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Target: All $40 PS3 Orders Will Be Cancelled

So much for getting that $39.99 PS3: “Target recently became aware of mismatched price and product information on Target.com and Amazon.com, which resulted in the PlayStation 3 Move Advanced Shooter Grip and the discontinued Sony PS3 Hardware System being displayed incorrectly on both sites,” Target spokesperson Morgan Murray has told us. “Unfortunately we are unable to offer either of these items at this time and we are cancelling guests’ orders without any charge to their account.  We sincerely regret this inconvenience.”


PlayStation 3 On Sale at Amazon for $40? Probably Not!

[New information: Target has issued a statement, saying all orders will be cancelled. See it here]

I’m not sure whether it’s an error on Amazon’s part, or an unannounced sale: Sony’s PlayStation 3 is on sale at the site for $39.99. The retailer itself is not offering the console at this price, instead Target appears to be the source.

Obviously people have rushed to take advantage of this, and it is already appearing out of stock. I am viewing this skeptically: the deal seems too good to be true, and the PS3 is nowhere near to being discontinued.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this pans out. That said, I have ordered myself one just in case.

Update 1: People are noting that Target’s website is also showing this, but the weight is off and appears to be a Move accessory. Still, the error means Somebody’s going to get a stern talking to Monday morning…

Update 2: The order when placed comes as a confirmation that you’ve purchased the Move “shooter grip” accessory, a reader reports. However, the cancellation notice shows you’ve canceled a 60GB PlayStation 3.

Update 3: Looks like as of 3am ET, the item has been removed from Amazon, and on Target’s website there’s no more $39.99 PS3. More reports coming in indicate that in some cases, the confirmation e-mails do say that it is the console, and not the accessory as others have seen. We have mails out to both target and Amazon for comment on the matter.


Kindle Heading to a Target Store Near You

Amazon is taking a step in to brick-and-mortar retailing by offering its Kindle e-book device in all Target stores beginning on Sunday. The device was initially made available at Target’s flagship location in Minneapolis and stores across Florida on April 25.

Target called the response to the Kindle in its stores “overwhelmingly positive,” which spurred its decision to offer the device across its entire chain. The higher-end discount store would be the first brick-and-mortar location to carry the device.

Competitor Barnes & Noble struck a deal with electronics retailer Best Buy to carry the Nook, which went on sale across the chain a week before the Kindle first appeared in Target. The electronics merchant has also placed Barnes & Noble’s desktop software on some of the laptops and desktops it sells.

The Kindle will sell for $259, the same price that it is available for on Amazon.com.


A Pleasant Surprise: Mac Software at Target

target_storeI may have missed the boat completely here and its been there a while, but while I was shopping my local Target for blank DVDs (so I can finally get around to installing Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro) I came across something I didn’t expect.

Sitting there all by their lonesome were several copies of Parallels 3.0 for Mac for $79.99 (although yes, we’re now at 4.0, which was released in November of last year). They were almost lost in a sea of Windows software, but yes, they were there. This surprised me–while I’d expect the software to be available at electronics retailers, I wouldn’t expect it here.

After all, those shopping in Target are likely not there to buy technical software like Parallels. Also, the stereotype of the Mac user is more affluent than what may be considered the “average” consumer for a Target or Wal-Mart type discount establishment. Who needs Mac software other than us techies? The Mac is still just an elite club…right?

Not anymore.

img_0115Even just a year ago, it would have been unheard of to see Mac software (or heck, hardware for that matter) anyplace but from Apple itself or its then considerably smaller network of Apple Authorized Resellers.

Now, with the Macintosh experiencing somewhat of a rebirth through the ‘halo effect’ of first the iPod and now the iPhone, jumping on the Apple bandwagon is in vogue.

Big name retailers like Target are much more cautious in deciding what gets put on their shelves because shelf space is at a premium. Everything must make money–they cannot specialize in one thing because consumers expect them to carry everything.

In other words, this means only a select number of products from each category make it onto the shelves. For Parallels to convince Target that it is indeed worth it speaks volumes to the Mac’s newfound retail power. Here’s hoping that this isn’t the last piece of Mac OS software to make it to Target.

So I’m curious. Where are you all finding Mac software and accessories where you haven’t before?