Kindle Fire: Not A iPad Killer, But…

By  |  Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 3:38 pm

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is making its mark on the tablet sector, grabbing a 14 percent share of the market and skyrocketing into second place in the market after you-know-what, IHS iSuppli has found. Amazon’s success came at the expense of Apple, whose share of tablets fell to 57 percent, however the company says it was the iPhone 4S that may have put a crimp in iPad sales.

Consumers who may have otherwise snatched up the iPad during the quarter instead opted for the iPhone 4S, causing shipments to fall short of the company’s estimates. “The rollout of the iPhone 4S in October generated intense competition for Apple purchasers’ disposable income, doing more to limit iPad shipment growth than competition from the Kindle Fire and other media tablets”, tablet analyst Rhoda Alexander says.

While Amazon does not break out Kindle sales, IHS believes the device sold about 3.9 million units in its first quarter of availability. This pales in comparison to the 15.4 million iPads shipped in the same quarter, but the iPad ecosystem is much more mature. Instead compare it to the iPad’s initial quarter back in April through June of 2010. Apple sold 3.2 million units in its first quarter. Impressed now?

I would not call the Kindle Fire an iPad killer. At the same time, I think fellow Android tablet manufacturers now have some very strong competition: Amazon’s desire to link its entertainment services with a device at low cost is proving attractive to consumers.

The Kindle Fire isn’t for everybody. It’s basically a glorified e-book reader, with some tablet like characteristics. Either way, consumers are responding to it, and Amazon clearly has a success on its hands.



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  1. Xavier Blondel Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Kindle Fire is only sold in the US, whereas the IPad sales figure in the article include all of the countries where the iPad is sold (near to 100 I think).

    It would be interesting to compare the sales on the same market, wouldn’t it?

    — Xavier

  2. The_Herc Says:

    As I predicted in early '11, Apple will be eclipsed in the tablet market by '13.

  3. Shane Says:

    If depends on what is your definition of eclipsed. Sure on sheer numbers ala the smartphone market. A million generic Android tablets will get marketshare. But numbers are not Apples game. Revenue, margin and profit are what they are interested in.

  4. @mymac Says:


  5. The_Herc Says:

    Yes, as posted on this blog. Troll elsewhere…

  6. Shane Says:

    I’m not a troll. You made a statement with no link. Back it up. I stated my opinion. If you can’t handle a debate then don’t post.

  7. @mymac Says:

    Not accurate to compare the Fire units sold to the iPads when it first launched. People know what a tablet is now, the market is three years old, and Amazon is simply riding on the wave that is the tablet market. (Which is nothing more than an iPad market) As such, you cannot compare the two effectively. Would the Fire have sold more if it was the first tablet of it's kind on the market? Who know.

  8. Vincent Says:

    Definitely not! You know, Kindle Fire is really different from an iPad! The features are hugely not similar to each other. And I believe that iPad is people prefer to have. #JustGivingAnHonestOpinion :))

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