The 12 Biggest Tech Stories of 2008

Weird ads. Platforms old and new. New skirmishes in the browser wars. Gloom, despair, and a bad-news whale. It's been quite a year, hasn't it?

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Technologizer’s Newsmaker of the Year: Steven P. Jobs, CEO, Apple, Inc.

Yes, it’s a boring pick. It’s also as unavoidable as a certain magazine naming a certain president-elect as Person of the Year. Steve Jobs managed to make the iPhone the most buzzworthy tech product in its second year of release and to sell Apple computers, phones, and media players by the bushelful. More then ever, everybody else in the seemed utterly cowed by his sheer force of will. (Well, almost everybody.)¬† He also dealt gracefully (mostly) with inevitable but sometimes tasteless speculation about his health. And is there another individual in tech who could make headlines by not showing up at a convention to unveil new products?

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