Behold the lost Technologizer columns

Okay, maybe “lost” is overstating things. Still, I tend to forget about most of the stuff I write the moment I’m done with it. So I certainly don’t have vivid recollections of writing my weekly Technologizer column for, which I did from September 2010 until February 2012.

But when I was freeze-drying the Technologizer website, I created an index of every Technologizer post. It dawned on me that the index was far from complete, because quite a few of the words I wrote under the Technologizer banner were published on, not And at first—before I joined TIME‘s staff— they appeared every Tuesday (later shifted to Thursday) in’s Business section.

Technologizer on TIME wasn’t too different from I probably stuck more consistently to addressing a big, mainstream audience, and tried to cover the big topics of the day: smartphones, tablets, social networking, the evolving PC, and various things that seemed interesting at the time, such as Quora, OnLive, and Blekko. My wonderful editors, Jim Frederick (whom I still can’t believe is gone) and, later, Doug Aamoth, barely touched what I wrote. I think most of the headlines are mine, and nearly all of the topics are—though Jim did ask me to write about a dust-up behind the scenes at TechCrunch. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to cover that, and the piece turned out quite well.

Compiling the list of stories below was complicated by the ramshackle state of’s archives. It’s possible that all these pieces are still there, but I have two author pages on the site—here and here—and neither includes my columns. When I began writing for TIME, most of its online tech coverage—except for Technologizer—appeared on an excellent semi-standalone site called Techland. TIME asked me to write a weekly post for that site promoting my column; those items are on one of my author pages, but the links to the columns they reference are now broken. Also, those Techland posts were eventually folded into and are now labeled as Technologizer pieces, which they weren’t originally.

Since TIME, like most major media outlets, can’t be trusted to preserve everything—at least in minty condition at the original URL—I decided to link to the columns as they appear on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, sometimes with a missing image or two. I think I found all of them. We might or might not have considered the final article below to have been a column—it appeared around the time I joined the staff and segued from columnist to full-time writer.

I don’t plan to spend much time reading these old pieces, so I can hardly expect that you will. Just skimming the headlines below is a nice, efficient way to get a sense of what was going on in consumer tech at the time, though. Everyone was trying to beat the iPad. Streaming TV was picking up steam. People were beginning to have qualms about Google and Facebook. Cars were getting smart. And the death of Steve Jobs was a moment like we’d never seen before.

I’m not going to try to index every Technologizer piece I wrote for as a staffer from 2012-2014—there are just too many. (I did list some in this roundup of the best of Technologizer.) Nor have I yet compiled a list of the Technologizer columns that appeared in TIME‘s print edition. But I am still proud that my little gadget blog’s brand extensions included a presence in the world’s most famous news magazine—especially in print, but also in the form of these online originals.

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