The Case Against the Chromebook

By  |  Monday, May 16, 2011 at 4:05 pm

Mobile Opportunity’s Michael Mace has a wonderfully hard-nosed post up about Chromebooks and Google Docs and why he thinks that Chrome OS isn’t remotely ready to take on Windows:

In fairness, there are some things Google Docs is great at.  It’s fantastic for collaborative editing; using Docs plus a Skype session can be a thing of beauty for brainstorming and working through a list of action items.  But as a replacement for Office, the apps are so limited that using them is like watching a Jerry Lewis movie: you keep asking yourself, “why is this happening?”  I tried very hard to use Google Docs as the productivity software for my startup, and eventually I gave up when it became clear that it was actually destroying my productivity.


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  1. sithlord500 Says:

    I think chrome would attract more people if it wasn't in the cloud.

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  3. Kenny Strawn Says:

    Anyone have any idea why there are so many Chrome OS naysayers? Just because it boots to a browser? I'll have you know that the Chrome Web Store has not only Web apps but also full-blown extensions that behave as Web apps &lt ;>, so that alone is enough to counter the argument that Chrome OS doesn't work when not connected to the Internet. And then there's HTML5 Local Storage, which plenty of other apps (like Angry Birds) use, so that's yet another way apps can run offline. And the only time you need to be connected to the Internet to log in is when setting up the device; after first login, your Google account credentials are downloaded to the device. Yet more proof that Chrome OS isn't entirely Cloud based. Chrome OS *used to be* entirely cloud based but isn't anymore.

  4. Kenny Strawn Says:

    Ah, stupid link rendering. Here's the real link that proves extensions can also be Chrome Web Store apps:

  5. Video maker Says:

    yup Kenny has given the right link :
    Cool 😉