HP 3D: Passive vs. Active

By  |  Monday, November 7, 2011 at 9:27 am

HP announced a 3D PC display and a 3D PC today. To me, at least, the most interesting thing about them is that the company chose a different flavor of 3D for each device.

First the display. Its official moniker is the HP 2311gt 3D monitor, and it’s a 23″ LED-backlit display. Like most 3D movies you see in theaters, the 3D is passive, which means that its uses polarized glasses that don’t have any embedded electronics and don’t cost a lot of money. In fact, the display and two set of glasses go for $299.99, or about what you might pay for two pair of active-shutter glasses alone.


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  1. Joomla Design Says:

    Quite true the coexistence of the three possibilities would be interesting to see. But on a side note I am very much exhilarated with the present leap of technology…enjoying this flight !!

  2. Max Says:

    Passive means your halving your resolution (and brightness), active your frame rate.
    Most active displays are 120hz to compensate, but the 2311gt panel is only 1080p so you’re loosing 1/2 your res in 3d mode.

    I agree with Harry that passive is preferable to active, but the tech needs to be significantly further refined before I would actually use it regularly when gaming/watching movies.

    Stereoscopic 3d + head tracking in a game could make it more interesting, as you could actually get a different view on the world when you moved your head. It would limit the display to 1 user though.