Life is Not a Picnik: Google Closes Its Cool Photo-Editing Service

By  |  Friday, January 20, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Okay, it looks like Google really is serious about its oft-stated plans to focus on fewer services and do them better. (Also known as “more wood behind fewer arrows.”) It’s announced that it’s shuttering even more offerings, and one of them is Picnik, the excellent online photo editor which it bought in 2010.

The closure isn’t abrupt or catastrophic. Google is giving Picnik users plenty of warning–the service isn’t going away until April 19th–and they’ll be able to download their photos. But unlike some of Google’s shutdowns, closing Picnik isn’t a tacit acknowledgment that a service never found an audience. (I never heard of Google’s Gmail Message Continuity and Social Graph API until the company said they were going away.) Picnik is popular, and it’s good, and the world will be a sadder place place without it–at least for folks who already know and love it.

Why is it going away? That’s not entirely clear. Google’s blog post says it’s so “the Picnik team can continue creating photo-editing magic across Google products. ” But when you go to Picnik, you get a message that “Picnik is moving its easy yet powerful photo editing tools to Google+,” which is a slightly different message. In either case, though, it sounds like Google thinks that photo editing is less of a destination, which is what Picnik was, and more of a feature.

It’s also worth noting that Picnik was Flash-based. This is just guesswork on my part, but it likely hastened the service’s demise. It certainly made it harder to integrate its features with other Google services, and probably even reduced Google’s enthusiasm for pointing to Picnik from elsewhere on Google

If Picnik had lived, it would surely have required a rewrite to become a pure HTML5 service, which would have been a major undertaking. I imagine that Google is busily working on improving its HTML5 graphics tools, and decided it wasn’t worth it to try and roll them into an all-new version of Picnik.

In fact, it’s pretty clear that Google circa 2012 is generally less interested in managing a bunch of destinations, and more interested in beefing up Google+. It wants to give you every possible incentive to join and use its social network. In the future, I imagine, many new Google things that would have been independent services in the past will instead be launched as Google+ additions.

Side note: When I tried to visit Picnik on my iPad just now, I got the following message. You might want to update it, Google.

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  1. Rosi Says:

    Growl. I use this service daily and absolutely love everything about it. NOT HAPPY.

  2. Sidhu Says:

    I Use Picnik Daily =( … Why are yOu PeOple DOing ThIs … I lOve Editing My Pixxx On Picnik, It Have Made Editing Easier, Please dO nOt ClOse … But If yOu are, Can yOu Please Tell If There Is gOnna Be anOther Site Created Like Picnik … Please Mail Me On

    Thank yOu πŸ™

  3. asd Says:

    try Aviary.

  4. GarethWonfor Says:

    really miffed by this….. BAD google!

  5. Natassia Says:

    do you happen to know if they are refunding those that have paid for the service?

  6. ACC Says:

    Yeah they are refunding them.

  7. old folkie Says:

    in full

  8. HarryC Says:

    Sounds like it's features are getting rolled into G+. If so, then not a big deal because it's still available just under a different name/location.

  9. Gaia Says:

    the features offered aren't even minutely the same – just a scant skeleton of what was offered on Picnik.

  10. Melissa Says:

    Natassia I saw on the picnik site the are refunding everyone

  11. Kim Says:

    Not rolled into G yet…just check and that is always the screen shot you see when you load on a tablet. That is old.

  12. Tirzah Says:

    Yes but i don't like Google + and I loved Picnik. Darn it.

  13. Alex Says:

    I too use it every day and am sick about it . It is so user friendly I will miss it.

  14. sher Says:

    . . . not happy!!! . . . I use (& love) Picnik daily!!! . . . soooo user friendly & intuitive!!!

  15. sdftgyhuj Says:

    I love Picnik! it is simple to use and a really great tool!! YOU WILL BE MISSED PICNIK!!

  16. Doug Says:

    What features do any of you use (I don't use Picnik) that are not available in Picassa? And yes, Google is clear that Google+ is going to be the launchpad for many Google products. Like GMail and YouTube, all their tools will become "Features of the service Google+. And there's nothing wrong with that in my book – one integrated place to do what you do in many separate tools today.

  17. D Mabry Says:

    Oh my, I use both Picassa and Picnik. Picassa is good, but for general edits. Picnik has depth, so many editing options. I mourn the passing of this great photo editing site. πŸ™

  18. Kelly Says:

    Really? I advise you to take some time to go meet Picnik. I have been searching high and low to find anything remotely close to this wonderful editing program! Before Picnik I was 100% Photoshop; worked great but was a lot less user friendly… Instead of taking 3 steps to create, it would take 1 using Picnik. There is no comparison between Picassa and Picnik.. None. Seriously… Go have fun while it's still here!

  19. dwoodruff Says:

    Not happy! Picnik is the easiest photo editing software that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. VERY UNHAPPY about it closing. Wish Google would rehaul the program to make it HTML5 instead of just removing it completely.

  20. Michelle Says:

    NOT HAPPY! I LOVE Picnik!!!! Use it all the time! ..will there be another similar to it? It is so user friendly..I dont get Photoshop…very sad it's leaving…

  21. Maricely Says:


  22. Brittani Says:

    Not happy! SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE!!!

  23. Jan Says:

    I recently found Picnik and now it is going away?? I have so much fun with this site. Don't take it away!!

  24. sharon Says:

    I LOVE picnik and use it for every picture I take. It's a bloggers dream tool. I hate to lose it!

  25. Holly Says:

    This stinks. I LOVE Picnik πŸ™ Bad move Google, bad move.

  26. Jennifer Says:

    Not pleased at all with the closing of Picnik! I mean really! I texted my best friend and my twin … and their responses were … WHAT!!!???? This makes no sense… What else do you utilize that is so user friendly and fast …

  27. Alison Says:

    Nothing new, just love Picknik too, easy/fun does a great job at editing, I do a lot of that and your pictures remain private unless you want to share them! Listen please Google, this does not seem to be a smart business move, raise the cost of the Picknik premium a few bucks, develop your other site too if you must. People will use what they like/understand/feel comfortable with or they will find someplace else. You have a foundation of people that use Picknik daily, why destroy that, build on it, just how many do you think are going to make the switch?

  28. Nina Says:

    Awww but I love using picnik!

  29. slackley Says:

    I am so sad! Flickr will be no fun if I can't use Picnik to create photos. Sounds like Google+ is no good.

  30. Susan Says:

    Not happy at all. Use Picnik all the time. I will never use Google if they really close Picnik! Not a very good business move.

  31. ballycroy Says:

    I am very unhappy. Picnik is not Picassa. I have tried Picassa and did not like it one bit. Way too heavy handed. Honestly there is no comparable product out there that I am aware of.

    I would love to find a way to get Google out of my life. This has really made me angry.

    This is very short sighted. Take something innovative, buy it and then flush it. Nice.

  32. lauren Says:

    Thanks Alot Google! Love picnik, use it all the time. Cant google ever leave well enough alone !?!

  33. ladywiththeredrocker Says:

    Google, you stink!!! I love Picnik, and I use it EVERYDAY!!! You are forcing us to go to Google for easy photo editing, and at the same time making ALL of our photos public!!! NOT COOL.

    It sounds a little bit like "BIG BROTHER" is trying to control things a little too much for my liking.

    It makes me want to use Google+ that much LESS!!!! ARRRGGGGHHHH!

    Un-happy with you GOOGLE!!!

  34. BeeBee Says:

    I'm very upset over Picnik closing!!! I'm a photographer & I use Picnik on a regular basis to edit my photos! It's easy, fun, & not time consuming like photoshop! I really wish that they wouldn't take it away! I will never use anything with GOOGLE ever again! BLAH!!!

  35. Robin Says:

    Sick about this……I use this everyday for my editing needs. EVERYDAY…………Google you need to think clearly about this before you destroy 1000's of people and their editing needs. Picnik is fast and easy and it works for many of us who need the tools that Picnik offers. Especially the collages. Is there another editing software that is easy like Picnik out there??????????

  36. Bella Says:

    Why????? Please reconsider! Don't shut down Picnik it is so easy and fun to use. I will never forgive Google if they shut this down.. Charge a little more but keep it available.

  37. rage Says:

    i don't use Google+, i use Picnik on its own. why must Google force us to use Google+ before we can use Picnik? i don't mind paying for it. it's so fun and easy to use. i'm not happy with this at all. i'm into my second year as a premium user. seriously, Google, bad decision.

  38. guest Says:

    agreed!!! very bad form. I will not use Google+ if you paid me. Very upsetting decision!

  39. KmW Says:

    Sounds like it's features are getting rolled into G+. If so, then not a big deal because it's still available just under a different name/location. ——- Lets Hope this is true because I LOVE LOVE LOVE PICNIK!!!!

  40. Ang Says:

    Not true. I've already checked it out for myself to see the features. There is no comparison. I'd say they haven't even used a quarter of the tools Picnik offers.

  41. guest Says:

    g+ does not even compare to picnik – it's a skeleton of what was offered on picnik. this is a tragedy. and very upsetting!!! Bad form google!!! Very bad.

  42. Lynn Says:

    I hate that Picnik is closing…it is great and very user friendly. There is, however, another option that I use that has just recently added many options that Picnik had. It is still not as good but a very good alternative. This is Picasa. It is free and pretty good now with some of the same options that Picnik had. Give it a try……..Booooooooo to Google for closing down Picnik!!!

  43. Tracy Says:

    SAD and I just can't believe they are removing PICNIK–I am a daily user and I agree that it is the easiest editing program. I would be willing to pay more just to keep it going. I am still confused about whether there is going to be a new picnik like program or should I just start looking elsewhere. Why does this happen right when I have become the master of editing with PICNIK.
    BAD move on your part to eliminate it. Shame on you!

  44. luke Says:


  45. Michael Says:

    Goolge had already incorprated most all of the features from picnic into google+ photos/picasa. If your all that sad about the closing of picnik, simply start using the other google serivice that offers pretty much the exact same options.

  46. Ruthmarie Says:

    Nope – I'm going to SHUT DOWN my Google+ account. I think everyone who is unhappy should do the same. THAT WOULD GET TO THEM.

  47. D Mabry Says:

    Picassa has no depth. Not comparable. Google+ not even in the same ballpark.

  48. Cathy Says:

    You are wrong its not nearly the same…sucks

  49. martre Says:

    Not a very good idea!!! why close picnik???? it is an awesome editing software……please reconsider

  50. Matt Says:

    So Google buys and excellent service with a big and enthusiastic user base and then just shuts it down.

    Google are becoming more and more irritating, they are almost as bad as M$ used to be.

  51. Christine Says:

    Didn't Google ever the adage "If something works ,don't fix it" So VERY sad Picnik is closing I also use it everyday.

  52. KELLY Says:


  53. sug4 Says:

    google+ does not have all the features of picnik premium, it doesn' t have the best features,vignette, airbrush…." the ones I use everyday, I run a photography business and rely on picnik to edit my photos, I am sick over this decision, there is absolutely nothing else out there that compares to picnik, I do use picasa but you can do so much more with picnik, google sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Julie Says:

    TOTALLY BUMBED… PICNIK IS MY VICE : ( I wish there was a way we could stop Google and get our beloved Picnik back :*(

  55. Julie Says:

    Bummed πŸ˜‰

  56. J Stark Says:

    PLS !!!! DON'T DO IT!!! I love my Picnik!

  57. Stef Says:

    how do you even use G+ and where do you go to do the edits on your photos?

  58. Nicole Says:


  59. Cathy Sue Smith Says:

    I love using Picnik it is so user friendly..I also have Photoshop and it is soooo hard to use. ..I would love to see it stay and even improved upon and don't mind paying for it.

  60. erica Says:

    lame….i use picnik, DAILY!

  61. soledad Says:

    I don't get it. They bought Picnik less than two years ago, only to close it? That's the way Google deals with the competition? It sucks. I use picnik often and I've found it's far and away the best photo editing service. And no, this is not going to make me use Google +. I had no interest in it before and I have even less interest in it now.

  62. Pam Says:

    I share the sentiments of sug4: "google+ does not have all the features of picnik premium, it doesn' t have the best features,vignette, airbrush…." the ones I use everyday, I run a photography business and rely on picnik to edit my photos, I am sick over this decision, there is absolutely nothing else out there that compares to picnik, I do use picasa but you can do so much more with picnik".

    I sell vintage jewelry on several online sites and what I couldn't do with my simple point and shoot camera could be improved with piknik. I have Piknik Premium which I access through Picassa 3. I use the basic edits feature, effects, text and touchups the most. I've noticed recently that Picassa has added some of the piknic features, watered down, but not the ones I use most.

    I will need another program paid for or not that will give the features I need. All suggestions will be appreciated. If I can't find something I will no longer be able to sell using edited (for which I get compliments) photos on my listings which essentially means the death of my business. I would glady pay more to have a subscription to a user-friendly photo editing program.

  63. melinda Says:

    I sell vintage clothing and jewelry on Etsy and am majorly SCREWED by the loss of Picnik. If you hear of a suitable option, perhaps you could let me know at : ( : ( Terrible development for us! Melinda

  64. D Mabry Says:

    Right there with you Susan!

  65. Bonnie Says:

    Me too….will scratch Google off my list!!!!

  66. D Mabry Says:

    Hope someone buys the Picnik that we know and love. What a great business opportunity. Why bury it and have people scramble for another "comparable" service? I'm peeved.

  67. Amy Says:

    I use Picnik in my professional photography and love it for the ease of use…Please don't shut it down..or come up with a CD version we can buy.

  68. Chris Says:

    I love Picnik why do you have to close it..for stupid Google Plus..I will never use Google again and just because of this.

  69. Marcy Says:

    Well don't worry…you can still use it thru G+. If you are confused how to do that- here is a little tutorial if you are interested..

  70. Ruthmarie Says:

    You don't get it…we don't WANT to use through Google+ which makes photos PUBLIC. I want to be able to CONTROL what I produce. The answer is simple everyone…SHUT DOWN YOUR GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT IF YOU HAVE ONE. That's what they are trying to force on us. So make it clear you won't play their game. Picassa sucks. Sorry but it does.

  71. Kt Says:

    I must be honest, once i saw this email in my inbox, i thought, oh no!! SOPA PIPA is already scaring websites! Since i can see how easy it would be to upload copyrighted work. But i suppose it could also just be Google thinking more business than what the people want.

  72. Rebecca Says:

    I pay for the Picnik upgrade. I use it for blogging. I use it for family photos and making gifts. I use it for touching up the pictures I take of cats at the humane society for their web sites. I upload pics everywhere with it. It's so EASY and inexpensive. My kids use it and love it. I used to do professional photo work with Adobe as a property manager for resort homes. And Picnik has the best tools of Adobe, and it's easier to use. If you think outside of the box…like using "blush" as a paint tool…etc. you have most of the same tools. I save pics to Paint It, make the box bigger and put other pics on…then use the clone tool to make the coolest pictures. Like putting a pic of your BFF in front of the Leaning Tower of Piza. Losing Picnik sucks. For $25 a year…I felt the service was eminantly worth the money, and I wowed people with what I did with it. Losing this…is just the worst thing ever. I'd rather pay for it and have it stay the same…then have it free and lose the awesomeness of Picnik.

  73. ALt Says:

    Why did they buy it if they were just going to trash it????? NOT happy!! I checked out "most of the features you can still get on Google +" and it is not even close! I hate this!!!!!!

  74. Bella Says:

    sooooo bad :(((( please dont close it.

  75. Isa Says:

    DONT CLOSE PICNIK please!!!

  76. Pam Says:

    Google+ is definitely not the same as Picnik. It's just a shell of a program. Why do the good things have to come to an end. Still looking for recommendations, if anyone has any. Thanks!

  77. Diana* Says:

    Here are a few petitions trying to keep Picnik from shutting down:


  78. Suzanne Says:

    Sooooooooooo incredibly upset by this!! I LOVE Picnik and use it ALL TH E TIME to edit my photos! It's the easiest, most useful photo editing software I've ever used! All the features are awesome and you don't have to pay for a course just to understand how to use it! I pay for the premium services and am willing to pay MORE just to keep it!! PLEASE GOOGLE, PLEASE DON'T CLOSE PICNIK!!! So many of us (professionals and amateurs) use Picnik, and I will be LOST without it!!! πŸ™

  79. Michell Says:

    I can't believe this, I'm so upset! Picnik is what I used a lot of my photos, I'm a photographer and this is just horrible…picnik was so easy to use and the tools were amazing! Not happy at all! Google, you need to change this decision and keep picnik available to its customers!

  80. leia Says:

    Miffed….I use picnik all the time to make marketing tools for my small business….

  81. Tara Says:

    Lunatic is ok, its not as good as Picnik but it's free too. I'm sad too πŸ™

  82. Tara Says:

    Lunapic!! Dang autocorrect!!

  83. Emily Says:

    Already was having a bad day. This just made it worse:(

  84. Sally Says:

    Please Dont go picnik what will we all do without you my photos will never be the same cant you put it on software

  85. Megan Says:

    This makes me emotional. Working for a photography company made picnik my second nature. It was so simple and perfect!
    When I write about this for my school newspaper I believe I'll cry…

  86. Red Says:

    Why don't you try I love that free service and there are a variety of things you can do… the fun stuff wtih Pixlr-o-matic, the easy editing with Pixlr Express and the more advanced stuff with Pixlr Editor… all free!!! just a tip πŸ˜‰

  87. Iris Says:

    I have tried all photo editing…spent hundreds of dollars…all in search of the perfect photo editing software…Then I found Picnik! It is easy, creative and fun. It doesn't take hours to create beautiful photos. Teeth a little yellow? Acne? Dark circles? These are all no longer problems with picnik. doesn't come close to giving you the experience that Picnik does. Pixlr is more like photoshop…and that makes it yucky!

  88. Robbin Says:

    This really really Bad. I used this service in my photo business. It was easy and quick. Bad google, Bad on you for not recognizing agreat benficial service as Piknik.

  89. mgs Says:

    google…you're only making me angry and keeping me from wanting to join google+

  90. Dannie Says:

    I am havig horrible anxiety about this! I use Picnik for every single picture that I take. I don't understand photoshop and I would even be willing to pay a higher price for Picnik. Please Google don't get rid of Picnik I am begging you!

  91. Diana Says:

    There must be thousands of us upset at the closing of Picnik. It's a shame they got into Google's too powerful hands. Here's hoping they will learn a lesson! I personally use this warmhearted and brilliant website almost every day. Maybe Picnik will reincarnate itself at a later date. I can't believe they will disappear altogether

  92. holly masonholder Says:

    my name is holly masonholder. i want my name and information of the internet right now. there are highly classified documents on them. please also take them of the kindle i pad. thank you

  93. holly masonholder Says:

    . i want my name and information off the google internet now. there are highly classified documents on there. please stop this.

  94. Bonnie Says:

    Picnik was THE BEST…..sick sick sick about this …and trust me Picasso is not nearly as easy or fun…..wonder if we got up a petition if anyone at Google would listen….anybody have any suggestions for photo editing…something that's fun and easy…will pay up to $100

  95. Meg Says:

    Picnik is the Greatest photo-editing site known!!! its super cheap, easy to use and your photos look professional once your done. I just purchased it like 2 months ago and its already going away!!! Not nice, so many ppl love it, there is no reason to shut it down!!!!!

  96. @aisu825 Says:

    I'm very unhappy with this decision by Google. If they were not serious about developing Picnik, they never should have bought it in the first place. I don't appreciate Google trying trying to force everyone into using G+. Picnik already has a devoted following. It is a sin to abandon all those users at this point. And yes, I was a paying subscriber at various times. *Disgusted*

  97. Gail JOnes Says:

    I use to use google for everything… it was my home page… I REALLY REALLY REALLY will do ALL I CAN NOT to use GOOGLE now… This is an underhanded move… And the BIG GOOGLE GUYS don't give a S***. So my suggestion is to not use google. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU GOOFUS… i mean errrrrr GOOGLE. Open your eyes… and your ears to people who loved PIKNIK and used Google on a regular basis. BAD MOVE I WANT nothing to do with google…you may think all will settle down after the dust settles… and you may think you won… but not with this Picnik user… never…. your just a google tombstone with a bunch of manipulating, selfish croonies in your coner who obviously care more about expanding your empire than the people who keep you in business… CIAO Creeps. It makes me wonder about the owners of Picnik…. WHY would you sell… oh yeah…. I forgot…. its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  98. Gail JOnes Says:

    I also want to say… Picnik is giving all the effects & features (including Premium will be completely free to ALL users until the closing date… who are they thanking…? If 'ANYONE gets to use this what thanks is that to us who have paid for years???? Is this just to get all the users not paying to have a little taste of this software to ram google down our throats… because you will have to go through them to use it? If I am correct in my thinking … then shame on Piknik too :0( We can cry all we want… it really doesn't matter to anyone… The BIG GUYS always win.

  99. SadMama Says:

    My 6 year old loves Picnik (as do I) and is heartbroken at the thought of losing it. No way will he be on Google+ to access Picnik. The thought of trying to navigate public / private and a social network… Boo!! Hiss!! Google should sell Picnik if they don't want it. Now how will my little guy create all of his signs and cards? I'll miss the pics of my boys with funny hats, crazy eyes and all sorts of accessories. Shame on you, Google! Why does everything need to be so complicated!?!?

  100. william Says:

    i used picnik because i could add color to black and white photos i have searched the web over and not found anything close to picnik

  101. Richard Says:

    Perhaps Google can sell the software to Corel, or photoshop, or perhaps they can bundle and sell it. I certainly would buy it in a heartbeat

  102. melinda Says:

    Hey–awkward idea, but what if the tens of thousands of people who passionately love Picnik were to create a co-op company to buy it back. How hilarious would that be! Stick it to the Google man!

  103. Michelle Says:

    I am so not happy about this! I am a photographer and was paying to use picnik for its great touch up tools that they have. I also use other professional photo editing programs and they can't even touch some of the things picnik allowed me to do. Im sure Im not alone in saying this, but thanks for nothing Google!

  104. Brenda Says:

    NOT happy GOOGLE. I loved Picnik, don't like photoshop and picasa sucks.

  105. Debre Goodyear Says:

    I LOVE Picnik.. I get my Floral Photo's into Art shows based on saturating, highlighting, dodging, burning etc…. I AM NOT HAPPY.. I loved how they made a playful, easy place for me to have fun. NOY HAPPY!

  106. Curtis Says:

    SOOOO SSSAADDD!!!!!! Picnik is the BEST!!! It's affordable and you don't have to worry about having to be 'social' and having your pics stolen!

  107. Cmm108 Says:

    Ive been using picnik for years. It is literally a part of my life and it’s so sad that I’m having to let it go now πŸ™ lmao that sounds so corny but I’ve created some of my best pictures on here! I don’t want to go to damn google or whatever the hell you call it I want my picnik back >:|

  108. Lee Says:

    Google sucks. They don't even answer the question. Will we be able to use the same features or not. YES OR NO. I will not use Google anymore. I will go buy photoshop. Screw you Google.

  109. Peggy Says:

    I am mourning the demise of Picnik. It was an integral part of my photo life.

  110. Yvette Says:

    I’m a professional photographer and I use MANY different photo editing programs but picnik is my FAVORITE! I had no problem paying the yearly fee to use the prem features and I can’t say enough how crushed I am that this is going away…and from my research there isn’t another program out there that comes close to doing what picnik does. There are certain tools that I just don’t think I can live without…I don’t know what to do, I’m literally at a lose here. People LOVE what I do with their photos and it has all been thanks to picnik…the end of picnik may be the end of my career too….

  111. Marcia Says:

    Is there anything comparable to Picnik out there?? Even if it is software I have to buy I love the simplicity over Photoshop. I will be lost without it. I tried Google+ and it has a few of the picnik features in the creative kit, but not all the ones I always use. SADNESS

  112. raine mark Says:

    I am very upset that they are closing picnik!!! It is such a simple program that anyone can use. I edit all the time with picnik. I have a wedding to shoot on the 28th of April and guess flippin picnik to edit!! Thanx alot!!! Without fail everytime I find an awesome program it always waves bye bye…Exactly why I avoid google….

  113. Tanya Jared Says:

    Instead of closing picnick why don't you a raise your prices a little bit. I use this service every single day as photography is the way I make extra cash. This program is very user friendly and I haven't found another one any where near as easy to use and get great results time and time again. I am more thin willing to pay a little more money if you keep it around.

  114. Katie Says:

    TOO SAD, i love Picnik and cannot imagine life without it- is there not someone out there that can save this awesome editing site ??? BAD GOOGLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. val Says:

    Please don't remove picnik, even my grandkids love scrapbooking on it!!! April 19 will be a very sad day!!!!! I would even pay for the program!!!!!!!!

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