The 12 Biggest Tech Stories of 2008

Weird ads. Platforms old and new. New skirmishes in the browser wars. Gloom, despair, and a bad-news whale. It's been quite a year, hasn't it?

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8. Macworld Expo: Now with less Apple!

A Macworld Expo San Francisco without a keynote by Steve Jobs? The very idea is unimaginable. (Say, did you know that the fact the first Expo Stevenote happened twelve years into Expo’s 24-year history?) Everybody’s saying that the fact that Apple is sending marketing head Phil Schiller to keynote and is pulling out of the show altogether as of 2010 means that it’s not going to announce anything of note at next month’s show. Everybody should remember that Apple frequently does the precise opposite of what everybody believes it’s going to.

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