is weird faggots because find something else to do instead of being low lifes and get a life get out of ur bed rooms for once and go outside for once get a job and mostly get a life geez i cant live without ps3 atm but still while its down get a life have this time to get out for once when its back on then u may return to it god stop annoying sony there trying there best to sort this out and its not helping that poeple have been stolen money from out of there banks and sony has been sued for it i agree they should but just shut up and get a life geez ur a bunch of addicts chill out and sony may not have been the best communication but still they cant give new infor if they aint got new infor so untill they get new info about wats happened they wont be able to tell us can they god some stupid poeple these days anyways sony i hope u find the hackers and get it back up soon psn RULES 😛

  182. still willams dad Says:


  183. Hackers are fags! Says:

    f@AK this $h!T im tired of waiting for sony

  184. trickay Says:

    you people that are saying ur gona trade for an xbox are a bunch of whiny babies. its a free service in the first place unless you have ps plus, in which case you will be redeemed even more than the rest of us. i have both systems and rarely play the xbox. grow the f**k up and wait it out.


    The problem lies within Sony's North American team. The Japanese are a proud and noble people. To see them bow their heads to the press, meant they are deeply remorseful for the situation. The North American team for Sony has no idea what Consumer Relations is. Yes, consumers are angry that they cannot play online but, they are more angry at the lack of communication they are receiving. They are angry that the updates posted on Playstation Network are nothing more than a feebly attempt to time-stamp their communication with the consumer. These posts offer no new information and only empty promises and vague time frames that seem to never make deadline. Imagine if Sony would have been upfront and stated the maintenance would take a month or so, people would have jumped ship a long time ago. The vague info is to give users a little glimmer of hope so that they do not move over to the opposition.

  186. Diddy Cook Says:

    I disagree. The problem relies with the hackers. Yes, Sony made some mistakes. But I think they have learned their lesson…The hard way. Now, they have made changes but can’t get things back up because of…The HACKERS. No system is 100% safe and with enough resources (probably a botnet) anyone can launch a DDoS or other attack.
    At this point too many of you are upset at the wrong people. If I had any idea who was involved I would turn them in in a heartbeat. THEY are the ones that need to get out and GET A LIFE. Hackers are nothing more than worthless delinquents…Criminals.

  187. Joe dirt Says:


  188. kritbull Says:

    if you get a 360 you can go suck one cause i have both and ps3 is #1 if you do get a 360 ima lagh when psn comes back on and we get a bunch of free downloads and sending 360 7.99 every month to a company thats lower quality…

  189. kritbull Says:

    (when your sending 7.99 a month.)

  190. Grammar police Says:


  191. TheConvert Says:

    The community on xblive is gonna be banging by the time PS gets back. All you poor losers need to get a job, move out and pay a measly monthly fee to enjoy an online gaming experience FAR MORE SUPERIOR.

  192. JO Daddy Says:

    you just sound like a dumbass

  193. jbg Says:

    easter holiday PSN no show mothers day psn no show hmm fathers day coming maybe by X-mas been playin alot of Wii cant turn on my ps3 just pisses me off even lQQking @ that $500 wasted 🙂

  194. Ryan Jonas Says:

    Id like to kick who ever breached the networks ass, For bein such a lowlife i hope the prison sentece this guy gets is worth it the only thing he'll be hacking in prison is his cell mates pubic hairs up out of his throat

  195. Raziel8379 Says:

    hell yea son tell em they will be filming the XXX rated version of Harry Potter Deathly hollows it will be called Harry Peter Definetly swallows staring those bitch ass hackers

  196. Countess Von fingerbang Says:

    This outage should have been a chance for a brief catharsis and indulgence in nature; however, setting dates for restoration and missing them all is inexcusable and all too common.

  197. Bnhgfvnjg Says:

    I’m just sad this all happened. Atleast we are going to get a different date for double xp because of the new map backs for black ops.

  198. imswitchin2xbox360 Says:

    im tired of waitin im just going to change my ps3 for an xbox 360

  199. Stan Shunpike Says:

    I feel sorry for the workers at Sony… They just have a terrible earthquake, their family members might have died, and they have to go to work and bust their asses because of some oily little tweens got bored.

  200. kungfu_joe100 Says:

    Attention ps3 users! why are there XBOX players on cites like this making comments about PSN?

    Arent you xbox gamers online?

    If my ps3 was online right now i would not even waste my time on these cites!

    You "xbox players" must love psn because with all that online game play but still you waste your time downing ps3 users instead of playing black ops and other various games " WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?" Im begining to think that MICROSOFT is not doing a great job at entertaining its customers!

    What do you think JARED NEWMAN?

  201. spelling fail Says:

    sites*, Aren't, sites* (again).

    your grammar sucks just like your mom

  202. lolz Says:

    its funny tho cuz im a xbox guy and i check this stuff out at work cuz its fun to watch you worms squirm haha pathetic bovine

  203. Jmmer1969 Says:

    You no they are going too do tax revieu on the 26 so the psn will be back after that

  204. Josh Kelly Says:

    Same with me i hope these hackers go in a hole then someone throws a lighter in the hole so they burn

  205. Josh's Dad Says:

    You are an idiot. No more speaking for you.

  206. joshes transex mom Says:

    lol u might wanna fill the hole with flammable substance cuz if i was in a hole and someone threw a lighter at me id probably just catch it and call them a idiot

  207. devil dog usmc Says:

    u know this website might be fun for some of yal its called, team deathmatch u can do almost anything thats u did on call of duty plus ur online talking to people in europe and unted states, its whats keeping me sane

  208. Hairy Porter Says:

    PS3 120gig (320gig HDD upgraded) +27 games 4 controllers, Blu ray remote, 14 Blu ray movies, Penguin United Eagle eye converter + Wolfking Warrior gaming keypad and MX518 gaming mouse now SOLD to the highest bidder !!!!! all because Sony left the door open ….. Bye Bye SCEE …..

  209. tortugapro Says:

    I have never owned an xbox but throughout this whole fiasco it looks like sony doesn't care about telling their consumers the truth up until a week later. Most of you say go outside an play and get a life, so you guys are ok with the way sony is handling this whole situation? Most updates are repetitive, missed 2 given deadlines for the psn to be back online, and sony keeps stalling. I am considering switching to the xbox but not because the psn is down but because of how sony has been treating us as consumers, I would prefer that sony tells us what they are dealing with and what the problems are. All they keep saying is that information was stolen and that they are testing their security. As consumers we simply can't say well it was free so deal with it, that's like saying facebook was hacked, data was stolen, and is down so deal with it.

  210. edwin Says:

    If you actually come to think about it paying to play online is not such of good idea but with psn not having a real deadline on when we will be able to start playing online swithching to xbox is looking better than waitting for psn to give a deadline that will be delayed AGAIN!!!!

  211. 5star Says:

    a when everything is done add me or facebook me so we all can play lets go ps3

  212. mark d Says:

    Sony your not gonna read this but the least you could do is just tell us you dont know when its going to be back on. It's like this if someone you are really close to says they will do something for you and the day they are supposed to they say i'll do it with you another day then a week later they say it again. I hope you guys know how my playstation users you are losing over this. I have an xbox but im also a loyal ps3 fan so i wont get rid of it. You guys might as well bring all the sevices back online at once and do not make false promises just freakin say you dont know

  213. Tom Says:

    The Playstation Network is back up and running now. You may proceed with your online gaming. Thank you for being a loyal PS owner.

    P.S. Just kidding

  214. Drake Says:


  215. Drake Says:

    P.S. I agree with you Mark D. But I mean come on guys, we played single player games before playstation even had Online gaming. I mean it's great but seriously it isn't the end of the world. Take this as a chance to get out, watch a movie or something, spend time with your friends/family. Theres plenty of stuff you can do with your time… before you know it PSN will be back online, just calm down. lol

  216. gamer123 Says:

    i wish ps3 would hurry up i want 2 add some add-ons and i cant do it wit the netwrk down… i wish we knew how close they r on gettin it done

  217. alex Says:

    hackin really? get a real life

  218. im down Says:

    We should get something for free Sony!!! You need to give something up for wasting our time on waiting on you.

  219. raziel8379 Says:

    F the legion and f all b!tch a$$ hackers i got something you can hack on just look in your moms room before you go to bed i will be in there taking her tonsils out PS3 rocks free online 1080p and blue ray cant say any of that about Xbox with its weak a$$ 1080i graphics pay to play and a dvd player come on microsoft step up your weak system go PS3

  220. spencer Says:

    they should give us blackops escalation maps for free

  221. TheConvert Says:

    PS3 is a curly pile of asian turd on xbox’s superior north american lawn that needs be scooped and flushed. 🙂

  222. Tom Says:

    This just is!!!! The Playstation Network will be back up and running on December 21, 2012 . Thank you for continuing to be loyal Playstations owners.

  223. Randle Says:

    I love my PS3 I'll never downgrade to a non blue ray machine. If I ever get my hands on one of these hackers. I'm gonna make him regret the day he was born. Bunch of Nerdy little bratts with nothing better to do than make other peoples lives as miserable as theres. These idiots lock themselves in their moms basement and spend countless hours hacking into other computers because they cant get girlfriends. Go outside get some sun do some pushups and find something constructive to do with your lives, ya bums.

  224. kolman Says:

    dont switch to xbox give sony a chance to fix this they only want to keep us safe thats why its taking so long be patient it will be worth it playstation is all ive ever had and i will never switch ive been patient through all of this and i will continue to do so its not that bad what did you do before they even had online play work more spend quality time with your family it will be back up soon enough

  225. brain ninja Says:

    yea they totally wanna keep u safe thats why uve been hacked twice in one year THEY DIDNT EVEN ENCRYPT THE PERSONAL FILES THEY WERE STRAIGHT TEXT thats like a prison with perimeter gates but no inner cells

  226. Paul Says:

    Ya I give sony till Monday to fix this… This is the deadline i've set for myself… if its not up by then bye bye playstation cuz this is ridiculous!!!

  227. elmo Says:

    xbox stills

  228. kolman Says:

    you people that switch to xbox are going to regret it mark my words

  229. Guest Says:

    People need to realize that when things like this happen, it takes time to get right. It isn't something simple to solve. You have to remember that this is dealing with computers, networking as so on. I'm going to tell all of you the truth. If you're 18 years or older and complaining about this still, you need to find something else to do with your life. Go get a job or something people. Be an adult and don't complain like a child. Adults have plenty of things to do in life as in working, not playing games everyday. Have some kind of patience people.

  230. guest Says:

    still think its crazy people keep saying "oh im going to xbox cause sony had a problem"
    What about the red rings of death that lasted for how long again? I remember my brother didnt get his system back for 30 days AND it was still broken
    Now sony's got its big problem and they didnt even cause it, some stupid hackers did
    Am I going crazy about no Online gaming ya but at least give sony a chance to fix things.

  231. PSfaithful Says:

    If your true playstation then alittle longer won't hurt.
    Hackers just want something to do other than jerk off to porn all day.
    Why not wreck the govt. but they don't have money to deal with either. lol
    come on Sony do it, and do it right. I got a bad case of 'black ops' balls and can't wait any longer before i burst but still hangin

  232. kenny Says:

    well sony you guyz took so long 2 do this all you had to do was to tell everyone from the begging that it was guna take you this long cause now i believe its a waste of my time 2 sit here day after day waiting for psn to come back online its bs…… xbox here i come…

  233. Fluffykitten Says:

    hilarious annon, legion? Hacker group? ahahaha thats funny cause if you actually look at the origins of Anonumous, you will find that everyone who uses the interenet is apart of Anonymous and we are many (duh like billions of people use the internet) hense we are legion. yeah and like go to any college campus and mention 4chan and yeah tons of people will admit that they go there. In before newfags bawwwwwwwwwww

  234. Max Says:

    lol xbox all muffugin day!

  235. billy Says:


  236. Doug Says:

    Here's something to think about… You know how Sony is offering complimentary theft protection for 12 months??? I wonder if you're going to need to enter your credit card information before getting the free 12 months??? That would be kind of a slap in the face!

  237. barca796 Says:

    stop writing these stories,,they are just getting our hopes down, or atleast mine. Just get the PSN back up, and fu** all the xbox live people talking shi* on our system!

  238. Spade Says:

    Sony, I've been a fan of your company for most of my life, and I've supported you through ups and downs, but don't take us for a bunch of idiots! What you're doing is an old scheme done by others! Tell the people that it will be fixed soon, to keep their attention then when the time comes, you tell the public that something else came up so you delay it! PSN users are not fools! Give us the real date that you estimate the job will be done and tell us, but don't tell us another lie to keep our attention! This only makes it worse for you as you hype everybody and when the bad news comes, they'll loose trust in you and switch to an Xbox 360!

    I will not buy an Xbox 360, as loosing 2 or 3 weeks of online isn't work a $300 console that will likely fail on me and pay an extra $60. I will stick by Sony until the end, but they really need to be straight with the public!

  239. Jaimes Says:

    PS1 Classics, enough said.

  240. JustTheTruth Says:

    Even tho im a huge sony fan since i was little & always hated xbox im starting to think that xbox might be better.

  241. the prophet Says:

    cuz it is our consumer service is better and everything

  242. Francisco Says:

    I think u should put online games bak because people are getting upset and buying xbox

  243. poopingbear Says:

    all i read is waaaaaaaaaaaaaa boooooo hooooo i cant play online, man get out of the house. read a book. hell maybe go on a date. you guys its not the end of the world. crap happens. bitching wont change a thing.

  244. Matt Says:

    Everyone is so stupid. The hackers are stupid fags who started this and pissed everyone off and proved nothing except that they can get millions of ppl to hate them. Sony is stupid for letting this happen and having such low security. And the ppl saying theyll switch to xbox are stupid, if everyone switches, xbox will never improve and we"ll all be stuck playing the xbox they have now because with no competition, theres no need for improvement. The guy who said have both is smart which is what i have but it gets very expensive so its not that easy. Sony needs to stop screwing around and get this worked out. Im pissed at them for missing the deadline cause now i get no double xp on black ops…..thanks for that. SONY IF YOU CARE YOULL FIX IT ASAP AND STOP GIVING US THESE PAPER THIN EXCUSES

  245. KING Says:

    All these people that are saying im trading my ps3 for a stupid box have no life there trying everything to get the servers back online just wait go outside NOOBS.

  246. Jo Says:

    Sue Sony! why is nobody talking about how Sony took my personal info and did not protect it !having network up is small. millions of peoples identity were stollen and all Sony says is sorry yeah right!

  247. rice Says:

    wow half you guys are idiots. i would never trade a ps3 for an xbox. xbox is a much inferior system and some what cost more. sony is beefing up their security stay calm and let them do it right this time.

  248. epic simile man Says:

    lol sonys version of "beefing" is adding a centimeter of tissue paper around a pillow and trying to defend urself from someone with a chainsaw

  249. Mani Mc Beast 13 Says:

    i can not wait to play zombies acension on CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS ITS no fun playin with one person and its no fun playin 2k11 with no online its not like my my player is a 56 and i trying to get him a 99 . he already a 99. i hate the hackers go eat lotion

  250. CRAZY MAN 99 Says:


  251. roddy Says:

    fu…k xbox , fu…k hackers….i wait , i dont care. but sony , its taking tooooo long.

  252. Brandon Says:

    yo betta give me my money back because i dont need this because f****** s*** is pissing me off

  253. kolman Says:

    man this sux i wish they would hurry up and get it fixed

  254. cole Says:

    they can't never make a promise

  255. Chris Says:

    A credit so I can buy first and second map pack for blops would make me forgive you!

  256. tortugapro Says:

    how many days since the psn has been down? 20 days and sony was "unaware of the extent of the attack on Sony Online Entertainment servers" talk about dropping the ball there once AGAIN! I personally want to switch to an xbox because as a consumer I am not happy with the way sony is handling the situation, many are saying do thing outside, be patient, or go ahead and switch we don't care. So as a psn user you are happy that sony keeps lying to you? They miss deadlines one which was given at a live conference and still many of you defend sony and say be patient? It seems as consumers people are defending sony even though they have not been telling us the truth, come on everyone we can all say sony isn't doing everything it can to update us on the situation. It's just sad that sony wasn't aware of the extent of the attack.

  257. Tony Miranda Says:

    Ended up trashin the Sony and settled with Microsoft Xbox 360. I must say, I am extremely disappointed at Sony. You leave us down for 3 weeks now and the only thing you have to offer is a 12 month subscription to protect your online information. Im sorry but that shouldve been included in the beginning. Xbox, upon signing up, offered me full protection, and when I spoke to a representative, they had the utmost curtosy and gave me complete satisfaction. Sony, thank you for your hard works and effort, but a 12 month subscription to keep ur information safe is a complete F**k Y** to us all. Very rude, INCLUDING YOUR STAFF. >=

  258. @thatguysmells Says:

    I HATE HACKERS. Period. F U Anonymous!

  259. alex Says:

    With the partial restoration of the PSN network next week, will you trust Sony with your personal information?

    Vote now!

  260. Chris Says:

    They have no date set.

  261. kolman Says:

    i will never switch to xbox psn will be back and better than ever u ppl that switch to xbox are going to regret it having to pay to play after you pay for the game is rediculous microsoft is just going to take your money every month im going to stay right here and wait microsoft can get hacked to then what your going to wish you never switched

  262. truthful zombie Says:

    they dont take it every month they take it once a year and u dont have to even enter credit card info thats what 12 months r for

  263. Chris Says:

    How could Sony be unaware to the extent of the attack two days ago when the published that the network would be back "Very soon?" This is all BS.

  264. Tony Miranda Says:

    Microsoft is a computer company, Sony distributes their products to Microsoft. A world wide leader in computers and technology is not going to be simply hacked like psn. Make the move, yea you pay YEARLY, but ur information is 100% safe, something PSN cant and wont ever have. Simply because creating an account is free

  265. OMAR Says:


  266. KGCelticsFan5 Says:

    You have to be kidding me with this. I assume complete morons who have no clue what they’re doing at all work at Sony. There are 6 year olds that can fix this. All I have to say is that if PSN isn’t on by June, I’m done forever with Sony and Playstation.

  267. john Says:

    Out of all the compensation i only want one thing when it comes back, a zombie map with hackers as the zombies.

  268. YungN Says:

    to be honest if u didnt have to pay for xbox live then i would prolly switch but i just cant see my self paying for online gaming its just not that serious for me i mean ill just have to tough it out like the rest of us and besides we might get escalation map pack for free who knows???

  269. GeoreSkeeters Says:

    sony come on im tired of psn not being up, i cant wait to play and you just keep telling us little bits and pieces of the hack, either put psn up or tell us every damn piece of information about the hack

  270. Mac Dreezy Says:

    im getting sick and tired of hearing the same bs from sony…its been 2 whole weeks and more, they said "we are working on it day and night" if thats the case then a company like sony must be that idiotic cause i promise you if this happened to xbox microsoft would have had online back up 2 days later, this is coming from a ps3 owner

  271. ajg Says:

    Dude I bought a XBOX and needless to say I AM HAPPY!!!

  272. Shayn Xiong Says:


  273. kolman Says:

    is it really that bad doing something other than playing video games do someyhing creative spend time with your family and friends they are probably glad this happend so you dont stare at the tv all day make good of all this psn will be back up soon with nothing to worry about in the future

  274. shakejuntq Says:

    i pist i havent gone online for weeks >;(

  275. XBOX RULEZ NOW Says:

    I am done with PS!!! I ha ve a Xbox now and I LOVE the online gaming…

  276. zero cool Says:

    I would never switch to x box because I quite simply want to play Motorstorm Apocaplypse a PS exclusive. The online is a significant portion of this game as well as most of the releases during the downtime. It is frustating being offline but if its on by next week I'll cool down. I can't help but have this sinking feeling that it will be down for a lot longer then people expect maybe even months.

  277. Adam Sparano Says:

    Honestly, i really question wether it was ALL really hackers fault, this would be an accomplishment in the hacker underworld and no group or person has taken credit. Nontheless, 24.6 million users and 20,000 credit card or bank account numbers is outrageous and it's why i didn't do any shopping on PSN to begin with because the network wasn't secure with any type of solid encryption.

  278. huh Says:

    I traded my PS3 for a Xbox slim and its AWESOME

  279. kolman Says:

    i do wish it would get fixed though

  280. chepe Says:

    im selling my playstation im going back old school Sega . try to hack this one

  281. bigworm Says:

    O think it was bin laden. The taliban are scared of r trianing from mwf

  282. onlinegamer Says:

    I bet many of you didn't know that the hackers published some of the stolen data about a day or two ago did you? That's writhe the hackers published user names, passwords, and addresses. It gets better sony didn't tell its users that doesn't that get you mad? The hackers are supposedly going to strike this weekend again and will publish more data and once again sony does not confirm or deny this, so we should still be defending sony when they don't tell us what is going on and that users data was published?

  283. ps3 Says:

    xbox can smd the best games are here im never gonna change.

  284. jamie Says:

    I've been backing up PlayStation and its the only system I play. But since you obviously have no clue when your going to get it back and you obviously can't do your job I decided to sell all my PlayStation products and switch to xbox as well as everyone I used to play online with so screw you PlayStation a long time customer since I was a kid I will never purchase a PlayStation product again.


    If they send u a message then you can track the ip address back to them.I think I know who the hacker is,there are 5 people(guy)they made a mode for mw2 and Sony did not take it.So one of them use the mode they made online and Sony band the form psn for hacking the game so he hack Sony to get them back for band him and not taking his mode for mw2.that what I have hear.

  286. Heather Says:

    People need to be quite..of course I am going nuts to plays some black ops but face it play station is let them do what.they have to .to fix.this so it wouldnr happen again..this happen to xbox too not to long ago..

  287. Andrew Says:

    yea come on no sense in getting a Gaybox waste of money, just go find something to do with your self

  288. tommyRabbit Says:

    PSN pls come back soon i miss you,i`m not allowed to go out with my frnds that much.but i can hang out with them on psn and my dad shouts at us all the time when he comes home frm the pub and so mum starts shouting at me toooo ` its not fair` so i put my headset on and play with friends so i can 4get im at home.

  289. rob Says:

    Id much rather play xbox now since at least my info stays secure even if they do fix it they took too long trading all my psn stuff for xbox screw you psn

  290. freak Says:

    yooo im tired of this im about to get krazyy

  291. Lethalsaints Says:


  292. Patrick Says:

    they have our credit card numbers?

  293. tortugapro Says:

    not everyones just about 2.2 million I believe.

  294. kolman Says:

    shouldnt have give them that info its personal info isnt it do you know sony personaly didnt think so its your fault too

  295. Discovery_clan Says:

    Mann I want it to be on by Sunday or Monday by then I’m bout to ply my xbox..this is Makn me mad pls cut on the psn. I’m dieing over here..

  296. reece Says:

    I dont know if i can go another week without playing online!!!!!! Sony please hurry up yall guys are just sitting around not doing crap SONY you really need to step it up you are loosing alot of customers because of this outagehack thing. So plzzz hurry up :(__

  297. CHIMICHANGO Says:

    La noire coming soon so I don't care if its down.don't need MP…staying with ps3 .

  298. meh Says:

    am i the only one who sees the free 30 day trial to Playstation Plus as a decent reparation to those who have stayed loyal for years to Sony whilst enjoying the benefits of FREE online play? what more CAN they do for us? they already do EVERYTHING ELSE for us so we can be entertained. if you truly feel that they should just give us free stuff because THEY were attacked, shut down the network to secure data, SECURED before-mentioned data of customers, and apologised over and over again for an incident which was totally out of their control at the time, … just go to xbox. i dnt want to take the risk of running into your ignorant, leeching, cry-baby ass online.

  299. mrcrazy Says:

    You do understand that sony is missing dates they gave and they aren't telling us what's going on. Are you happy that your data could be published online and sony would not say anything about it?

  300. DILDOSAUCE Says:

    WOWWW most of the kids commenting on this are the biggest flaming d bags… I can't even believe it. It makes sense because when I'm playing online I feel like i'm surrounded by a bunch of flaming d bags…

  301. I<3COD Says:

    Please get the PSN back online. Now that its not on, my mom makes me play outside…in the SUN!!!

  302. ryan Says:

    Your mom's a whore!

  303. I<3COD Says:

    She's not she just has a lot of friends.

  304. casey Says:

    Hmm looking at this from the outside maybe it was Microsoft that hacked into the system. They already have the largest gaming platform in the world, but Sony has always been a strong competitor, it is possible that Microsoft knew an attack would turn many playstation loyals to Xbox

  305. champagne Says:

    to all that are convinced that psn is free- answer this… how much did you pay for your ps3 (brand new)?? how much was the playstation 2? how much was xbox 360?? how much for xbox360 w/ wifi? see the point? you pay extra for the online feature so its definately not free.. however theres nothing that psn can do at this time to fix the problem unless you want to redo your account for the same thing to happen again.. wait it out it will come back at some point…. i hope….. damn thatd suck if it was shut down for good huh?

  306. dabba Says:

    not always. PS3 + $100 walmart gift-card for $300 out the door(I shop there frequently, so its good). plus I got 21.5k points from signing up for a sony card; which is worth a $215 statement credit.
    Pretty cheap for a blu-ray player/entertainment system if you ask me :p

  307. Lethalsaints Says:

    i reckon it will be another week

  308. kolman Says:

    who gives ppl they dont know there credit card and bank account info anyway if you ask me your part at fault for being so trustworthy there is always a chance of anyone getting hacked its the internet ppl good god when u put your card number in didnt you have a bad feeling about it maybe a little hesitant there is a reason for that its not just sonys fault its also yours

  309. suspect Says:

    has anyone even thought that sony may be doing this in order to boost sales of there next game system release just to say its better

  310. full metal platypus Says:

    well i went over my friends house for a bonfire and had girl sit on my lap and cuddle. so that helped kill some time

  311. kolman Says:

    right on thats what im talking about utalize this time for something good

  312. guz0818 Says:

    hahaha people get a life and wait for psn to get back it will be before you know it 🙂

  313. Rorschach Says:

    According to this article from the hackers at Anonymous, Sony broke the law by not securing their network and by double billing and false billing of their customers. It appears that Sony won't be online again until they can pass a VISA security audit
    Page 1 seems to be about the "news" from Financial Times who keeps badly screwing up articles about Anonymous and claiming the Barr is some sort of computer security hero when he's a nasty creep.
    Page 2 is about crimes committed by Sony. Tons of references, mostly discusses other articles but has a fair amount of new info

  314. kevin Says:

    come on sony am bored as hell with out playin online

  315. kevin Says:

    i need to play black ops in zombie mod come on sony

  316. HackerKiller Says:

    To all those going over to Xbox because of this.

    Before purchasing your Xbox, look at all customer reviews.
    I remember they use to crash quite often and you would have to wait up to 2 weeks to get the machine back from micro-soft not to mention you have to pay for the online service.

    The PS3 I currently own crashed once since owning it and when I sent it in on a Tuesday I got it back in perfect condition the following Thursday(2 days not weeks) with no problems since.
    Before I had sent it in I phoned a Sony rep to help troubleshoot my problem which in my opinion was the best customer service I had received, they were very patient and friendly.

    I will not leave Sony, they always had and always will have the better electronics all around.

    And to all those who filed law-suits against Sony…….SHAME ON YOU!!!!.
    What if all the personal info you have was stored on your computer and an outside source installed a keylogger in your comp through the browser you use most, and you had found out you had your info stolen, Would you go out and hire a lawyer to represent you to help with the lawsuit against the company who released the browser?

    My point is that your info can be taken at any time and to sue Sony is just plain stupidity.
    On the same note, I hope you get all you can out of Sony then have someone assume your identity and steal all the money you essentially stole from Sony because IMO, frivolous lawsuits are nothing more than stealing lawfully.

  317. CAPTNCOD Says:

    Wow, Sony is giving us 30 days of + and some ID theft protection program, nothing but junk spam. That's not all they are giving us though, they also will be giving us useless updates about updates?! They will continue to charge the gamers that do subscribe to PSN + every month without service. They will continue to lie. Sony has a deadline with me and should with all of you (they work for us) and that day is May 11. Sony, if it's not up by then YOUR FIRED and I will buy an Xbox the next day.

  318. kris Says:

    i bet that everyone that said "im trading my ps3 for an xbox" is a rage quitter on black ops/MW2


    I just hope sony gets the network back on cause theres sooo much good stuff on it. Ps store, free demos, sometimes free games, ps plus, music unlimted, ps home, free online gaming, etc. I hope when they get the psn back on that they make a friggin deal with 2k sports to make a ps home space! Esspecially since ea failed. Then maybe FINALLLYYY 2k sports can make a golf game (in a ps home space i mean)! that and the free 30 days of ps plus and music unlimeted would make my week! i want the 30 days of ps plus so i can download sonic the super awsome hedgehog for free ;D

  320. deedeee Says:

    well tooo bad bill gates doesnt own microsoft anymore dumass

  321. The Leaky Trojan Says:

    Thank you hackers for ruining everything. You probably thought everyone would blame Sony and some do but most of use know the real blame lies with you.

  322. doopie Says:

    Brink comes out in 3 days.

    If PSN is not back up by then, grown men WILL cry.

  323. Lethalsaints Says:

    stop blaming sony, yes they missed the deadline. The hackers are the blame this is exactly what hackers set out to achieve. People turning against the company is what they want………. Blame those nerds not the company

  324. bow_tagg Says:

    i have an xbox. but nothing compares to playing mag or socom with all of my friends. i just feel ps3's community is better and not being able to vibe with my online family sucks a big one. hope sony's apology includes a mag 2 guarantee. or maybe a spa day. i love manny-petty's

  325. kevin Says:

    come on sony hurry up

  326. turbo Says:

    when is the next date it might be up

  327. Reppin501 Says:

    To be perfectly honest, I don't care if they take my information…my debit card has protection and safety features, obviously credit issuers and/or credit reporting agencies have safeguards in place, all I'm really concerned about is being able to play games. Also for the condesending douche bags who steadily push this "Poor baby", "play offline" non sense…if you "don't care" then why would you be here posting and trying to make people feel as if they are somehow beneath you because they want the network up?

  328. Reppin501 Says:

    Call me what you want, I don't care, but whatever "I am" you're that multiplied because you are sitting around posting replies to an article that you don't care about, just to spite complete strangers, but I digress. Bottom line Sony please for the love of God, come on…I will volunteer my info to whoever wants it, if it means I can get online. I'll sign a waiver that says if my info gets stolen…you have no liability. I'm a grown man, with plenty "to lose", but I'm also sensible enough to know that if someone wants my info bad enough they'll get it, I don't need Sony to be Fort Knox, I need Sony to provide a forum for gaming, I'll take care of my own security. OUT!

  329. Yea Says:

    ffs hurry the f up. i know more thn 100 membrs that habe bought an xbox or traded im not lieing bcz they are in my clan. so Sony u suck.

  330. bye sony Says:

    i got sweet deal on ebay bye sony

  331. condescending Says:

    Far out, Sony, hurry up. I'm getting really sick of waiting, and now, even though I said I wouldn't, I'm seriously considering the Xbox. I mean, I hate Xbox douche bags, but I'd become one of them so I could play online for the first time in three weeks. Jesus H Christ.


    Also, damn the hackers for complaining about Sony, just because they won't let them steal. What absolute scum-of-the-earth losers. I hope you burn in hell, for all my opinion is worth.


  332. Halo FTW Says:

    …..I have two very important things to say. Wait, I lied. I have THREE things to say. First, I am a loyal XBOX lover and I'm very proud of it. My logic behind this is simple. I chose XBOX early on because it supported Halo back in '01. And since Playstation doesn't have Halo I am sticking with XBOX. I really don't care which system is superior/inferior. All I care about is being able to play the games I love. My second thing is this, Lirn two spellz. The internet is stupid enough without bad grammar. Finally, here is my third topic. Since the crash, I've been able to meet many new people on XBOX Live. It's always fun and interesting to have an addition to the Halo Reach Community. So for those of you who switch and picked up a copy of Halo Reach, Thanks.

  333. CorrosiveHalide Says:

    Sony did this to themseves , selling a system that "does everything" yet they keep taking things off like the other OS feature , eliminating usb ports , ability to play ps2 games , sneaking up cinavia on one of their system upgrades ect ect . this only pissed off hackers who later took aim at sony . I own a PS3 and i sure miss playing online but at the same time I sure love to see greedy ass sony hurt to the tone of 2 billion dollars and counting . I think I you are smart enogh to get more out of the system you paid for so be it don't be so greedy as to cut back on what you ofer just so maybe 3% of your customers can't get a freeby on you . so suck it sony .

  334. ch3wyzzkool Says:

    all u guys r lowlife.."im going to change to xbox" really u kant go fuken 3 weeks without online get a fuken life i have ps3 and u dnt c mi complanning

  335. Shirley Says:

    Since this outage i have bought a xbox but had to also have a sex change op to go with the shame of owning one so that no one now recognizes me , and dont call me Shirley !

  336. Hackeroftests Says:

    If I find the guys who did the hacking I'm going to chop their tiny balls off and make testicle bisque soup with them. I'm not going to eat it though. That would be gross. Just the texture alone would be gross.

  337. Matt Damon Says:

    it'll just be another half an hour

  338. Diego Says:

    to all the guys saying to go outside an stuff stfu i get maybe it was fine the first 3 days or maybe the first week but now it’s been 2 weeks and still going, people have the right to complain why isn’t it up yet, if they were going to be outside all the time wth was the point of getting a ps3 in the fist place, if you don’t want to see people complain then don’t read the stupid blog, they aren’t being impatient it’s been 2 freaking weeks anyone in the right mind would get aggravated about this, I couldn’t care less about free ps , I would just be satisfied with psn being up again it’s the weekend if your one who put your credit card info, just cancel the card and order a new one how hard is that? hell they might have your name and address but anyone and I mean anyone could easily find that if they look hard enough, and all those ppl saying it’s the hackers fault? no it’s not! the only to blame here is Sony, they didn’t want people hacking the ps3 so thats why hackers attacked psn to send a message, and to all the ignorant people hacking the ps3, is not the same as hacking a game, those are completely different concepts
    hacking the ps3 will allow it to run homebrew apps, while hacking a game will allow you to cheat hackers arnt mad about hacking games they couldnt care less about that they are pissed that sony won’t let them hack the ps3 bc since they bought the ps3 they own it meaning they can do what ever they want with it, like wth I bought a ps3 if I can do what I want it’s not fair of Sony not letting you use the true potential of your console which I paid almost $400 for l, apparently you don’t actually own the ps3 your actually bought the right to use it but at the end Sony decides what you can and can’t do on it, that’s why they removed Linux function on the ps3 and people had no choice but to update or they couldn’t play online, people don’t notice these arnt the hackers fault in fact they are the ones standing up for our rights we as consumers have the right to use our products we purchased how ever we see fit, we all paid a huge amount to buy a ps3 not just to buy the right to use it, they are sending a message to sony that consumers have rights and what better way by attacking psn yea they upset many players I admit I’m also frustrated about this but look Sony is losing money by day, stock has fallen, they are willing to pay up to a million for identity theft and ps* for every single psn user, see they are losing a lot l, mean that’s the perfect message, if Sony keeps being stubborn and not letting people use their ps3 I’m sure hackers will hurt Sony even worst, so it comes down to Sony and if they let people run hmebrew on their ps3, they can easily fix the pirating of a game even geohot said so himself they have enough spyware to way more than just stop pirating, altho I am frustrated that psn is offline I’m happy that there are
    people willing to stand up to consumer rights I’m positive they could care less about credit card info, or else there would have been already many and I mean many identity thefts but sony confirmed that no major credit card companies had yet reported so this is just a act to get sony to lose more money by ensuring every psn user a million if their credit card was used, also as I said in the beginning if your worried about your credit card just cancel it and order a new one hopefully Sony recieved the message the hackers were trying to prove and will let people use homebrew on their ps3s if not them hackers will just do more damage and cause them to lose more money which I highly doubt they will want.

  339. ICarryABoxOfX'sWant1 Says:

    common all you traders hop on the xbox360 bandwagon we got tons of room, better support, faster servers, better games, and more experience working with the internet "microsoft". main reason xbox 360 doesn't yet have a web surfing ability is because it makes you more susceptible to hackers and viruses and all them goodies but dont fear all them things will arive on our system oneday but common now really most you ppl have computors and laptops ne ways right… so anyways make the switch to xbox…we don't need yas but we'll take yas, doesn't have to be today or tomorow were not impatient come when your ready 🙂

  340. Grumpy Says:

    SOE went down on Monday if I remember right, so why wait til Sat to tell us the whole network needs additional testing!? Sounds like you guys at Sony really have no idea what is actually happening and just try to keep us happy for a few days, only to piss us off again. We all want the extra security, but please just stop lying!

  341. PSGamer Says:

    Why do people keep saying that they're gonna trade their PS for a XBox? Thats being too childish. And as soon PSN comes back online your gonna go back PS? stop the drama and just be patient. play some offline games. seesh.

  342. Lethalsaints Says:

    I think people have had enough…. I was sure they would have had an update or blog by now to keep everyone informed, the fact they don't tells me it will be a week until online gaming is even thought of. Especially when alot of gamers were waiting for a weekend return. I would have thought a courtesy statement would be released today for that reason alone

  343. David Says:

    everyone,please dont sell your ps3's for xbox,just buy a xbox and put your ps3 aside for a few more weeks.please be just as mad.but sony will fix this.

  344. Lethalsaints Says:

    stop blaming sony, yes they missed the deadline. The hackers are the blame this is exactly what hackers set out to achieve. People turning against the company is what they want………. Blame those nerds not the company ………… I cant stress this enough posers like Geohotz are the real reason everyone is pissed Anonymous is bunch of teenage misfits who can't get laid…………

  345. mimamemo Says:

    Idon't know why but I am thinking there was no hack at all and it is just a cover so sony can give the system some much needed maintenance. Sony knew it would take more than 2 weeks and so they couldn't justify telling us that we have to wait 2 weeks for them to update the system hence the hack cover story and the the drip fed infomation.

    Also I need to stop reading blogs for infomation, bloggers have the same info as you and I on the situation, a lot of them are just making crap up for views.

  346. PSGamer Says:

    So all that stuff about your personal address, username, password is all just a hoax? The fact that sony asked help from the FBI with their problem is nothing? I dont think so 😉

  347. Lethalsaints Says:

    They are the oxygen thieves of society. The "hackers" who feel the need to hack companies and peoples lives because they can't get attention in there pathetic lives because they were beaten up at school or because they're parents hated them because of they're disgusting features. Bottom line these geeks are screaming out for attention, the parents of these throwbacks need to take control of them before they kill themselves at thirty five because they are still virgins……………..

  348. Stevo Says:

    Switching to Xbox is your choice but a crazy one.
    Just find something else to do FFS, spend time with friends family or if you simply must be on your PS3 play story mode.
    I want it back on as much as anyone but if online gaming is your life you need to spend this freetime taking a good look at yourself.
    Playing online should be a pastime not your life!

  349. PSGamer Says:

    Damn right. 🙂

  350. tanuki Says:

    This total BS n ya I agree I hate giving money to xbox greedy people n after this happen they raise there gold price, I say xbox should shut down as well in support to sony

  351. Venusrafa Says:

    Ugh…every last hacker involved in this needs to be sent to a north korean death camp…this is unreal…


  352. moonkana Says:

    Where's L? He could've solved this 2 weeks ago….

  353. hater magnet Says:

    my ps3 got the ylod but i had one week before my warranty expired SONY gave the run around they kept giving me numbers of different departments to call they would keep me on hold for like three hours or more. i then found out that the first number i called was suppose to help me but by then my warranty had expired by one day. guess what they told me when i called, SORRY we could have helped you with your warranty but now there is nothing we could do for you LOYAL CUSTOMER..lies lies lies.. we ow no loyalty to SONY, now and days loyalty is just a word and money could out buy loyalty any giving day,, so do what i did go and buy an xbox and be happy. ps3 loyal nerds think that ps3 is better cause it plays blue rays but in my opinion DVD HD is good enough most people cant tell the difference besides blue rays are way to pricey. not worth the trouble. i will admit that ps3 is a better console than xbox but thats it… xbox is a better online console and we are in a new era of online gaming. im a psn prime user and i watch sports on my ps3 so much for that now my ps3 is a sitting brick in my living room. technology moves fast so its time to move on. SONY makes good electronics thats all. they are not a software company like Microsoft. Microsoft atleast stands a chance against hackers so xbox is the future.. example i use to own a zenith TV i now have a Samsung flat screen. well my grandpa still has a zenith TV he must be really loyal or really cheap.
    dont be like my grandpa or like this loyal nerds and go and buy yourself a xbox you deserve it.
    be loyal to yourself..
    fk what this fools are going through!!!

  354. Shark Says:

    the most wise thing to do in these kinda situations is at least tell the customers what is really going on! we all heared that PSN was gonna be back up during the past week, but that never happened, i think this has turned from a hack issue in to a trust issue, SONY gave us the hope that it would be back up, and we all got our hopes up and were excited, and they let all of us down,not only for the hackers stealing our info which we trusted SONY with, but also for lying to us, or rather not taking the right actions and keeping us in the dark side here! At least be honest with your customer SONY, they deserve a lil honesty here, we have been your loyal customers for almost 5 years now (IT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE NOW, the loyalty part). If they said from day 1 that it would be down for a full month, it’s ok with me, i woulda wait without saying a single word till the month is over! what SONY doing right now is a shame stamped on it’s forehead, and it wont be gone easily. I thought i would never prefer XBOX 360 on PS3 or any other console, but now after all this, i dont think imma think of PS3 again as the enternainment console for me EVER! ( Sorry for the bad eglish thu!)

  355. YoungGuap Says:

    They should just let us get the COD Escalation Pack for free as a reparation for the outage…only then will i not consider trading for a xbox360

  356. tired of waiting Says:

    WOW!!! if u could hack into something and not get caught, wouldnt u try a bank and not some network for a game system? just shows how much people use their potential towards the wrong thing

  357. mesmaw Says:

    people love controversy…..

  358. Cari Says:

    I believe that security is of utmost importance, have been extremely patient about this, & hope that the new infrastructure is worth the wait in terms of user security. What I'm wondering, though, is why a corporate entity as large as Sony was utilizing security measures that were apparently so weak as to now require a rebuild of the entire infrastructure in the first place. Mind you, I'm not naive enough to believe that there isn't always some inherent risk of being hacked any time you go online with any device. It's an unfortunate but simple fact of life in this day & age. That being said, however, consumers do place a certain amount of trust in corporations as large as Sony to at least have reasonably powerful security measures in place & Sony has, in my opinion, broken that trust.

    Speaking for myself, when I'm playing video games it's my time to relax & unwind. Having hackers serving their own agendas selfishly ruining my personal time is the last thing I want to have on my mind when I'm just trying to have some fun.

    As a conscientious consumer, I'm also becoming very concerned as to exactly what Sony & the many game manufacturers associated with them are going to do for customers, such as myself, that have promotional codes for downloadable content & extras that were included with games recently purchased through the massive variety of pre-order promotions & specials but hadn't yet gotten the chance to redeem prior to the outage. The expiration dates of several of those promotions that I, myself, am entitled to are now rapidly approaching. As a matter of fact, two of them are expiring as early as May 31st. When PSN initially went down & we all found out why, I patiently respected that it takes time to rebuild an entire network infrastructure & even appreciated the effort. While frustrating, I believed it to be better that Sony take its time & due diligence to get it right than to rush the job only to have this happen again. However, nearly a month later & with no real time frame from Sony in sight as to when the PSN is going to become fully functional again, I'm beginning to get more than a bit edgy that I'm not even going to get what I paid for within individual games when the system does come back online. I will say that, while I certainly don't hold responsible those game manufacturers or the various retailers that ran their own additional promotions to encourage customers to pre-order certain games from them, I do sincerely hope that those companies will be understanding to the consumers regarding this situation & make reasonable extensions to the expiration dates once it is confirmed that the PSN is COMPLETELY operational.

  359. Tech Says:

    Sony are just going from bad to worse.

  360. rice Says:

    the people that said that they will trade in their ps3 for xbox then do so. im holding on to my ps3 and enjoy the online gaming once its up and running. most of you that traded will regret you did that. psst on top of that if you trade a system much more superior to an inferior one. have fun now

  361. Double A Says:

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

  362. tech84 Says:

    They should just get PSN back up online, and everything will be just fine.

  363. Lethalsaints Says:

    if your voice is not heard ps will stay offline until may 31st keep blogging, messaging, texting.
    Anything you can… or we will suffer

  364. James David Mcgath Says:

    its all sony,theres no hackers.they didnt tell anyone,made you look for info,did nothing about it,missed their own deadline 3 is a joke

  365. jeremy Says:

    why do you keep bashing xbox for one all you have is a blue ray player why don't you look up system specs and c that 360 is a beast in it's capabilities will blow ps3 out of the water oh and yeah i c how awesome having a free online game service is haven't you guys been down for almost a month step up with some money and pay for security insted of living in a trailer park and getting internet for free read up before you put your big boy pant's on lol noobs

  366. NoobyAzzPlayer Says:

    I heard it should be up by may 11th… but who knows

  367. double fisty Says:

    the hackers have to be gamers so what the hell are they doing in their spare time.we got osama i guess legion is next on the list.

  368. Alfred Says:


  369. Rob Says:

    Make it airtight? There are hackers out there that can hack anything no matter how hard you try to stop it. I agree that a long outage is better than two outages but whatever PlayStation is doing, I don’t think that it will hold any of these guys back. I think they’ll do it a second time either for fun or to finish what they started. I assume that these “hackers” are like the guys that put viruses on people’s computers for no reason. The only thing different about these “hackers” is that they have our credit-card numbers. Yea they got our names(oh no!) and our other stuff but whatever.

  370. Adam Says:

    this is crap ill be patient for however long i need to be I really do agree with alot of people for a billion dollar company to go down like this and then not a thing about what to do and not know what to tell people……. thats hillarious. Really putting those college degrees to work lol. But yea im swtiching to Screw ps3 if they cant meet demands and there security will still be questionable.

  371. Jay Says:

    On the ps3 blog they say it will be up in a few days. They are lying. They just saying that bc they know ppl going to buy the xbox. Sony just be honest for once.

  372. Jonas Says:

    Look forward to the new PSNetwork: It will be a subscription service only in the near future…it is the only way to combat hackers by constantly putting subscription money back into the security and upgrades. Without a pay service, you can expect it to be down within a few days, or hours. Seriously what do people expect for FREE? There is a saying: You get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, then expect nothing. The only real way to combat hackers is to make it a subscription only service, and thankfully they are going to switch soon. 🙂

  373. Devin Says:

    The only thing keepon ppl from switching to xbox is bc ps is free. Sony would be stupid to make ppl pay for it. It would only help xbox.

  374. Multiconsoleplaya Says:

    As a multi console player I have to agree with Jonas making it a subscription based service for about the same price as xbox live is not a bad idea. However psn would have to constantly monitor the network, update the gaming servers and keep them updated. Example black ops on psn is a lag disconnect fest. Traded for 360 version problem solved! Another problem I have with psn is basically the theft that goes on in playstation store. As long as you share your account on your buddies console you can download the same things they have downloaded with out paying for it yourself. As far as buying an ps3 for the blu ray player that’s insane as the price of blue ray players has been slashed more than half the price of a ps3 and today’s blu ray players even include Netflix YouTube pandora and other stuff and some include wireless. Maybe these hackers will continue to hack this network and maybe Sony will close down psn indefinitely. Maybe Sony could figure out a way to start bricking hackers ps3s when they attempt illegal activity along with a hefty fine and perhaps jail time! That’s my opinion on the subject and really don’t care if I piss anyone off! You get what you pay for and psn sucks. The ps3 is awesome but until they can get the servers repaired and maintained and free for hackers online play is a joke. I will stick with the 360 for that!

  375. Guest Says:

    Idiot, it isn't Free. The PSN is a service that comes with the purchase of a ps3… not free, they just dont rip you off and make you pay 60 a year for nothing

  376. andres Says:

    when they catch the hackers they should chop their dicks off and stitch it to their mouths thats reasonable enough haha

  377. Domo Says:

    Man, I wish people would chill out! I know you payed for a ps3 and bought the game and stuff, but show some pacience! Don’t you people know how to live without playing online on a ps3 all day (not tryin to offend anybody or call anybody names or start trouble)?! And why the hell would you sell and get rid of all your ps3 stuff and get a 360, i mean come on, so far we just have to wait till the end of the month! And there are hackers EVERYWHERE so don’t you think there’s a chance that X box live could get hacked right afterwards? Ok, sure it’s been 3 years since they got hacked, but people find a way! So everybody calm down and just wait! Think about the less fortunate children in the world that can’t even afford aa living and stop being so ignorant (once again, not trying to offend)

  378. Chicken Little Says:

    I like how Sony has completely avoided the questions of those who use subscription services on the system. Netflix was a real pain to use the first two weeks the network was down, after that it doesnt work at all.I dont mind not being able to play games online, it sux now that im used to it but not a big deal. it does however really blow that what i am paying for is not available.

  379. 420 Says:

    I bought an xbox a week ago. xbox gets all the call of duty map packs a month earlier than playstation. Yeah you have to pay to play online but its only $60 a year. The new zombie map Call of the Dead is sick

  380. Hackerwannabe Says:

    I would switch to xbox, but only if it can play blue ray. I bought ps3 mainly because of that reason.

  381. Paramicium Says:

    omg the nerds are having a heart attack! lol

  382. James Says:

    Hackers are the lowest form of people on the planet. And Sony… Hurry the F**K up already!


    A F(_)&ken disgrace to sony! hurry the F&(K up!

  384. Perikles Xwris Epitheto Says:

    I'n my opinion it is not the fact that it has gone down, it is the fact that almost every week there is an announcement that it is coming back, but it is all false. That is what is driving me mad.

  385. supersutbag. Says:

    im sick of thes b*****s its about time sony got there fingers out there arse and sorted it instead of fobbing us off>>> we DEMAND results now not bull!!!

  386. supersutbag. Says:

    Playstation Network is about as much use as a back pocket in a vest! it crashes more than my commador64.

  387. BlackOPsSucks Says:

    hmmm maybe legion is a clan on black ops that gets ownt every game and now they rage and hack psn

  388. dlj123 Says:

    I'm hanging in there Sony. Keep fighting through this, I'm not switching. Good luck.

  389. t.speth Says:

    if this psn isn't up before june, im gettin an Xbox

  390. joe mama Says:

    wow,,, I cant believe a company that Profits so much $$$$ can F@K us like this i say game prices For PS3 should go down 50 percent,,,,,,,,

  391. Jay Evan Barth Says:

    Xbox sucks nuts dont switch to it stay with the playstation……….. i dont like PSN being down as much as the next guy….. but i am and always will be a PSN user

  392. zay Says:

    Just hurry up sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  393. RuffTuffGuy Says:

    I always ha a bad feeling a out PSN. The games suck, the store sucks, the community sucks, their security sucks. I’m glad I pay for xbox live.

  394. Pfcturtle Says:

    I’m so over this crap. I’m sorry but I am a die hard Sony player and how pathetic of a company are you to let your own network get hacked. Epic Fail Sony. I hate the xbox360 but it’s looking better and better as the WEEKS go by.

  395. sowhat Says:

    you know i hate that psn is down but taking a break from video games isnt that bad i mean it sucks but you can deal whith it

  396. Geroge Says:

    Anyone want to buy a slightly used PS3. I'll let it go cheap!

  397. ThePieMan Says:

    If you like pie give me a thumbs up. 🙂
    oh, also i hope the psn will be fix soon

  398. no me importa Says:

    I think this is fine, so that companies like Sony need to learn, we can not fill the hard disk of 320 GB with money … it's better that we can fill it without buying things …. so I think they did good work .. so the next step is cheaper, or do not buy …. the same for xbox …
    hackers good job …..

  399. no me importa Says:

    I think this is fine, so that companies like Sony need to learn, we can not fill the hard disk of 320 GB with money … it's better that we can fill it without buying things …. so I think they did good work .. so the next step is cheaper, or do not buy …. the same for xbox …

  400. Jonathan Says:

    This is getting annoying already. They are not even letting their customers kno whats really going on they are just feeding us b.s and its only making us more inpatient cause even in their blogs they tell us few days then they saying they dont when it will be up I think we waited enough atleast tell us the real inside about whats goin on.

  401. Blackops Says:

    I think they should give us a FREE PS4 when ever it comes out!!! Or a free something or other thats worth the addictions they placed on us, Harder than Ciggarettes to quit.. Ive gone through withdrawls… Legalize it..*

  402. kenn3898 Says:

    PSN Still down with no end in site. If your like me and you rely on the PS3 for Hulu then this means your TV programing is down as well. Now is the time to look into Free broadcast TV. Mohu makes an incredible Indoor Antenna and it only costs $44. Most people are unaware that it's now possible to receive FREE High Definition and Digital broadcasts over-the-air (OTA) using a simple antenna connected to your television set! Go to to get your 5$ Off – Promo Code for the #1 Selling Indoor Antenna on Amazon.

  403. xzener Says:

    I've said it all along with online gaming… "You get what you pay for." That being said, I'm no fanboy, I own both PS3 and Xbox. But there have ALWAYS been certain games, being run on other companies servers, that have never played well. Most recent being BFBC2, I never actually played a full game online, always booted off due to network problems. I've never had a game on the Xbox do that. Sony should look into running ALL games off their servers… Helping keep their network "air tight". And really think about a pay model to help ease the strain of what they have recently been through.

  404. SemiAnonymous Says:

    I don't understand people who are "switching to XBOX." Do you have no patience? If it's been 6 months, MAYBE I could understand, but holy crap people. You're willing to trade the console and the games you have because you temporarily can't play multiplayer? Are you serious? Play single-player in the mean time! Hang out with friends! See the sunlight! Or, dare I say it…play games on your damn computer. Switching consoles after a fairly short outage (so far) is just plain idiotic.

  405. SemiAnonymous Says:

    Oh, and no, my name has nothing to do with the group.

  406. kaleb marin Says:

    they need to fix playstation network and fast its friday and if it was up i wouldnt be bored on the weekends

  407. Sadness Says:

    I believe this would just influence others to turn to xbox, but xbox is always hacked and nothing is ever done about it. I think the anonymous guy is cool, because in a blackout,(whether or not its true, is very complicated to decide) my computer's viruses preventing me online were taken. I think it was microsoft's doing that made the viruses in the first place. I got a whole group of hackers against my computer with backdoors, trojans, missing files, uploaded files, and attempted identity theft. I wondered why it was so, but my psn was down when the viruses came(wireless internet) and these things were deliberately smacking into my computer until they decided that my files were useless.

  408. Blaine Says:

    It's not the being offline that pisses most of us off. It's the "Sorry!" and empty promises of restoring it at the end of the week. If we had a full ETA instead of constant empty promises of restoration.

    And then the reward for our ADDRESSES being stolen, we get a marketing ploy.

  409. servicefailed Says:

    where is the loyalty now-a-days?

  410. Soldier87slick Says:

    WOW…. there are alot of cry babies on this site. Look, I dont understand why someone would wanna mess up PSN. But I do know that PS should have knew that sooner or later it was a possibility that this would happen if it happen to xbox in 08. So it's one of those deals where something had to happen in order for it to be fixed and improve. I'm willing to wait for PS to get there stuff together. I like both as well, but honestly, I like what I own already more. IDK bout rumors or what not, but its stupid to hear people switching but your only reason is why? Because…..come on peeps make sence of it all and be patiant. good good things come out of time.

  411. Soldier87slick Says:

    if the guys smart. he's got money in stocks for microsoft. for now anyways

  412. Ratty Says:

    I laugh at alot of you i think the PSN did this to get some of you people outside, im kinda glad of this finaly gets rid of those people that play 24/7 and make online games no fun Switch to Xbox help the rest of us.

  413. voice Says:

    I pay for premium psn and netflix. And can’t use either i need reinvestment.

  414. JamJo0oM Says:

    any news guys ??

  415. Lethalsaints Says:

    rumour is will be back on monday

  416. micah Says:

    fuk yu sony, fuk yu hackers, fuk yu xbox, and mostly fuk you my ps3! i got this in march, played my brand new ps3 move for a month, then this happens, im hurt. this is my 3rd ps in 5 years! love ps3, but am foreced to get a gey xbox on friday if this isnt fixxed! :/

  417. Arun Says:

    Although Sony products are of high quality (and I own quite a bit of them), I am thoroughly disappointed with their terrible information security. Also, Sony's inability to meet its deadlines to the disappointment of millions of users is inexcusable. Sony, Stop making excuses and get your network running and stop disappointing your millions of customers.

  418. Clay Armstrong Says:

    Today Date is 5/14 when is the date for the back on Line and RUNNING again? Please E-Mail me for a poject Time.

  419. double k Says:

    i got this game called Mag and it is entirely online so i cant play it. I hope psn is up soon

  420. sarcastic and sad Says:

    whens apple coming out with a gaming system?

  421. guest Says:

    I'm just happy that the network is finally back online I think all the people should have just stop complaining and suck it up the network was going to come back on sometime and now it has you just needed to be patient

  422. Guest Says:

    What's up people? When I tried to connect to the store, it told me that I needed to change my password. When I changed my password, I was not able to connect to the store, but I was able to get online to play Battlefield Bad Company 2. I'm not lying about this. I live in Baton Rouge, La. Keep trying people.

  423. Jerry Valenzuela Says:

    How is it down again if it never went back up?

  424. alex Says:

    Regardless of how we feel about Sony's response to the situation, can we all agree the real enemy here is the hacker?

  425. greg Says:

    yeah i will never go to xbox but they need to do something and for the hackers they need to chop there nuts off lol

  426. tvester Says:

    Seriously people,When there was no online play and that wasnt that long ago. You people were perfectly satified with your ps3,stop bitching and get you some games that you dont play the time you get good at those games and really into them, you wont even miss the online play that much and some of you will learn to live without.Stop bit$hing and find another way to adapt.

  427. Korima Says:

    Ah i love the amounts of comments here that are negative because they are talking about switching to xbox. You know why this happened? Sony has cheaper servers with less security features because almost all psn users are NOT PSN+ users, so they dont have the extra money to put into server maintenance or security upgrades as frequently as Xbox Live.
    Xbox Live got hacked once. And that was back when it was first starting up. But Microsoft didnt feed B.S. to us. They had literally stated, "Hey, we got hacked, its gonna be down for a week." and it was back up in a week. No "OMG GUISE, ANONIMOOSE DID THIS!!! WE'll have it back up this week… Wait, next week… Wait…".
    Thats because We Xbox Live users pay for quality service. We pay for online gaming to ensure our security, ensure quality connection, ensure fair play, and to get things way before everyone else. So quit complaining, chill out, and wait for Sony to stop the B.S. Yes, I own a PSP too and have been waiting for PSN to come online so i can get my fricken Duodecim add-ons, but at least im not immediatly going "Lol, micronomosoft payed Anonymous to do it." Even though i keep up to date on AnonOps news, AND THERE WAS NO WORD ON ATTACKING SONY. So Sony, blame Anonymous. That WILL give them a reason to attack you the second you bring it back up.

  428. ReadingPA Says:

    i really cant wait for psn to get back online i miss playing MEDAL OF HORNOR ONLINE that game or any other online games are addicted PLEASE HURRY UP CANT WAIT ANOTHER DAY

  429. Aj Schlachter Says:

    Back in the day, we played games just fine without having an online experience. Such as the Nintendo 64, Play-station Ones, Segas, etc etc..

    If we were capable then, then we're capable now. Neither system is superior than the other, that's why there both liked and disliked by many. This wouldn't be called a rivalry if one system was better than the other. So quit the whining, for the xbox users, get off the page about Playstations since you obviously have no good reason for being here.

    Happy gaming.

  430. torment Says:

    playstation net work is back on line

  431. Emilio Says:

    Thats why i have an xbox 🙂

  432. PSn Lover Says:

    PSN is Back 🙂

  433. Hacker Says:

    Im The One Who Hacked Psn What ya bout to do jack

  434. ellen Says:

    i would just like to be bale to watch netflix again…..

  435. demesha harper Says:

    cant create a new account or recover an acount!

  436. martian Says:

    For all you cry babies whinnin about im gona get an xbox. Then you CANNOT say that you are nor ever will be a true PS fan. And also for anyone who accepts money for the PS lawsuit. Rediculous imo talkn all that smack bout how big of a PS fan you are. Then when everything hits the fan you cry about it. Fine goto xbox and buy 2 or 3 a year due to overheatn issues. And also pay 50 dollas a year just to play online. The feds are involved and they are tracking down whoever done this. So if you wana cry or whin then talk to the FBI!

  437. xbox = win Says:

    had an xbox arcade 1 year after release works perfectly then i decided to get the new elite… my old one still works…
    Please tell me what I am doing right?
    Hmm probably because I keep it out in the open not stack stuff on top of it or have it run in a very narrow space…
    Seriously learn how to handle things with care.

  438. kid illusion Says:

    yea that pretty stupid we are legion wtf is tht did they make nething good outtta it nope prolly got the govt after there asses now

  439. richard Says:

    what are gonna do to compensate us?

  440. mom Says:

    My daughters ps3 was stolen and her call of duty game was stolen tonight.

  441. Your an idiot Says:


  442. david iles Says:

    it ain't sony's fault that they had an attack. but when they fix this "mishap" the ps3 will be more famous than the xbox. 😀

  443. aaron Says:

    when will it b workin ? was workin fine last nite bit now cant even watch my netflix not very happy w ur system being down and that i am payin for netflix and cant even watch it ..

    pleze FIX ASAP

  444. Carlos Bremer Rojas Says:

    Sony you can do it I believe, you'll repair the network. Be patient users now it will be indestructible network.

  445. jesse Says:

    just get psn back online it carnt go down again that was so boring when it went down.

  446. seo Says:

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