Hours Before Our WWDC Live Coverage…Your Predictions!

By  |  Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 11:42 pm

First a promotional message: I’ll be  at Moscone West in San Francisco on Monday morning at 10am PT for Apple’s WWDC keynote. I’ll be joined in our CoverItLive room by Ed Oswald, Techland’s Doug Aamoth, and, I hope, you. We’ll be at technologizer.com/wwdc11.

In the meantime, let’s review your answers to the predictions I asked you to make about the next version of iOS 5 which Apple will announce tomorrow. (It’ll also finish up launching OS X 10.7 Lion and announce iCloud.)

Without any further ado…

What new iOS features and improvements will Apple announce? I generally say that an Apple keynote prediction counts as an Official Technologizer Prediction if it’s been made by more than half of you. But the only items here that count under that system are improved notification system, over-the-air iOS updates, synching with iTunes over Wi-Fi, and automatic app updates. Everything else got less than fifty percent.

Here’s how the voting panned out:

(Yes, three percent of you believe that Steve Jobs will announce Flash support on the iPhone tomorrow. Or maybe you just misclicked.)

When will iOS 5 be released? 24 percent of you say September, 20 percent think this month, 16 percent think July, fourteen percent think “this fall,” thirteen percent think August, eight percent think “this summer,” and a handful have other predictions. (I’m guessing the plurality that say September are thinking it’ll come out at the same time as the next iPhone.)

Will Apple announce any iOS hardware at WWDC? Most of you think it won’t. But 40 percent say there will be something that isn’t an iPhone or an iPad. 36 percent think there will be a new iPhone. And one of you says there will be a new iPad.

Any other predictions? Here are some of the ones you made:

I think they will announce a new iPhone for a September launch. Very conservative I know.

Apple will announce unified media streaming across the “three screens,” TV, desktop, and mobile. This will be enabled by Airport Extreme moving to iOS and an update to Apple TV.

There will be digs at Android.

Sprint will be added as a carrier.

Airport and Time Capsule updates also.

The “one more thing” will be the new Macbook Air.

iCloud will be free for 90 days with purchase of new iOS device

Next version of iOS shows off integration with iCloud–iTunes,yes, but also seamlessness of using iWorks and other formerly desktop-only apps with iCloud storage to help iPad displace more laptops and make all iDevices (Pad, Phone, Pod Touch) more productive for the enterprise.

A search/find feature that indirectly competes with Google.

After the keynote, I’ll report back once more with a scorecard on what Apple ended up announcing and how closely it mirrored our guesses. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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