Remembering 9/11, on the iPad and on the Web

By  |  Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 4:27 am

Steve Rosenbaum's The 9/11 Memorial: Past, Present, and Future

On September 11th, 2001, the Web basically consisted of words, images, murky RealAudio sound, and a smattering of video that was a hassle to deal with, especially if you were still on dial-up. And tablets, in their modern, iPad-era form, didn’t exist at all. But a lot has happened in the past decade–and the tenth-anniversary coverage of the attacks and subsequent events include some remarkable creations which make use of today’s technology to do things that TV, books, magazines, and newspapers can’t.

Three examples that are worth your attention:

  • My friend Steve Rosenbaum has created The 9/11 Memorial: Past, Present, and Future. It’s like a coffee-table book that happens to live inside your iPad, with hundreds of photos and dozens of videos about the World Trade Center and the memorial which is opening today. It’s free today but will become a paid app, so get it now.
  • The current iPad edition of TIME is the digital version of the print mag’s “Beyond 9/11” anniversary issue–but “digital version of print mag” hardly does justice to it. It’s in a special format and is packed with spectacular photos and videos, as well as memories memories from people whose lives were impacted by the attacks in one way or another, from people who were in the towers to the president of Cantor Fitzgerald Iraq veterans to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. I know I write for TIME, but I had nothing to do with this, and I would be in awe of it no matter what.
  • I’m equally impressed by “The Reckoning,” The New York Times’ online package about 9/11 and the decade that followed it. It’s an extraordinarily rich collection of articles, photos, infographics; it reminds me of what the Times meant to me in print form in the weeks and months after the attacks, and makes me proud to be a paying subscriber to the site.



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