White iPhone Kit Purveyor Settles With Apple?

By  |  Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 8:46 pm

Apple appears to have reached a settlement with a young entrepreneur who capitalized on the Cupertino company’s failure to release the white iPhone by selling conversion kits. How’d 17-year-old Fei Lam do it? By dealing with Foxconn himself, getting the parts on his own.

This obviously rankled Apple quite a bit, and the company had a private investigation firm send him a letter accusing him of being in receipt of stolen goods. Lam did not back down, and hired a lawyer.

It took until yesterday for Apple to file a lawsuit against Lam and his family, but it concurrently took the step of filing a request for dismissal as well. This could mean that the two sides have come to an agreement. It should be noted that the dismissal was filed “without prejudice,” legalese for meaning that an acceptance of the request would give Apple the option to refile if it decided to do so.

Given that the white iPhone 4 is now a reality, I doubt Lam has any reason to start his business anew. Then again, if Apple can’t make a future device in a highly coveted color, all he needs to do his give his buddies at Foxconn a call…


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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Brad Says:

    Apple's getting more and more serious about other people messing with their products, but I doubt its good PR for them.

  2. The_Heraclitus Says:

    Idiots. Another baseless lawsuit from a the company.

  3. TradeTechSports Says:

    I dont understand how this is any different than the millions of other knock off parts that you can buy for an iphone? He's probably not going to make any more money since the white iphone is out so who cares. Good for the kid for making a couple bucks.

  4. Eric Says:

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