RIM Tries to Make Amends for BlackBerry Outage With Free Apps

By  |  Monday, October 17, 2011 at 1:42 am

After the worst BlackBerry outage ever–it affected customers around the world last week for up to three days–RIM is trying to make amends. It’s decided to let customers download a bunch of apps, worth more than $100, for free from the BlackBerry App World store.

They include:

  • SIMS 3 – Electronic Arts
  •  Bejeweled – Electronic Arts
  • N.O.V.A. – Gameloft
  • Texas Hold’em Poker 2 – Gameloft
  • Bubble Bash 2 – Gameloft
  • Photo Editor Ultimate – Ice Cold Apps
  • DriveSafe.ly Pro – iSpeech.org
  • iSpeech Translator Pro – iSpeech.org
  • Drive Safe.ly Enterprise – iSpeech.org
  • Nobex Radio™ Premium – Nobex
  • Shazam Encore – Shazam
  • Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant – Vlingo

Enterprise customers will also get a month of free tech support.

As I read that list, I suffer from pangs of cognitive dissonance. Corporate E-mail is important stuff, and delivering it reliably is utterly core to RIM’s mission and reputation. Free poker games feel like an off-topic way of making up for an e-mail outage. What would be more appropriate? Well, how about cash?

The timing of the outage and RIM’s response is particularly meaningful, because RIM is holding its developer conference this week in San Francisco. The conference comes after a long jag of lousy PR for the company–not just the outage, but also the dismal PlayBook launch, lukewarm reaction to new BlackBerry hones, and open questioning of the competence of RIM’s co-CEOs. Really, the last time when the company got any good PR was at last year’s DevCon, when the PlayBook was announced.

So let’s look on the bright side: This year’s conference is a great opportunity for RIM to begin a rebound. Maybe it’ll address the outage forthrightly and explain why it won’t happen again. Perhaps it’ll have news about a PlayBook II. It should reveal more about the first BlackBerries that’ll run the QNX operating system. I’ll be in the audience for the keynote, and I’d love to come away feeling good about the future of what was once one of the most innovative and successful companies in technology.

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  1. Ivan Ilijasic Says:

    Can we get more details when this free offer will be activated? Also, for which devices? I cannot see any of these apps for Playbook

  2. jack Says:

    Can we get more details when this free offer will be activated? Also, for which devices? I cannot see any of these apps for Playbook vehicle accident lawyer

  3. Muay Thai Says:

    The funny thing is that it probably worked. Muay Thai | Muay Thai Kick | Martial Arts for Children.

  4. Radu Tyrsina Says:

    BlackBerry is losing the fight against Android and iPhone, a great read http://www.maindevice.com/2011/10/15/is-blackberr… will make you believe that

  5. Dave Barnes Says:

    If RIM wants to make amends, then Lazy and Silly should resign.

  6. aslpin Says:

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  7. Hejorama Says:

    Cool, whenever your BB stops working now you can at least play Sims or NOVA while they work on the repair and restore the service. Not a bad marketing idea 😉

  8. Brandon Slots Says:

    When sony got hacked, they also offered free games as a form of apology. However, for RIM to do the same, I wonder if it is a viable strategy. As mentioned in the article, maybe cash would be a better option. Another way that could be done, is to offer a $100 online voucher to redeem anything on Blackberry's online App store.

  9. JoeyD12 Says:

    I want to know more about this new offer from Blackberry. Too bad the free apps are now on a price. cheapest tickets to india

  10. term paper Says:

    atleast they offer something as aninsentive to stay with them whatever did sony offer.

  11. Buy Twitter Says:

    Can't fault balckberry for trying to retain customers, much better than what sony did. Buy Twitter Followers Cheap

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