HP Terminates the WebOS Team

By  |  Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 8:13 am

Sigh. HP, having ended development of WebOS tablets and phones, no longer needs the people who created them, reports All Things Digital’s John Paczkowski:

Sources close to HP say the company plans to lay off as many as 525 employees, and that it began carrying out that dreadful duty this week.


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  1. Charles Forsythe Says:

    I guess all those hints that HP wasn't done with WebOS amounted to nothing.

  2. David Hamilton Says:

    Apotheker's plan to destroy HP continues unabated. Will the last one out of the door please turn off the lights?

  3. SirWired Says:

    Looking at the source article, it looks like the layoffs are related to the webOS HARDWARE team, it didn't say anything about the software team. (Not saying there aren't layoffs there… just that the article doesn't say anything.)

  4. Madison McPheeters Says:

    I was hoping that there could be a happy ending after HP announced it would manufacture more TouchPads, but alas!

  5. The_Heraclitus Says:

    Nothing new here. Only 53% of California's workforce is employed… CA is toast.

  6. David Hamilton Says:


  7. The_Heraclitus Says:

    CA EDD

  8. David Hamilton Says:


  9. The_Heraclitus Says:


  10. David Hamilton Says:

    If you cited what numbers you were using to get 53%, I'd know what to search for. Googling '53% EDD' doesn't return much employment information!!

    But, as usual, you refuse to dignify the debate with any supporting data.

  11. The_Heraclitus Says:

    Umm, from your posts, I assume that you aren't from the US. EDD is Employment Development Dept. CA = California

    I think you need to become more familiar with the US before you worry about little ol' California…

  12. David Hamilton Says:

    Sigh! Yes, went to California EDD site as soon as you made first post.
    Their figures are Workforce 18.00M, Unemployment 2.18M. Employment Rate 87.9%.

    So my question is: What number are you dividing 15.83M (no. employed) by in order to get 53%.
    I.e. where do you get your (huge) number for the total workforce?

  13. David Hamilton Says:

    Additionally I note the following numbers:

    Population of CA between 18 and 65: 23,581,754
    (from http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/06000.htm… )

    Your value for Total CA Workforce: 29,868,301
    (15,830,200 / 0.53)

    So, it appears your workforce is more than 6 million greater than the entire non-retired adult population of California?
    And, of course, that doesn't allow for those in the military…

  14. The_Heraclitus Says:

    UM (unemployment) definition is DIFFERENT than number NOT working. Like I said, you need to learn more before you can understand these types of posts. Start with the definition of UM as used in CA law.

    Example: You could have ZERO persons working in CA and the unemployment rate at 0%…

  15. David Hamilton Says:

    I'm not using any definition of unemployment. I'm using the number of civilians in work (provided by CA EDD) and a number for the total workforce.

    CA EDD define total workforce at 18.00M. You apparently define it at around 29.87M.

    All I'm asking is that you explain where you got your number from. It's a simple question.
    Any chance you can answer it?