Android Security Problem Fixable With Update You Probably Don’t Have and Can’t Get Right Now

By  |  Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Here’s a problematic side effect of Android fragmentation: if there’s a serious security issue and it gets fixed in the new version of Android, the vast majority of users may have no way to get it.


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  1. Aaron Pressman Says:

    Hey, come on. Google jumped on this and fixed it from the server side. This post needs an update. And i'd be interested in reading about which platform does security updates better. Apple has to do a full OS patch as they don't seem to update their apps individually. Android does patch Google apps via the market. And obviously Google's cloud services can at times be patched via the server.

  2. ebpp Says:

    doesn't really matter, security updates are almost always made in hindsight…after the horses have left the barn

  3. Muay Thai Says:

    Yea, most users have long since abandoned the phone. Muay Thai Combinations | Muay Thai Kick | Martial Arts for Children

  4. Angela Says:

    I don't know about this article in particular, but I can personally attest to the fact that an obvious issue still exists. If I give my HTC amaze (and before that, my HTC G2, and before that my Motorola Cliq) any of my yahoo account info, it is immediately and predictably hacked. Next, all of my contacts get spam from me. I've had no issues with any other email account, and no issues on any platform other than android… I have this problem regardless of whether the account info is entered into "accounts & sync" or the Yahoo app made for android. Note that the problem has been happening (for me) through all stages of android development, as the Cliq started out on, what, Android 1.2??

  5. Yahya Says:

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