AT&T iPhone Activation: Messy Once Again

By  |  Friday, October 14, 2011 at 11:01 am

The iLine outside the Stonetown Galleria for the iPhone 4 this morning was practically pleasant: Cheery Apple Store employees provided advice, coffee, and bottled water while we waited for 8am to come. But once my wife and I got into the store, we ran into trouble–namely AT&T activation glitches that prevented her from paying for her iPhone 4S and taking it home. In fact, it’s 11am now and she’s apparently still waiting. (I had to leave eventually.) And she’s not alone.

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  1. joe c Says:

    My iPhone arrived at 9:30am and by 9:50 I was already done with the authorization process via iTunes. At around 11am my old iPhone was deactivated so it can’t make any phone calls either. Still waiting (2:15pm) on the new phone… just be patient, folks.

  2. jill Says:

    you are lucky then – been trying for hours – AT&T stinks

  3. Muay Thai Says:

    Been trying all day too.

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  4. Toni Ngo Says:

    I am still trying and on the third hour. AT&T sucks BIG TIME!!!!

  5. Eddie Says:

    At least 20 tries. AT&T: you suck, seriously. Run your company right would ya'?

  6. joe c Says:

    In case I wasn’t clear, I only did the part where you connect it to iTunes and it initiates the process. The new iPhone still doesn’t have service (now over 7 hours later) even though they cut off service to my old iPhone 5 hours ago. Sucks that you guys can’t even get past that first part. Man, when I got my 3GS two years ago it took maybe an hour to get it done…

  7. Anthony Says:

    About 4 hours in – still no luck.

  8. The_Heraclitus Says:

    Wow! My wife got an Android phone (AT&T) recently and service was switched in store with all active within 15 minutes…