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iPad Alternatives

[UPDATE: Looking for an up-to-date list of iPad alternatives? I tried my hand at compiling one here]

Yes, the iPad has competitors. Sort of. CrunchGear’s Matt Burns rounds up its rivals–the available, the delayed, and the dormant. (The JooJoo–the device formerly known as the CrunchPad–isn’t on the list, even though it’s among the most iPaddish tablets that’s actually for sale. Maybe it’s taboo to mention it on TechCrunch network sites…)


The JooJoo Cometh

Over at VentureBeat, Paul Boutin has an update on what is now the second-most interesting tablet device announced to date: Fusion Garage’s JooJoo, the former CrunchPad that until now has been notable largely for behind-the-scenes dramatics and legal wrangling.

The JooJoo has gotten decent reviews from those that have seen it in person–it’s got a bigger, wider, higher-resolution display than Apple’s iPad, and does Flash. On those other hand, it’s Web-only; there’s no JooJoo App Store, nor any JooJoo apps. It sells for $499, the same price as the base iPad.

Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan told Paul that the JooJoo will ship by the end of the month. Assuming you’re intrigued by tablets at all, is this one tempting? Does the fact it’s the subject of a lawsuit filed by Michael Arrington, the man who proposed it in the first place, scare you off?