Apple Rumors: The More the Murkier!

Twenty-two amazing scoops--some of them must be right!

By  |  Friday, July 8, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Apple rumors, in case you hadn’t noticed, are everywhere. There are tons of them–especially on future iPhones and iPads. And if you don’t like a particular one, wait a day or two–another one will come along that confidently says that the first one was hogwash.

As I’ve mentioned here, perhaps too often, I don’t bother to report most Apple rumors here. (I do cover ones that seems utterly plausible or utterly implausible–they’re the two best kind.) I do read them on other sites, though. And I’ve decided to perform a public service by rounding up a bunch of them. I figure that the chances are virtually 100 percent that at least a handful of the “scoops” after the jump are spot on. Your job is to figure out which ones!

(Click on the headlines to read the stories.)

There you go. Feeling better informed now?


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. John Biggs Says:

    If only there were some way now to share all those rumors with my friends alongside the message "HEY FRANK LOOK AT THIS ULUV APPL!"

  2. Rizwan Says:

    these rumors sums up whole apple marketing strategy.

  3. Lava Says:

    Um, I think they sum up the business models of the websites that actually write up the rumors. Nice try though.