Share Your Apple Predictions, Get a Shot at a $100 Apple Gift Certificate

By  |  Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Apple WWDC PredictionsReminder! Reminder! Apple’s WWDC keynote is just days away, which means that the window for making predictions about what the company has up its corporate sleeve is rapidly shrinking. That’s why we need you to take our quick survey, which will let you make predictions about what Apple will announce. We’ll use the collective results for some stories both before the keynote and after. I’m hoping that you guys turn out to be better at guessing what Apple is planning than people who make their living doing so, but it’ll be fun either way.

If you take the survey, we’ll put you in a drawing for a $100 Apple Store gift certificate. Click here to take the WWDC Prediction Challenge.

Related plug: I’ll be attending the WWDC keynote and will provide live coverage of what we learn as we learn it at



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  1. Level1Alt Says:

    I predict there will be something new =P

  2. Neurotic Nomad Says:

    A solid release date for new models of iPhones (including a 32GB Model), a vague release window for Snow Leopard (”This Fall” or “In October”), and if there is any new hardware at all, it won’t be announcement worthy – just a few bumps in memory or hard drive space on existing models. (That’s right. No mini-tower Mac, No Tablet, No netbook.)

    Also, I expect Steve Jobs to be a No Show.

    Of course, I’ve been on the record for this since April.

  3. hopfeul hernando Says:

    a new tablet device timeline….some software updates….an uprated iphone (64gb) and touch….and a revolutionary laser device that can shrink people so they can actually interact with the applications by running around on the screen =D