Here’s More Evidence Why Mac OS Means Less to Apple

By  |  Friday, February 10, 2012 at 4:57 pm

The anti-Apple crowd loves to point out that Apple’s Mac market share, while up dramatically over the past few years, still pales in comparison to the overall PC business. What many of them miss is the simple fact that the Mac platform is less and less important to Apple as it continues to post strong sales of iOS devices.

iOS is the future, and that future is now if you believe statistics released by advertising analytics company Chitika Insights on Friday. Its data shows that for the first time, Web market share for iOS surpassed that of Mac OS. This shouldn’t be surprising considering the 133 million-plus iOS devices sold during the year.

Since September of last year, Mac share has fallen about 25 percent to 7.96 percent of Web traffic, while iOS has exploded 50 percent in the same period to 8.15 percent of the market. Where did that growth come from?

It came in the months following the release of the iPhone 4S on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. That much wider distribution accelerated sales, and is likely the reason why iOS is now a larger share of Web traffic than Macs. This will only grow as Apple continues to build on its strengths in mobile devices, and reflects a broader shift among consumers where accessing the Internet via m0bile is commonplace.

“Apple’s habit of launching cutting edge gadgets year after year is driving consumers to newer products. Combining this aspect with the similar functionality of iOS devices and a lower price point, it may be that consumers are choosing to go mobile, instead of purchasing more expensive Apple computers”, Chitika writes.

This shift is not hurting Apple’s bottom line because profit margins for its iOS devices are about the same as it is for its Mac line, and on top of that, sales of those iOS devices are accelerating. Mac sales are still growing, although at a much slower pace, so Apple loses nothing.



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  1. Neena Says:

    So true – iOS has reached people that would never have looked twice at Mac OS X. If you have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad you are an Apple customer, and that is how they are growing their market share.

  2. Sure Says:

    "Web market share for iOS surpassed that of Mac OS. "

    LOL! And?

  3. Michael Says:

    I love how Ed tries to make it sound like Apple losing market share in an area is actually a good thing.. Seems as far as Ed is concearned Apple can make no mistakes or do no wrong.

  4. NotS Says:

    Yep. hilarious.

  5. Hold On Says:

    Not really. What he's saying is that iOS devices are flooding into the market so quickly that they're reducing the percentage of the overall pie that are Macs. This growth doesn't mean Macs are dying – you can squash that one with a quick glance at Apple's sales figures and share price – only that the overall market of Web-accessing devices is rapidly expanding, and a huge proportion of these run iOS. If you consider the total market share of iOS + Mac OS X as a proportion of all Web access I bet you'd have a very interesting result.

  6. ecco6t9 Says:

    Well, phones and tablets are the future. By the end of the decade the tablet will have replaced laptops and most desktops.

    Only government. major corporations, pc gamers, and die hard computer users will have lap or desktops.

    You might have a desktop but your mom,kids, and that small coffee shop will all run on tablets.

  7. alert123 Says:

    This shouldn't be unexpected considering the 133 million-plus iOS devices oversubscribed during the twelvemonth.