Why Do People Keep Leaving Twitter?

By  |  Monday, December 12, 2011 at 1:26 pm

The revolving door at Twitter, Inc. has been whirring at hyperspeed in recent months. Nicholas Carlson of the Business Insider has a post speculating (with the help of a supposed Twitter insider) about why it’s happening–and part of the problem, supposedly, is that Twitter has a complacent culture and is unwilling to reinvent itself on a regular basis in the same way that Facebook does.
I’m not a Twitter employee. I’m not a Twitter investor. I’m just a (mostly) happy user–and part of why I’m happy is because Twitter doesn’t change at a breakneck pace. It feels like it knows what it is. That may not be a recipe for making billions–and Twitter does have issues, such as the fact that it’s still almost impossible to search it in any reasonable fashion–but it’s kind of a relief.

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  1. Jonathan Simmons Says:

    I understand where you're coming from but I wonder how the new Twitter app and dashboard will affect such things as 'searchability'? It seems with this newest iteration that they are actually going after a more 'Facebook' approach.

  2. Christian Goetze Says:

    Well, if they are making money at all, it may just be a very low margin business. It's also probably saturating in the sense that even if the viewer base is growing, new income sources aren't.

    There simply is no room for low margin stable businesses in silicon valley.

  3. Sharninder Says:

    +1 to Christian Goetze. I read somewhere that Twitter makes about $50million a year and it's growing. That is quite a lot but its not growing fast enough and the company is not profitable enough yet. In any place other than the Silicon valley that would be a good enough run rate, but the valley can be a hard place to survive.

  4. shawn Says:

    above makes a lot of sense; opportunity cost in SV is *incredibly* high.